Any estimate I'd give would be a wild guess so early on. No sailing, just a short swim which I'd say is about 50 seconds from fishing spot to important NPCs, being generous. Awhile back, it was announced in patch notes that the velia hot spot would have a higher chance of gold fish. I can do exactly what you're doing 3 times a day, and still play on the character after work. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,

Relics are considered a Junk item.

Mudskipper. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Direct link:, Imgur mirror:, I had some pretty good success afk fishing on the rocks at the coastal cave, but got kidnapped one too many times and quit using it. They spawn close to the ports of Velia, Epheria and Arehaza, as well as a couple of spawns . I've tried fishing in Heidel river and it feels so slow, but there are so many people there. I just go back to town and dip my rod in the ocean and call it a night. Rock Hind. I can get to the marketplace within the time it takes for a notified costume to show up. Unlike other hotspots, these Coelacanth hotspots will disappeasr after the first fish is caught. I mean I know it's pretty much gold fish and relics but doesn't the fact that it's exhausted slow it down a lot? All rights reserved. But you arent earning any more than Velia fishers. Relics are considered a Junk item. Tuna. I can't do other lifeskills out here either. What makes Velia hotspot so good though? I fish on an island near a trade manager and earn about 1.75m in raw fish per turn in with a +7 Balenos rod, +4 fishing level, Splat costume, and Artisan 7 fishing. That is why everyone congregates there. Moray. It throws away anything with a white name, so fish or junk with white text in the name. That petered out when it was over and stuck to Velia. sell to Valencia Imperial Trader (6-7m one work afk session). You make exactly 1/4 mil less than I do pre keys and shards. 2.5m-3m/hr AFK fishing in the ross sea. Herring. Had a full inventory last night filled with half gold and half blue. I used to travel to Tarif where fishing was abundant, for relics. 2.3 mil per night with normal blue rod at velia hot spot for me, 5mil from +10 balenos from veila plus it's safe and 90% gold fish but I'm master 29 fishing plus it's time wasted getting back since boats are so slow. Western Gateway 3. Cron Castle Site 1.

© Valve Corporation. I don't need to sail home, change characters, or teleport anywhere. Go stand with the mass and put up with the Exhausted or be careful to cast close enough to the Velia boundary and check the catch to ensure it is the right fish table.

When i'm ready to log off, i dont want to take a boat and sail for 10 minutes. Seaweed. Wish they would either get rid of it or change the fish. This is a hotspot near the town of Velia in the coast. It's easy money. SHOULD be. I'm not trying to say that my current way of fishing is better than Velia hotspot, on paper it should be considering my method, but I'm pretty sure I'm wrong and I'm trying to figure out why. Western Guard Camp 1. Sea Eel. Balenos Islands just over in Coastal Cliffs area. Sandfish.

Origin Node: Velia. I like having more options than truly AFK as in you can't decide to play at any time, it takes time to start non-AFK playing. I've gone multiple days in a row without seeing a single relic. There is also a chance you can catch multiple fish with one cast on a standard fishing rod. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the blackdesertonline community, The subreddit for the PC MMORPG Black Desert Online, developed by Pearl Abyss. Absolutely worthless to fish in velia for me. I always turn on Throw away junk and always come back to shards. Mostly for convenience. Hi, I'm a bot that links Gyazo images directly to save bandwidth. Coastal Cave 1.

Black Desert Mobile | r/BlackDesertMobile, Press J to jump to the feed. Of which o tend to get 3-8 shards and 15-20 keys. Forest of Plunder 1. Marino Farm 2. Goblin Cave 2. This isn't a dedicated fisher that's away from everything, it's a main, or an alt replenishing their energy after NV.

If you turn on throw away junk when AFK fishing, you'll throw away shards. This is a recurring quest that can be found by pressing ‘O’ > Recurring Tab > [Skilled Fishing] A Special Fishing Rod. That's at the Velia hot spot. I'm testing out Velia now and I'll likely edit when I have something to go off, but I'm not expecting anything earthshattering that'll make me regret ocean island fishing over Velia. Velia 0. Anyone else? You moved too far west into Coastal Cave fish table, beyond the bit of the hotspot that extends over that boundary with Velia Beach. On velia hotspot u make way more cash with mostly gold fish .

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