Whilst it is tradeable, players may only equip the helm if they have completed the quest. The Helm of Neitiznot is awarded to players upon completion of the The Fremennik Isles quest, and requires 55 Defence to equip. While it is tradeable, players may only equip the helm if they have completed The Fremennik Isles quest. 54,963 coins (info) High Alchemy Yes

It is also a possible reward from … However, the helm of neitiznot has an additional +3 prayer bonus, +1 crush and +3 magic defence bonuses, and does not possess negative magic and ranged attack bonuses (+0 vs. the berserker helm being -5 for both). The Helm of neitiznot is a helmet awarded to players upon completing The Fremennik Isles quest and requires a Defence level of 55 to wear. List, Bronze •  Iron •  Steel •  Black •  White •  Mithril •  Adamant •  Rune •  Dragon, Bronze •  Iron •  Steel •  Black •  White (Initiate • Proselyte) •  Mithril •  Adamant •  Rune •  Dragon, Bronze •  Iron •  Steel •  Black •  Mithril •  Adamant •  Rune, Bronze •  Iron •  Steel •  Black •  Mithril •  Adamant •  Rune •  Gilded med •  Gilded full •  Dragon, Guthix •  Saradomin •  Zamorak •  Armadyl •  Ancient •  Bandos, Regular (imbued) •  Black (imbued) •  Green (imbued) •  Red (imbued) •  Purple (imbued) •  Turquoise (imbued), Regular •  Warrior •  Berserker •  Rock-shell •  Neitiznot, Tier 1 •  Tier 2 •  Tier 3 •  Tier 4 •  Tier 5 •, Dharok's •  Torag's •  Verac's •  Guthan's, Khazard •  Spiny •  Shaman mask •  Black mask •  Ram skull •  Tyras •  Fighter hat •  Void melee •  Granite •  Dwarven •  Obsidian •  3rd age •  Statius's, Helm •  Top •  Bottoms •  Gloves •  Boots, Warrior (imbued) •  Berserker (imbued) •  Seers (imbued) •  Archers (imbued), Fremennik •  Archer •  Berserker •  Farseer •  Warrior •  Helm of neitiznot, Cyan •  Brown •  Blue •  Green •  Red •  Grey •  Yellow •  Teal •  Purple •  Pink •  Black, Fremennik blade •  Fremennik shield •  Fremennik shield (The Fremennik Isles), King Gjuki Sorvott IV • Thorkel Silkbeard • HRH Hrafn • Vanligga Gastfrihet • Flosi Dalksson • Hring Hring • Keepa Kettilon • Raum Urda-Stein • Skuli Myrka • Bork Sigmundson, Mawnis Burowgar • Fridleif Shieldson • Kjedelig Uppsen • Trogen Konungarde • Slug Hemligssen • Thakkrad Sigmundson • Honour guard, Hair •  Split log •  Arctic pine logs •  Royal decree •  Yak-hide •  Cured yak-hide •  Yak-hide body •  Yak-hide legs •  Fremennik shield •  Decapitated head •  Helm of neitiznot, A jester stick •  Apricot cream pie •  Bulging taxbag •  Documents, Jatizso • Jatizso mine • Neitiznot • Rellekka • Ice Troll Caves, Island of the Trolls • Jester Minute • Major Miner • Norse Code • Ogre the Top • Volcanic Vikings. The basic helm of neitiznot is tradeable, although players may only equip the helm if they have completed The Fremennik Isles quest.

Lv 4.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The helm of neitiznot is a members piece of armour with mid-level stat bonuses, additionally being one of the few helms to offer prayer bonuses.

The archer helm can be purchased from the Skulgrimen's Battle Gear for 78,000 coins after completing The Fremennik Trials quest. The helmet's substantial bonuses along with it being non-degradable make it one of the most frequently used helmets. For help, see. +0% The helmet can be upgraded to the Neitiznot faceguard after completion of The Fremennik Exiles quest by combining the helm of Neitiznot and a basilisk jaw. +0 Rune Full Helm.

The helmet's substantial bonuses, along with it being non-degradable and cheap, make it one of the most frequently used helmets.

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