Rob and Alex find themselves ogled by the final charter guests of the season.

A speedo-clad Bugsy prepares a naughty-themed evening for the guests, while managing the fallout of cucumber-gate.

A group photo with Rob and Aesha sends Jess over the edge.

Bosun Conrad is only 23, but wise beyond his years, and when fellow deckhand Joao questions his age, he quickly has to establish who’s in charge. 5. Meanwhile, Julia closes the door on Bobby reminding him she's in a committed relationship. For the final charter, an all-male group brings their own set of demands, and an exhausted crew must struggle to keep up. After back-to-back charters, the Ionian Princess Crew finally enjoys a much deserved day off until Bryan decides to give Danny a lesson in deckie etiquette. And, Danny continues to lose the respect of his crew by breaking yet another yachtie code and inserting himself into Hannah and Ben's business.

The Guests Compare Adam Glick's Dinner to Dog Food, The Real Housewives of Potomac After Show. Rate. Ben takes Hannah on a date, but a major galley miscommunication during the guests' dinner could tarnish any romantic hope for the two. On a crew night out, Alex questions Bugsy about the direction of their relationship, while Rob and Jess spend a romantic night in the guest cabins. Join the Captain as she shares her most Yachtrageous memories. Kiko struggles to prepare a picnic lunch for the first off-boat excursion of the season. A … After the crew pulls off a beach BBQ without a hitch, Ben is tasked with making American S'mores in Greece. 10. As the guests prepare to leave after their extended stay, Hannah hopes her charm wins them over with a generous tip. Bosun Bryan gets an unexpected promotion, while chief steward Hannah has her hands full with her ambitious third stew.

Baseball legend Johnny Damon returns to charter in Ibiza, putting pressure on Tom to rectify the Damons' poor experience with the food they were served last season. As one easy-going charter leaves, the crew is blindsided with a new group of highly demanding guests. 4.

Ep 3: Chefs, Lies, and FaceTime The rift between Bobby and Hannah grows even wider when Lauren is dragged into a heated debate about the past.

While Hannah leans on an overworked Bugsy to carry an injured Jess, Captain Sandy becomes concerned about the interior's performance. Tom becomes incensed over a provisioning mishap, while Malia and Bugsy struggle to manage the fallout. The crew prepares for their next charter hailing from Oklahoma.

Hannah experiences the ultimate betrayal when Ben goes to the Captain in his epaulets about their galley miscommunication. Hannah and Ben redefine their relationship, while Bobby realizes he can't shut off his feelings for Julia. And, when an all-male bachelor charter group comes on board, Danny and Bobby are tasked with finding the guests arm candy in Mykonos. Meanwhile, Captain Mark is left with a decision that will shake up the entire crew after things escalate between Danny, Bobby and Bryan. And Danny falls ill as Bryan turns up the heat on his performance. Meanwhile, Malia looks to Rob and Alex to step up after she's forced to make a tough call that changes the exterior's dynamic.

Captain Sandy's Yachtrageous Moments 2020, Shot Through the Heart, and Ibiza's to Blame, June 2019 TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows, June 2020 TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows. An injured Jess fights to maintain her spot on the boat, while another crew member's inappropriate behavior finally catches up to him. The show is a spin-off of Below Deck, another series aired on the same network. Below Deck Mediterranean is an American reality television series which … With bad weather rolling in and down her Second Stew, Hannah scrambles to manage the interior with only Jess to rely on.

In the galley, Kiko finds himself up against guests that are less than satisfied. Meanwhile, Aesha makes a decision about her future and Rob is presented with an alternative to traveling with Jess to Bali. Current Episode ... (aired 26 Oct. 2020) Reunion Part 2.

Hannah returns as ... Hannah struggles to get her Second Stew in line, and tensions reach a boiling point when Lara refuses to take direction from Hannah. June 2019 TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows, June 2020 TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows. Season: OR . Error: please try again. Meanwhile, Rob's personal life begins to interfere with his work, and Jess notices some red flags with his behavior. And on the morning of the final charter, a big mistake leaves a crew member ready to walk off the boat. Trying to meet the guests' one non-negotiable, they run into an unforeseen obstacle: streaming a live football game in the middle of the Mediterranean. A mechanical error during docking has Captain Sandy scrambling to avoid a catastrophic disaster, while the new charter guests arrange a bet with Bugsy that threatens to disrobe the crew. Captain Sandy and Malia draw a hard line with the deck team when they call the guys out for their questionable behavior. Andy Cohen hosts Below Deck Mediterranean Reunion Part Two.

