Authored detailed curriculum adopted as training procedure resulting in clear and concise instructional collateral with 100% success rate in student completion. NOTE 2: Although a letter from a senior Signal Warrant Officer is not required, it will add weight to For more information, visit the U.S. Army Warrant Officer recruiting website at Project lead for the HMMWV Up-Armor project on Camp Taji, accomplished phenomenal results in the first six months. Serves as Lead Training Developer for Mobility Warrant Officer Basic and Advanced course developing over 2000+ hours of instruction, producing 120 Mobility Warrant Officer Graduates per year.

Additional requirements to technical specialties include: There are 43 technical Warrant Officer specialties with 13 control branches that include military intelligence, Special Forces, and human resources. Track aircraft contract/non contract fuel spending for compliance and quarterly budget briefs. Continuously selected to train new personnel on administrative and operations. Do you have what it takes to become a Warrant Officer? Signals Collections Technician (352S) Directed inbound or outbound logistics operations, such as transportation or warehouse activities, safety performance, or logistics quality management.

Ensured compliance with established monthly/semi-annual requirements using monthly reports.

Oversee proper evaluations of course and instructors for effective and updated training of employees. They plan, develop, implement, Geospatial Engineering Technician (125D)

Check out this interview to learn more about becoming a Signal Warrant Officer . Plans, organizes, implements, monitors, and evaluates operations, threat environment, maintenance and advice on the technical/tactical employment of Target Acquisition Sensors. Responsible for maintaining proper record of outgoing and incoming stock, Handled the tasks of maintaining records, conducting physical inventory, and communicating periodic status to the Company Commander, Specific expertise in automated military logistics systems, including ULLS (Unit Level Logistics System), GCSS (Global Combat Support System), and SAMS (Standard Army Maintenance System), Developed, installed, and enforced accountability and process controls for logistics, equipment, and supply management, Directed and enforced all safety regulations and requirements focusing on risk reduction and mitigation of accidents and injuries resulting in a zero percent accident rate, Serves as the Commissioned Officer In Charge for the Sustainment Automation Support Management Office (SASMO); supervises and maintains operational readiness for Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS) throughout the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade. Coordinated two BMD live events within the 5th Fleet AOR providing vital tracking data to MDA via BMDS, AEGIS, CDCS and Hot News.

Project Management - Planned, managed and coordinated semi/annual required OSHA licensing program training for 100+ assigned personnel. The proposed 2020 military pay increase for active duty personnel was set at 3.1%. Monitored equipment readiness, maintenance shop organizations, controlled of maintenance assets and providing advice on all matters related to maintenance and logistics. In some instances practical experience acquired from civilian employment may be acceptable provided the experience can be documented by employee evaluations or performance appraisals and determined to be equivalent to military experience. Developed basic accountability procedural guidance, managed training for supported tenant unit Logistics and supply managers upon request. Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center Operations Department Logistics Manager. What It Takes; How to Join; Basic Training; Prior Service; Fitness Calculator Migrating and upgrading all computers to new military standardization software RCAS specially design for military units. Selected to be a company commander to man, equip, and train a new Special Forces Company in support of directives from Department of Defense in establishing a 4th Special Forces Battalion. Improved accountability of supplies and equipment. Planned, supervised and organized a project team of five Marines that transformed an unused space into a language and education center; project came in $90,000 under budget and received praise from Director of Intelligence.

Defense (IA/CND). E-Mail: [email protected], CW4 Jorge Roman, JR Plan and develop processes for accountability tracking of all military and civilian forces supporting future state missions. Assisted in the development and implementation of a new senior-level warrant officer curriculum, including a new DL (Distributed Learning) phase conducted using Blackboard. Utilizes innovative instructional methods such as IMI, and Blackboard to enhance soldier learning and reduce. Compiled, segregated, evaluated, researched, interpreted, analyzed, and disseminated intelligence information utilizing the Distributed Common Ground Station - Army (DCGS-A) and Multi-Function Workstation (MFWS). Manages maintenance of 396 pieces of complex equipment and facilities covering over 128,000 square feet valued in the excess of over $160M. TECHNICAL WARRANT OFFICER It's more than just a job, it's a career. Placed emphasis on implementing and administering regulations governing the safeguarding of classified information, Responsible for establishing Logistics, Acquisitions and enforcing Contracting Officer policies, Performed duties as the Action Officer on key project, Managed all the Brigade's Physical Security Records. Technical Warrant Officers are the Army’s mechanical experts. Synchronizes and coordinates the Army's targeting process and Joint Fires at all echelons. Marine Deck Officer (880A) Aggressive initiative and follow up lead to 100% of the unit's testing, measurement, diagnostic equipment enrolled in the TMDE program. Similar to previous budget proposals, it was approved before the end of 2019 and took effect on January 1, 2020. To train and certify Signal Warrant Officer (WO) candidates for appointment and initial assignment as a 255A, Information Services Technician. Considered to be a technical expert in the human resources field. Is proficient in duties described for CMF 4 listed in the duties paragraph in MOS 255A, 255N, or 255S; serves as technical and tactical advisor for network operations and signal systems at any echelon of command or support activity of the US Army or Joint Staff Sections assigned to Theater or allied armies; provides leadership, guidance, technical input, and direction to subordinate elements, staff agencies and field commanders up to and including theater Army level; manages the assignment of Signal Regiment warrant officers world-wide; provides coordination between military and industry during development, testing, and fielding of new information technology equipment; develops policy and provides guidance for management of theater information networks; serves as technical liaison proving technical guidance and policy advice to Joint, intergovernmental, interagency, and multinational partners. Applicants for MOS 251A will automatically be assessed Configuring domain controllers and security templates. Successfully completed 3 Command afloat assignments and 2 Executive Officer assignments leading diverse teams in all aspects of mission execution, administrative functions, ethics, fiscal responsibility and good order and discipline.—your information resource for all things Army! Prepares, conducts and supervises professional military education for a newly emerging technical field in Cyber Warfare. The applicant will have documented comparable managerial or leadership experience in the government service and/or civilian sector. Points of Contact: 

integration and administration, develop policy recommendations, and create Supervised 50 personnel with zero fatalities during training and familiarization of crew. Earned FAA Commercial Rotorcraft Instrument Rating, 100% First time pass rate on all academic exams and aerial performance evaluations. Ship's Material Maintenance Officer (SMMO) and Quality Assurance Inspector (QAI), drove a $7.5M budget during a 21 week Chief of Naval Operation availability period to successful completion. Successful completion of the CLEP general examination in English or an Speech and public speaking courses are not considered as meeting this requirement even if administered by the English department of an institution. Performs troubleshooting techniques on software, hardware, and communication devices. This prevented not only failure of equipment valued at greater than 1.2 million dollars, but also increased effectiveness of our aviators by reducing fatigue associated with wearing 40 pounds of additional survival gear. ladders and lifting heavy equipment) in any environment conditions, Evaluated the impact of technological changes to the data reduction system and developed solutions to highly complex technical issues that occur when integrating new equipment into the existing system, Utilized automated real-time data acquisition systems to support Army flight testing to isolate and resolve mission-critical problems relating to data acquisition and processing, Supervises 20 soldiers in a Targeting Acquisition Platoon, Develop complex targeting packets by implementing the Army's Targeting Process, Accountable for equipment in excess of $1 million, Processing Packets for future Warrant Officers in the WV Army National Guard, Building Rapport with Senior Leadership and other States.

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