She's there for them whenever they need her. “Okay,” Mo answered. Zheng Xi had a look of pity look on his face, a look that Mo was more familiar with than he would ever admit. ( Log Out / 

Mo didn’t think that’d he’d be coming out to his friends so soon, in fact, he wasn’t sure if he’d ever planned on telling them.

Would he become a better person?

Liếm nhẹ vành tai đã sớm đỏ lên, Hạ Thiên thích thú nghe kẻ đối diện rên rỉ vì những kích thích bàn tay anh đem lại. All three boys looked extremely surprised and two slightly confused as they stared at Mo in question. “That’s him, right? Guan Shan hoped Tian would believe his lie, he thought it was very believable himself. Mo was shaking, his head spinning, heart pounding, it was like a replay of last night. He was quite tired today, the heart to heart with himself last night lasted longer than he’d expected, so he didn’t get a lot of sleep. In the way his steps had a slight skip to them. Mo Guan Shan wandered down the aisles, occasionally stopping to pick something up. Jian Yi began chanting ‘Kiss’ in response. Hắn nhìn thẳng vào mắt Hạ Thiên, kiêu ngạo, thách thức khiến tia sát nhân càng hiện rõ trong đôi mắt kia và bàn tay càng siết chặt hơn. (Y/N) (L/N) was a konoichi, loved by most. If you guys want more chapters of this let me know too, I possibly have a few ideas already. But then, everything started to unravel and whether he liked it or not he had to face himself.

He felt completely alienated and estranged. Guan Shan hadn’t slept well. Nhìn Hạ Thiên lúc này bỗng dưng thanh thản đến lạ, thậm chí là có chút mừng rỡ.

Another Halloween fic! Of course, it’s him, who else would bother Mo this early, especially when he looked this pissed off. He was left standing there in awe, wondering how anyone could be so accepting, especially of him. Mo Guan Shan flew up into a sitting position in his bed, chest heaving and tears streaming down his face. Shoulders relaxing, Zheng Xi frowned at Jian Yi. The nearest hospital, it should be only a few minutes drive—, “What the hell are you doing?” Guan Shan says as, suddenly, He Tian begins to clamber to his feet. He got ready for school anyway, having a quick shower and some breakfast before heading out the door. Mo could feel his nervous energy all the way from the kitchen.

Kèm theo lời nói, Hạ Thiên dùng sức đẩy mạnh tóc cam vào sát cánh cửa, một tay khống chế cả hai tay hắn.

Guan Shan didn’t know why or how it happened, he only hoped it would last. With nowhere to go, she goes to LA with nothing to do as she's alone for the first time in a long time. When the opportunity came, he made some lame excuse to find himself here, now, looking down on the celebration’s main attraction playing babysitter. D-dẫu s-sao tao cũng cũng chỉ là một món đồ chơi tiêu khiến của mày th-thôi!


I have been searching for a story that explores what might have happened during the time skip when He Tian and Jian Yi disappear. Without He Tian, Guan Shan had an inkling that’d he’d be in one hell of a bad place right now. Tian slowly walked to where Guan Shan was standing, getting close enough so that Mo was intimidated, but not enough as to where they were touching.

4 thoughts on “ Pocky Trouble – A 19 Days Fanfiction ” tertl | January 18, 2016 at 12:46 am This was so cute! He had every right to say no.

He heard a deep chuckle from the other end of the call and knew who he was talking to immediately. His mom was one thing but Jian Yi and Zheng Xi were another. He wasn’t as worried anymore, but still slightly anxious, then again who wouldn’t be? He admired the sky, realising it was a full moon. He picked up his speed, so he was almost running, but it felt like he needed to go faster. Mo Guan Shan didn’t stop there, he remembered how He Tian came into his life with no warning and fucked everything up. Looking up, Guan Shan finds the class looking back at him. He Tian was once again surprised that day when he saw the smile on Mo’s face. Zheng Xi agreed, not being one to talk much he gave a short reply. Mo Guan Shan 19 days ※ Post 19 days fanarts with permission ※ Masterpost - TianShan Discord server - Instagram - Twitter . Just as He Tian was about to speak again, the bell went signalling the end of lunch. No Archive Warnings Apply; He Tian & Mo Guanshan (19 Days) He Tian/Mo Guanshan (19 Days) He Tian (19 Days) Mo Guanshan (19 Days) Mo Guanshan's Mother (19 Days) Guan Shan snorted at his response, not taking him seriously in the slightest. You can make some popcorn,” He Tian said as he wandered off to where his TV was set up. He Tian began questioning Mo Guan Shan again out of curiosity and hidden worry. -Đừng! I’ll let you guys know if I decide to write a sequel, we’ll see how much response this gets :) Thank you, everyone!!!!!! Guan Shan frowned even more than he thought possible and let out a snarky reply. It was the same for He Tian and Mo, but they could all agree that Tian was the most evil out of all of them. Guan Shan could tell that He Tian was being extra gentle, not wanting to scare Mo away. ( Log Out / 

“Great~ see you then,” He Tian spoke happily, ending the call. Mo Guan Shan finally reached his home, unlocking the door and taking his shoes off in the entryway before sauntering into his room.


Neither of them spoke for a few moments, just studying each other’s faces with curiosity. In the way a silly smile kept tugging at his lips.

“Come over after school,” He Tian asked Mo without thinking. “You’re disgusting,” He Tian snarled at Mo.

He knows why He Tian hadn’t needed to grasp his wrist as tightly as usual as he led him to the taxi, ducked inside after him and read off the address to the driver. One by one, the class turns back to the chalkboard.

And even some from Ryouzan soccer team, even though they are all major jerks -.-. Mo said the only thing he could. It wasn’t threaded with deceit. All of this was too unreal for Guan Shan. Look forward to the last chapter soon! Cứ giết quách tao đi! The definition of a ‘good person’ seemed too far away for Mo to grasp. just so you guys dont think i abandoned it lol, it should be finished soon!! He didn’t understand, but he was thankful and maybe even a little happy. No es nada nuevo que empiecen a pelear. “You’re pretty good at imitations, super accurate,” He Tian commented. In fact, he had never really had anyone he could call a true friend before them. Mo knew he couldn’t ignore his question again and decided to do a bit of lying. The words tumble out before he can stop them. Mo knew his face was not hiding what his heart had discovered. Alone and confused, she latched onto the only person that she had – a mysterious guy named Sasuke who claimed to be her husband. It’s unbearable, but true.

Mo Guan Shan snapped his neck to the boy next to him, spitting a “What? Even hunched, he’s still inches taller than Guan Shan, and Guan Shan gets the notion that he still has fight in him if he makes the wrong move.

Guan Shan told himself it was okay, that there was nothing he could do about it. Mo’s nightmare had shaken him up, but ironically his mind was more so occupied by the events of last night. This is He Tian we’re talking about,” Zheng Xi said looking very worried. Mo Guan Shan left class and headed towards the school store to buy a sandwich. Mo Guan Shan, was it?”, “I’m serious,” Guan Shan tells him sharply, hands hovering close but not quite knowing if or where he’s allowed to touch. ( Đăng xuất /  There's going to be a lot of self destructive behavior. “Come on, is that all you’ve got?” He Tian challenged.

But he had gotten too close to them, he forgot who he was and what society thought of him. Bàn tay kia nhẹ nhàng xoa nắn nơi đó một chút rồi rời đi, di chuyển trên da thịt hắn vào trong chiếc áo mỏng. Guan Shan remembered to take note of this thought as he got out of the shower and dried off, putting on some clothes. He was scared of a lot of things, more than he’d ever admit.

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