Andy Cohen hosts Below Deck Mediterranean Reunion Part Two. Meanwhile, returning chief stew Hannah enters her eighth season in yachting and finds herself at a crossroads on whether she should continue her yachtie life or look to settle down and start a family. And after surviving a 72-plate dinner last charter, Kiko is faced with something equally challenging and he's once again put to the test. Everyone prepares to say goodbye to the Ionian Princess, but not before last minute feelings are revealed and the charter season goes out with a bang. Rate. Bobby crushes on Julia, and Jen feels like she's getting assigned all of the tedious tasks by Bryan. Rate. After a tumultuous night in Ibiza, Rob and Jess struggle to reconcile. Tiffany works harder on her stew skills in hopes of Hannah noticing. Year: Season 3. Here's Everything You Didn't See at the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 Reunion Watch Video 5 days ago The Daily Dish Bugsy and Alex Confirm Relationship Status at Reunion 5 days ago. Finally, the interior team is relieved when a new Second Stew arrives onboard. Down a stew in the wake of Hannah's departure, Bugsy fights to keep the interior afloat with a skeptical Jess by her side. Meanwhile, Pete's attitude forces Malia into a difficult confrontation, and tensions between Hannah and Lara take a surprising new turn. Romance is in the air when Malia's boyfriend Tom arrives for a visit, while Alex takes stock of his relationship with Bugsy, and Jess offers Rob a bold invitation. As the last charter comes to an end, Captain Sandy reckons with a chaotic season while the few remaining chips continue to fall. Danny breaks yachtie rule number one and drama ensues.

A blast from the past returns amidst a massive thunderstorm that threatens to keep The Wellington docked for their next charter. When an all-female group charters the yacht, the crew struggles to keep up with their demands. Tom works to keep a lid on his frustrations, as Malia waits for the other shoe to drop.

Join Chef Ben Robinson and eight new crew members as they prepare the Ionian Princess, for a new charter season around the Greek Islands. Chef Adam returns and is ready to redeem himself with Sandy after nearly getting fired last season, and he’s determined to stay in the galley and out of love triangles. 0. Meanwhile, the Captain gives Danny his phone back, putting Bryan on high-alert. Upon their exit, the bachelors anoint Danny as the charter MVP, much to the chagrin of Bobby and Bryan. Andy Cohen hosts Below Deck Mediterranean Reunion Part One. Rate. With Hannah's back against the wall, Captain Sandy faces a difficult decision that could change the trajectory of The Wellington. Meanwhile, an unexpected injury threatens to upend the rest of the charter season. Malia deals with a green deck crew and is forced to draw the line with Pete. Ben and Tiffany take their flirtation to the next level, unbeknownst to Hannah. The second charter kicks off when guests with ties to the music industry arrive, but unforeseen circumstances immediately put the Wellington crew behind the eight ball. After earning the Lead Deckhand title in season 2, Malia returns as Captain Sandy's first female Bosun, a role she hopes to grow into while commanding respect from her all-male deck team. Meanwhile, a guest request sends a sleep-deprived Tom over the edge. Another charter season in the Mediterranean gets under way as Captain Sandy Yawn and the crew of Motor Yacht Talisman Maiton cruise the legendary Italian coast. Meanwhile, the deck crew unravels when Danny accuses Bobby for not being part of the team. When the first charter guests of the season arrive full of demands and criticisms about the food and service, Sandy quickly wonders whether she made a mistake bringing back Adam and Hannah. 9. And a surprise complaint forces Captain Sandy to issue an ultimatum. Rate.

The crew's effort to stream a football game in the middle of the Mediterranean doesn't go as planned, but their efforts don't go unnoticed by the charter guests. Meanwhile, Tiffany's feelings for Ben increase, while Bobby continues to be sidelined by Julia. Meanwhile, Kiko is pushed to the limit by a group of new guests whose requests are incredibly demanding. Below Deck Mediterranean returns for its fifth season with Captain Sandy Yawn at the helm of the mega-yacht Wellington, cruising one of the most desired yachting locations in the Mediterranean… On a crew night out, Alex reveals his feelings to Bugsy while Hannah struggles to connect with the group.

On a guest excursion into Valldemossa, Rob and Jess up the ante in their relationship. After hours, the charter guests seem to have a threesome in the jacuzzi and once again, Danny is in hot water for overstepping his boundaries. On their night off, Ben is torn between two stews, but is shocked when he finds one of them in his bunk with Bryan. The stews are tasked with putting together a country hoedown. With his job on the line, Kiko rallies himself for a successful charter, but a Vegas-themed dinner threatens to unravel everything. 15 May 2018 ... Rate. Rob and Jess struggle to reconcile after a disastrous fight, while Aesha comes to grips with the end of her yachting career.

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