Is this detrimental to be testing until I decide on which one is for me?

In the process I tore and abraded my cornea badly. I've tried them all, and not much difference for me really with the MPS! I also have build-up that prevents me from wearing the longer contacts. Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are known for their ability to allow a high level of oxygen get through the lens to your eyes - so your eyes can ‘breath’ and stay fresh and white. Should I try rinsing first? Can any saline solution be used? Sure that's fine! Not ideal because changing to eye glasses in the middle of the day is annoying. However, recently my optometrist had me try Dailies Total 1 to see if they would further help my dry eye problem. For temporarily relief, there are contact lenses re-wetting drops that can help. While ACUVUE OASYS retails for $26 - $34, 1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST goes for $56 - $70. So I've had to switch to 1 day despite the cost. In my reading today, I learned that for people with dry eye, a lens with a LOW water content is preferred, because a high water content lens will draw water from the eye to maintain its moisture. So far so good. Is it bad for your eyes to go from one kind to the next - in other words let's say I try one for a week each. The lens are made to lock in hydration to create the “no lens” feel. Nonetheless, I started to notice this after 4-5 years of 8-1o hours of wearing them daily. I am trying to figure out what works for my eyes, and my eye doctor has given me a pair of acuvue and so far so good! I will definitely ask my doctor about dry eye treatment, especially because I am considering LASIK in the next few years. Like all Acuvue products the lens comes with a light blue visibility tint, and Class 1 UV protection against UV-A and UV-B rays. I've tried several different ones, but most seem very similar to me, and my optometrist didn't really recommenced a brand either, he just said as long as it's for contact lenses, that it should be fine, but I kinda wanted to see which one seems healthiest tho for regular soft and the Silicone lenses since they each have somewhat different ingredients! The contact lens would irritate me so bad that I could not wear them after 2 days of wearing them. Save 20 % On All Contact Lenses Use Promo: P52T23R4. Extra Savings . It was not until I was in my early 20s, when my vision had gotten worse and my glasses were getting thicker which made it very challenging when training martial arts and playing sports. My only other thing with the Dailies Total 1's too, is not only is the vision a little more blurred at times compared to the Acuvue Oaysis 1 a days but those also have caught on my bottom eye lids a little, when blinking too...almost as if they were gonna pop out of my eyes, where as with the Acuvue Oaysis 1 a day ones, haven't caused me that issue at all thankfully...only the slight inconsistent vision!

The lens is also packaged in a saline solution set to mimic the salinity of actual tear film, meaning less irritation or discomfort when you put the lens on your eye straight out of the package. All have been dry and/or itchy. Removing them can be tricky like you said - fingers must very dry after washing hands. November 2018 Overall, I believe Oasys 1day is the best out of the 3 if you are not sure which to go with. October 2016 If you are looking for another silicone hydrogel daily lens in the same category but with less tint, you might prefer Clariti 1-Day or MyDay from CooperVision. I am wondering why Acuvue Moist is more pricier. The material provided on this site is for informational purposes only. If you’ve not already noticed, Acuvue Oasys are slightly more expensive than Acuvue Moist. Acuvue marketing materials describe the lens as having a tear infused design that mimics mucins to help support a stable tear film. i've tried dailies before but i think they gave me dailies and i could feel them in my eye so i gave up on them.

The soft lens skirt makes it feel more like a soft contact lens. To answer your second question, yes you have to be a licensed doctor (primary care optometrist or surgical ophthalmologist) to prescribe contact lenses in the USA. I figured I'd try Acuvue Oasys with Hydraluxe daily lenses. I find them more comfortable at the end of the day when the Total Ones would start to become less comfortable. The Trueye product had silicone in it too, but maybe it was a one-off you could tolerate that one. While the ACUVUE® MOIST offered much comfort, I have started to feel like my eyes were drier after 6 hours of usage. I guess I’ll be getting the Moist!

Visit ACLens . I'm going to try the Oasys 1 day for astigmatism in the hopes that they will be more comfortable. Once they are in, I find Acuvue Moist to be very comfortable and non-irritating on my eyes compared to TrueEye. Not really wanting to spend so much, but it may be my only option at this point. 1-Day Acuvue Moist is made up of copolymer (galyfilcon A), where as Acuvue oasys is made up of silicon hydrogel (senofilcon A) Both lenses show very impressive technical parameters. Intex vs Bestway Swimming Pools – Which is better? Has anyone tried the two and which do you prefer. Our customers are delighted with service and price on top brand contact lenses. Since their introduction, Oasys  has been widely accepted by both patients and practitioners for providing exceptional comfort, vision, and health. They keep your eyes moist for a longer time resulting in longer wearing time. Actually, I was wrong about my suggestions about water content. Total 1 has poor handling and many of my patients have trouble taking them out at the end of the day.

Overall, we recommend Acuvue Moist if … This is essential for two-weekly lenses as these deposits can cause infection and discomfort. Yes, both Optive and Systane Ultra are safe with contact lenses, and way better quality than the other drops you've been using. I like rinsing with preservative free saline like Purilens Plus (easy to get though Amazon). April 2020

ACUVUE OASYS is the best selling brand amongst all contact lens brands while 1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST is the best selling brand in the category of ‘daily disposable contact lenses’. Right now only Acuvue 1 Day Moist is available in a multifocal. I just hope that it will not make me ineligible for LASIK in the near future.

My vision is also extremely good with the Moist. FYI, I have also tried a few other types of lenses too, such as the Biotrue 1 days, (in which my vision was even worse in those unfortunately,) Soflens 1 a days, (very uncomfortable and heavy for my eyes,) My Days, (a bit too steep of BC for me,) Air Optix Aqua, monthly's (just a slight inconsistent vision on those too at times,) but overall seem pretty comfortable tho! This factor known as Dk/t is 4.5 times higher in 1-Day Oasys vs. 1-Day Moist. I am open to considering another daily product and was wondering if someone can offer their experience between the two? Acuvue Oasys are two-weekly lenses, meaning you’ll wear the same pair for up to two weeks. I started with the Total 1s. Make sure you take breaks between like you mention. In the past, you might have just reached for OTC anti-histamines like Claritin. Needless to say I will never put Dailies Total 1 in my eyes again!

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