[*] While Lillian didn’t say a lot, she made an interesting statement: “the sun shined all the time while I was in the woods.” Paulides said that’s a wierd thing for a 6 year old to say. My ultimate goal is to write for a living, though in particular science-fiction and fantasy novels. Before his disappearance, Kenny commented on a YouTube video claiming to have found a cave around Nellis Air Force Base in southern Nevada. The rumors and theories surrounding Goatman are aplenty. In the time since, several theories have been proposed to explain the residents’ sudden departure from being threatened by guerrillas (since many countries in South America were in political upheaval due to America’s interference) to being abducted by aliens. It sounds like an urban legend: an author and former policeman was on vacation when he was approached by two off-duty rangers who asked him to look into the number of people who go missing in the national park system. Since they are part of a national park, they naturally get a lot of tourists and many of the towns that reside nearby in both states benefit a great deal from the tourism these mountains get. A few miles south from Lake Superior, another notorious body of water resides called Lake Michigan. Such places include the Bermuda Triangle, where many disappearances are said to happen and have happened over the course of many years. In the midst of World War I, a battalion of British soldiers attempted to march onto Suvla Bay in Turkey (then known as the Ottoman Empire). This misunderstanding might result in numerous disappearances in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

Native Americans report that calm and peaceful Bushmen live in flat, coastal regions, while stealthier, more aggressive and dangerous Bushmen tend to live in mountainous and arctic regions. Then when the Dust Bowl hit, Urkhammer was left in a disheveled state and quickly forgotten, with no traces remaining of it. Most notably, Bigfoots possess feet that are upwards of two feet long and slightly under a foot wide. [*] Lillian and her parents went blueberry picking. He is often seen as a relative to the Grunch, which has been described as an evil Chupacabra-like creature. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. A goat-humanoid hybrid could live in the Maryland cave system and be responsible for at least a few of the U.S. disappearances. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. Yet pots of food were left behind, along with the village dogs which had seemingly starved. The books, called the Missing 411 series, explore what Paulides calls a “mysterious series of worldwide disappearances defying logical and conventional explanations.” While Paulides isn’t the most reputable source (he’s also a cryptozoologist, having spent years researching Bigfoot) but his research raises questions that would make anyone wonder.

Even aliens are considered as a possible explanation. If cave cryptids are responsible for any of these disappearances, which ones are more likely to be at fault? Since then, the islands have been abandoned by the former residents after the lighthouse became part of an automated system of lighthouses starting in the 1970s. Within the state of Iowa, there was supposedly a town that once existed known as Urkhammer. He was told that there is no such document because the Department of Interior does not keep any record of missing people within their park systems. Kenny wanted to show the world the unusual cave he had discovered, but he did not return home from his trip and he was never seen again. He said he is with a woman who looks like his grandmother, and he thought it was his grandmother.

It has no eyes and sharp teeth. But what makes this disappearance more puzzling was that none of the villagers’ belongings had been taken nor their food. Others say that there’s nothing mysterious about the disappearances at all, that it’s a normal amount of people to fall off a cliff, drown, or get eaten by bears. Since then, according to colorado.edu, numerous theories for this seemingly sudden migration have been posed though recent evidence shows that they migrated further south to places like Arizona New Mexico and the Rio Grande. In 1892, Frank Burns of the U.S. Geological Survey reported that he found strange coffins in the Crump Cave along the southern branch of the Warrior River in Murphy's Valley, Alabama.

But then this seemingly beautiful lake got the attention of the media and the Internet when two men went missing there, leading to some speculation about what could’ve happened to them. Generally living near swamps, this cryptid is known to roam deep into forest regions, including the Appalachian Trail. But around the Atlantic Ocean in the vicinity of Brazil, one of the radiation belts comes unusually close to the Earth’s surface thus creating the South Atlantic Anomaly. In the cave he saw other things in the cave that look like people, but they are robots that aren’t moving. Like the Bermuda Triangle, this place has gained a reputation for several disappearances occurring including one in 1950 when a passenger aircraft flew over the area and never emerged from it. What Exactly Is Oktoberfest, And How Can You Celebrate It This Year? Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has.

Dedicated to your stories and ideas. To this day, there’s no definite explanation for the vanishings as hardly any traces of the missing people were recovered in the area, leading some to suspect they might’ve been the victims of a serial crime. Not much is known about this creature, but dragons do live in caves and anyone attempting to steal their property would make for tasty snacks. dude, the cumberland dragon is Trogdoor!!!!! They have big, muscular chests and arms and are described as extremely strong. Residing along the magnetic fields, they absorb particles that come from solar winds and cosmic rays which in turn protect the Earth from the worst effects these events can cause. Out in the desert wilderness of Arizona near the city of Phoenix reside the Superstition Mountains (also known as the Superstitions). [*] The interviewer commented that she must have been referencing something to say something like that and said while she described it as sunlight, it might not have been. Because of this, no one even knows how many people are currently missing in parks. By the following morning there were 200 searchers there, calling for Lillian. Yet one of the lingering mysteries from this failed battle was a single platoon that went missing. Residing along Route 23, this place was built by the City of Newark Water and Reservoir Plant to house the facility’s workers. I scanned the area and didn’t see any life forms, but for some reason, my eyes started to fixate on a particularly unnerving dark section of the forest. [*] Steven said he was going to go skiing. The 10 strangest missing persons cases ever recorded in the United States, all of which have left police unable to solve the mysteries behind them. The top map shows mysterious cases of people vanishing without a trace. I had the weirdest sensation of being able to see each individual branch and plant in high detail, but I couldn’t focus on the scene overall.

But it is also known for a multitude of disappearances, 45 of which haven’t been found to this day.

— Another veteran who recounts a bizarre experience hiking in a park with his son: “As I looked back, I noticed that the trail I was walkin on lost all sense of familiarity. While there are plenty of scientific explanations for these occurrences, such as rogue waves and methane gas, it’s more entertaining to imagine something unnatural causing them.

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