Use these as a general idea.

Did I misunderstand what you meant? Minimum DP: 320. The dagger gives pure AP and an all resistance +10% item effect and can be modified using an Inverted Hearth of Garmoth to give extra stats (Max HP +150, Max Stamina +100, Special Attack Evasion Rate +10%).

Frontal guard. You should aim to have TRI gear before switching to this offhand. Unlike other classes, Kzarka is considered the best offhand because of the high accuracy it provides.

Some people believe that “secret combos” should remain a secret to give the people that know them an edge over others.

Griffon’s Helmet (helmet) – dropped from Griffons in Kamaslyvia. This isn’t ranger, how do we have MP management problems? You also have super armor whilst casting this buff and the Accuracy and damage buff can effect up to 10 allies as well as yourself.

He can also block other players’ vision in the same way. If you are not close to that, priorities: – All awakening skills you are able to take (for wizard exclude chilling wave, witch exclude equilibrium break), – If you feel lack of mana, Spellbound heart (can be excluded). This is Gorr (Witch) or Marg (Wizard). It will go over what gear to use, what skills to get, and what the basics of how to use a wizard. Thanks for all your guides, it’s really helpfull . Awakened skills will do more DPS and are much safer to use than a slower but strong unawakened skill, so you will need to max awakened skills first.Skill builds are listed in the skill builds section. This skill extends into another skill called “Fireball Explosion” which will deal a lot more damage. They are not as useful in PvE since they have to go up to the mobs, but are nice in PvP for the body block. Minimum DP: 320. Wizard Awakening or Succession . You want to aim for a PRI/DUO Tree Spirit Belt before swapping to DUO Basilisk’s because it is much cheaper and easier to get hold of. You lose your Reta Dano and paralysis slow as well.

Tungrad Earrings are one of the best earrings you can get. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. You can select up to 3 pre awakened skills and up to 3 awakened skills (all unlocked at level 60).

Best Class in BDO Online PvE and PvP (All Classes). This is new and greatly speeds up PvE clears in most locations, as W/W have always been heavily mobility gated.

Lee Strebel - £10 Queuing teleport ( pressing Shift + Spacebar ), and then immediately facing another direction than the one faced when the buttons are pressed, will project a “fake” teleport animation towards the initial direction, while actually teleporting towards the second one. It makes a perfect backup for enhancing and is essentially a free TRI Ring of Crescent Guardian. Most of your skills will be multi-hit, meaning the damage is split up between multiple strikes of the same attack. The skill has a 10 second cooldown. It takes a long time to get to this stage, and there are lots of small improvements and other accessories you will use along the way, but this is ideally your softcap build for PVP. BDO Witch/Wizard Discord. That means, instead of every target receiving the full damage of the skill, the damage is now splits and is lower the more targets are hit. Serendia + Mediah Meals when you have 4/4 crit and cast to get 5/5. Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor (chest) – dropped from Dim Tree Spirit. Overall, our pets do little damage but a little damage can add up. It must be crafted using items in Star’s End and then following a questline. You will need to also use Elixir of Shock so that you have 5 crit. You can also use a TET heve and TRI Muskan’s shoes instead but Griffon’s and Urugon’s shoes are currently considered best in slot in the gear meta.Click image below to enlargeSoftcap build: linkHere is what to aim for if you are going for. Question. PvE Performance & Grind Goals. However, 100 HP from Giath isn’t to be underestimated as well. This weapon can be bought from a Blacksmith and will give you 18 – 22 AP as well as a lot of accuracy. Thanks! For new players, It is recommend to take the Green awakening (Pri aad sphera/Tati Godr Sphera) because it is cheaper and easier to repair (Altinova weapon merchant sells them).

How does that split teleport work?

You can use [RMB] while summoning her to use a special skill as well which will inflict stiffness on a good attack.

Remember that class guides are a rough explanation of the class, designed to give you an idea of the class and what you should be aiming for. The melee pets will stay closer to you and have to close in on enemies to attack.

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