Here are some names that capture their behavior: With all their terrific qualities, there is no doubt that ferrets have a unique odor. Consider for example by joining two words together to form a new name. They are ready to play on a regular basis, which makes them quite active creatures. I mean, seriously, who can resist that cute, little, furry face as it runs by you at the most awkward of angles, back hunched and ready to play? Your email address will not be published. I have some good names like Noodle, Skittles, Mango, Ozzie, Coco, Panda, ect. Here are some tips to consider when thinking of ferret names: Coming up with good ferret names should not be a hard process. Another good thing about it is..if you remt and can't have a dog or can have a ferret and the landlord can't say anything about it. Ferret Names . :-D. YES i named my ferret Spot,I was inspired by your names...THX!! Just got a female ferret and I named her Kiki. Ferrets are carnivores and shouldn't eat any fruit!

Here are some names that reflect both habits: Like cats, ferrets come in a wide range of colors and may have many different markings. I named my ferret Sly and he absolutely loves it so far. For example, Troubles, Mischief or Mayhem. I (Xelia) have had ferrets before, and they're so loving, fun, Adorable, very intelligent animals, I spoiled mine like babies, lol! I'm going to get too ferrets & i was thinking of tink & bella. People commonly consider a ferret as a member of the rodent family, but this is far from scientific truth; they are actually a member of the weasel family, which far more makes sense. While they may look a little like a rodent, they're actually close relatives of weasels and otters. I highly recommend a ferret as a family pet. Thanks! They are ready to play on a regular basis, which makes them quite active creatures. Tatiana (author) from Florida on June 25, 2017: This is so helpful. I also have a platinum blonde or white ferret that I named malfoy in honor of Harry Potter and Draco because Harry and Draco should’ve been a thing, my ferrets names are little man pag pag rosie and fizzy pop, What about sassy or peanut and butter or sam those are the names of my fur balls, I'm thinking about getting one and naming it Vix.

Ferrets are unique pets. While no one has done a study on the subject, ferrets certainly do have a reputation for taking (and chewing on) objects. I'm really glad I could help you out. On the other hand, they're also cousins to adorable critters such as otters and beavers. I almost named him Holler! One of the best parts of getting a new pet is picking the perfect name. She is a young female and I should be getting her very soon. Names for a Pet With a Reputation for Theft, The Different Types of Domesticated Ferrets, The 8 Best Advent Calendars for Pets in 2020, Identifying and Treating Common Ferret Diseases, Ferrets Banned in New York City and Beyond, Towards a More Natural Ferret Diet - Whole Prey and Raw Foods, The 12 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Dog in 2020. Some people call it musty; others call it nasty. i love the name Ozzie i might pick that one but i kinda wanna name him Ringo from the beatles, They were so cute I couldn't even deal with it but I name to Mine pip, They were all so cute I but I did pick one his name is Pip, mine is chava vanilla Ziggy nutmeg and miles 2boys 3girls. The name you choose may also be based on natural phenomena like tornados or earthquakes. But don’t worry, there are ways that you can choose when you are stuck between two or a few names. Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet.

He hasnt even wanted tovuse an electronic device. It’s for those times we present the ferret names list. Ferrets sleep about 18 hours a day, but when they're awake they are eager to run, jump, and learn. I just named ours pepper and he's sooooo friendly he kisses and wags his tail he doesn't even nibble bite I'm very pleased with him I'm glad I got him the name bandit very cute name but my son likes Pepper so Pepper it is my oldest liked Ozzie but its my yougest sons ferrit he got him for Christmas so he gets to name him and i like Pepper i said it and he liked it so that was that! It’s probably not a bad idea to invest in one of those huge ferret balls to let them run around it; at least they can’t squeeze themselves into trouble! Ferrets are very silly animals, full of energy, attitude, and personality. Ferrets are so cute I wonder if you can ger one in new Zealand, Im hoping to get a Milkmouth ferret and ima probably name it Oliver, if I get 2 I want the other one to be pewter and name it Typhoon, I’m getting my first ferret and I’m really excited I never had a pet of my own but this will be my first time with my very own pet I don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy but I definitely have some great names for them :-D, I have 2 wonderful male ferrets named Leo Ray Vera and Riley Hopper Vera I got the name hopper off of this the boy list because Riley always hops on to me from his cage and always hops while playing with Leo. They can also move like the wind! Sometimes naming a pet can be real easy. In addition to these colors, many ferrets' noses are pink, and many ferrets have a unique combination of colors and markings including speckles, patches, and spots. Ferrets are terrific pets for kids and adults alike. This name wasnt on here but i've had my ferret for about 4 months and his name is bear. i am not gonna put my real name on here on October 21, 2017: Ferrets are amazing. It's gonnabe so AweSome to get another one, they're funny, yet beautiful. I know this is about names, but has anyone else heard their baby ferret do more than duking? I ran over and asked him what was wrong and I don’t know if he saw or heard me first but he stopped. Very energetic and sometimes mischevious but you can't get mad because they're just so darn cute. In fact, they are bright and social enough to learn tricks, very much like a dog. Required fields are marked *. Some inspiration. I wouldn't change my fuzzbutts for the world. Here are just a few. The one I'm looking at is a male named Oscar, but if i were to change the name, what should it be? :), I named my two ferrets bandit-the boy trixy-the girl i really like these name and they fit there personalities and they are so cute thank you for these adorable names, my 2 ferrets names are maverick and jackson, What about Baguette for a tan colored ferret or name it dog or something random like that.

When you have a group of ferrets, they mean business! They are most deserving of a name that will bring their personality forth, and there’s plenty of names that will be suitable for your new pet ferret! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you notice that your ferret is reserved, give it a more laid-back name like Shy, Princess or George. Top 100 Female Ferret Names. Lianne is a veterinarian, epidemiologist, and freelance writer who's written nearly 400 articles for The Spruce Pets.

Neori theme, designed by litMotion Templates. Unlike most other pets, ferrets do have a smell. It scared me at first because I’d had other babies and none had done more than duk, duk, duk. My ferret is an albino he is so much fun and full of joy so I came up with Oscar or Finley and those are the names I chose before I saw this paige but I liked Finley more so Finley it is right now Dec. 29 2017 Finley is exactly 7months old. My one ferret was a Skooter because he would lie flat on the floor and scoot himself around with his back legs. White weasel , Louisel or Loueasel (louise and weasel combined) white ***** white weasel the 2nd in which case she is wwII cliff girl as in she was dropped off get it? As a result, they do best when living with other ferrets or when their human friends are available and ready to play on a regular basis. You need better names for ferrets like who would name their ferret Oscar like ewwww, sorry but we need to make better names for ferrets, I thought that Tony or Tucker would be cute names for a boy, I am getting a ferret tomorrow. We've got the ultimate lists of names for ferrets to help your decision. Learn More Ferrets are close relatives of weasels and otters. Literally, a group of ferrets is referred to as a “business” of ferrets. An affectionate name would be appropriate for a sweet mannered ferret, for example, Cuddles, Sweety-pie or Honey. Here’s how: The most important thing is not that the ferret has a name, but that it has a loving home! And since we like 'Nascar' alot, that's what we're going to name him. It's a baby boy he's a year old. A playful name is suitable for a playful, excitable ferret. I'm sure you and Spot will have a lot of fun together! And, do albino ferrets have any … It makes it more funny. Skeeter – A very groovy and speculative name; Skatty – A stylish and fashionable name We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post through our independently chosen links, which earn us a commission. Your email address will not be published. Using names with unusual spelling will also get you a name that you will both love. Ferrets are incredibily smart and playful..

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