The Ibo’s cultural lack of self-apprehension meant they could not adjust their traditions to save themselves. For example, maybe one article focuses more on emotional appeals, while the other uses factual evidence such as statistics to persuade the reader. While Ibo society is marked by the internal coherence of its organization and the poetry of its rituals, this coherence is partially formed by the repression of the individual and the inflexibility of social norms. Paragraph 3: However, the theocratic nature of the government allows opportunity for reform, and the ability to distinguish between morality and immorality.

Saving face and not bringing dishonour and shame on oneself or family is the dilemma Ibaraki faces regarding the work in Unit 731. Often, students can feel shackled by the formulaic “topic sentence plus explanation plus evidence plus analysis plus concluding statement”, leaving great ideas in the mud as they scramble to fit their essay into restrictive boxes. Unfortunately, we won't be able to answer any emails here requesting personal help with your study or homework here! This structure enables the protagonist to look back on events with the hindsight imposed by time and distance, allowing Ibaraki to evaluate his choices and learn from past mistakes. This part is the lengthiest and it may take you some time to fully understand all of the article. Thus, as mentioned in the essay question, in a theocracy the rules of religion are treated as the law.

During his exile, British missionaries arrive in Mbanta and establish a church. An Ibo proverb warns that there is danger in silence and nothing to fear from someone who reveals their motivations (Chapter 15). For example, unlike a Theme-based prompt, a character-based prompt means that it’s perfectly fine to write about characters in the topic sentences of your body paragraphs. The Crucible, Arthur Miller’s 1953 realist play, is based on the historical events of the 1692 Salem witch hunts. Instead he is shifting through it to identify the valuable aspects of Ibo culture to bring into the future and help define Nigeria’s post-independence identity. Compare the ways in which the characters in the text utilise or handle silence. As Pienaar brings a ticket for Eunice, recognising that “there’s a fourth” family member, he mimics Mandela’s value that “no one is invisible”. Introduction (Plot Summary) Christine Piper’s historical fiction, ‘After Darkness’ deals with suppressed fragments of the past and silenced memories. It is best that your examiners know what you’re talking about and have a lower vocabulary level than a high vocabulary level, but your examiner has no clue what you are writing. Whilst Mandela is seen to have sacrificed a close connection with his daughter, this is suggested to be in service of the nation, “I have a big family. When faced with a theme prompt, I find it most helpful to brainstorm characters and author’s views that are relevant to the given themes, as well as considering more relevant themes that may not have been mentioned in the prompt itself. Let’s take the iPhone for example! Moral doubt and secrecy are replaced by moral clarity. Even the best of the best can struggle with differentiating themselves from the pack, irrespective of how many quotes they know or how well they understand the subject matter. Their surprise at this unprecedented occurrence is reinforced by the ‘wet and windy’ conditions. This is a metaphor for the reduction of Igbo culture in the eyes of its colonizers.Â, The title gives away the plot of the novel and anticipates the collapse of Okonkwo and his society. What your teachers and examiners are really looking for is a comprehensive understanding of the texts and the way in which you organise your ideas into paragraphs. By moving between the 3 settings Piper emphasises the importance of place.

When the CEO of Powerhouse mining, Harry Jewell bursts into a Wildlife Rescue Centre in Cape Otway, holding a critically injured and endangered Tiger Quoll, he inadvertently catalyses a conflict that will draw out the prejudices withheld by the trio of environmentalists. Zoologist from San Diego Zoo (temporarily transferred)Â, Get entangled in a romp with Harry Jewell aka, A vet who is extremely pragmatic in his mindset towards his work and personal life, The inevitability of technology supplanting certain occupationsÂ, Technological evolution?

Piper writes in expressive, controlled prose and uses imagery, simile, metaphor, personification, foreshadowing that not only establish context but also delineate Ibaraki’s relationship to the landscape. Or do men suffer as well?

As one rumour created by Abigail and the girls leads to dozens of incarcerations and executions in a matter of days, The Crucible depicts the “perverse manifestation of panic” that can occur from unsubstantiated fear.

3. This takes a physical and emotional toll, as shown by Mandela’s collapse in his driveway. One could even say that the development of technology has made it easier for false allegations and social rumours to spread - leading to drastic consequences specific to the 21st century, such as the leaking of critical government information and cyberbullying. When the Ibo are confronted with rival institutions a mirror is held up to their society. Her heated dialogue with Piper echoes her frustration at ‘writing [Stuart Decker’s] applications so he can get ‘a sun tan’ conducting research on The Great Barrier Reef and win accolades for it. It’s something so basic and obvious that students of all grades overlook. The prompt requires us to address the role of women in the text and the ways in which they suffer in a society that is pervaded by patriarchal values. His arrival in a detainment camp in Loveday (South Australia) in 1942 after the outbreak of WW2. This may include: When planning an essay, it is easy to let yourself go off track, discussing another point that is not quite relevant to the topic given. Shows how mankind is centred on pleasure and instant gratification. That is, scouring through the articles for those various language devices the author has used to turn this article from an exposition to a persuasive text, and then deciding on how we shall be using this in our essay. For example, Austen was hunched over her small writing desk in the village of Chawton during England’s Georgian era as she wrote Persuasion. Example: Writes he “cannot imagine the horrors,” inviting readers to try too. Here are some of the more interesting issues that would be a good starting point for your oral.

Example: Blames Australian Government for the “suffering inflicted.”, ꙳Link: Restate topic sentence in relation to entire essay. Things Fall Apart is set in a fictional group of Igbo villages called Umuofia, around the beginning of the twentieth century. Mandela attempts to unite Black and white South Africans, despite the mutual animosity and distrust fostered by decades of apartheid. The VCAA does not endorse and is not affiliated with Lisa's Study Guides or Should medicinal cannabis be legalised in Australia? This is also where having a wide range of vocabulary is crucial to presenting your ideas in a sophisticated manner. This is a heartbreaking disappointment to Okonkwo. The Crucible is usually studied in the Australian curriculum under Area of Study 1 - Text Response. The events of the Salem witch trials detail various types of accusation. By pointing out some of the weaknesses of the Ibo tradition, Achebe in no way excuses or justifies colonial domination or diminishes the pain and tragedy of the cultural erasure that occurred. 2.

The ebook includes: ‍- 50-pages teaching you how to respond to ANY essay topic, - Examples from 15+ popular VCE English texts, - Know exactly what to THINK about so you can formulate the best possible essay response, - Plus a bonus 20-pages of high vs low scoring essays, fully annotated (what works and what doesn't) so you know exactly what you need to do.

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