Remarkably, even after 10 years I still believe that, for the price, the Benelli SuperNova shotgun is unmatched in comfort, versatility, and adjustability. That’s how I ended up taking the Benelli SuperNova for a test drive this year.

And don’t worry – I haven’t given up on pumps! Like other unique Benelli models such as the M2 or M4, the Nova and SuperNova bring something a little different to the table. Black Cloud is well known as being a dirty round.

I love my Super Nova and have dropped dove with it like crazy! To learn how to adjust drop and cast take a look at this Explanatory Video for the Super Black Eagle III (the process is the same). With the SuperNova all you have to do is move your finger forward to the safety (or already have it in position in anticipation), then come back and pull the trigger. Keep in mind though, that a heavier gun means less recoil. I am not a fan of violence, let alone unnecessary violence, but nothing – I mean nothing – says “get the hell off my property before I shoot your sorry ass” like a pump-action shotgun. Does this mean the grip would be too big for all women?

However, you can find these shotguns new for around $500 at gun shops. enjoyed your writing.

I’m not gonna lie – it was awkward as hell, and I had some hellaciously slow second shots. Have you been trying to decide between the SuperNova and the Nova? It was incredible and as you said, I thought I was shooting a .410 or something… No recoil hardly at all and the follow up shops seem to come quicker and quicker the more you shoot this gun… Good article and like the way you wrote it.

Also makes it easier to mooch rounds off of friends in the field when I’m shooting like crap :-).

This means scopes and attachments can be added. The recoil varies by stock model, though, so it isn’t really fair to generalize it like that.

It was simple, affordable and a good working gun. The Nova was a better gun in most regards but that noisy slide was a problem. Fantastic review! If you feel you need an alternative to Benelli’s stock follower – which does have its drawbacks – you can replace it with a higher quality follower, like the ones made by GG&G or Nordic Components. My boyfriend shoots an over-and-under and I’ve always shot an autoloader, so cleaning our guns after a particularly vigorous or soggy hunt has been, well, irritating. I just didn’t like the play in the fore-end – I wanted the gun to feel solid when I picked it up.

Thanks, Not sure if this article is strictly geared towards women, but an 8lb gun is not heavy. Sights: Red Bar This review just might have bumped it up one gun higher on the list!

The best way to do that is by attaching a sling. That turned out to be the least of my problems for two reasons: the first was that it was just a crappy hunt – there were hardly any doves flying where we ended up hunting.

©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Unlike most males I read the manual before even assembling the barrell.

To take apart the SuperNova you will need to unscrew the magazine cap.

Customizable: * * * * * Some of the more popular options are CE-Tac, Nordic Components, and Benelli.

Not that I’m bitter or anything. After doing a little digging I seem to remember that the Model that fits the Nova will fit the SuperNova as well.

(And if you believe, as I do, that a black gun kills ducks just as well as a camo gun, save yourself some money and get the black synthetic version.).

Depending on what you’re using the gun for you could take the 100-150$ you’ve saved and buy attachments and add-ons. The action is smooth and positive in operation. Available in a few configurations, I’ll be reviewing the basic Nova. | FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE DEER MOVEMENT IN RAIN. But of course im 6’6″.

The manual! come and instead of the gold watch, I received Oh yeah, I think I’ll never go back to 20 gauge – it is SO much easier to find steel shot for a 12 gauge. I love to shoot and I LIKE to think I can take a hit… but I’ve learned the hard way: uncomfortable guns are a misery to shoot and you don’t shoot them well. The stock and the gun overall is just a little bit shorter and may fit you well! After a few years of duck hunting, I learned that some autoloaders (read: my Beretta 391 20 gauge and a 3901 in 12) have difficult-to-reach parts that tend to rust if exposed to heavy rain, leading to tragic failures to chamber a round properly just when the most perfect greenhead glides over your decoys 20 yards out.

With the crazy storms we’re having in Cali this season, that should be good for a little peace of mind. It’s camo on plastic – what do you want? I was wondering if its possible to put a telescopic pistol grip like whats on the m4 on it.

But with the SuperNova, I was wrong. For this reason, internal magazine extension tubes were invented.

Basic disassembly for cleaning the barrel was easy enough – just the reverse of putting the gun together right out of the box.

Excellent Shotgun !!! Benelli introduced its Nova and SuperNova models in 2009. The main differences between the Nova and SuperNova are in the stock and the trigger guard. But at eight pounds it was heavy and with a 28” barrel it was going to be the longest gun in my safe. This is because shotguns don’t have a rear sight on the rib – the rear sight on a shotgun is your eye. The Nova and SuperNova are both very popular, and even though it is semi-automatic shotguns which made Benelli into what it is today, the company manages to display just as much innovation and creativity when it approaches the matter of pump-action shotguns. I want to know how much benefit I’m getting back from the money I’m investing. I hope this Benelli SuperNova review gave you some insight into why this gun is a great option for such a wide variety of people. Anyone looking for shotgun value should consider Tri-Star viper semi autos . They handle great, and their recoil management is also pretty much the same. However, it did fall out and I lost it during a hunting trip. The advantage Benelli SuperNova Tactical has over other shotguns would be corrosion resistance due to the polymer coating and stainless undercarriage.

That took all of about 12 seconds. Not at all. Remington’s 870 Express Magnum can take 3.5-inch shells but the stock can’t be adjusted unless you purchase a separate stock.

Installing a quality recoil pad on the back of the stock can reduce recoil by up to 70%. I purchased a skeet choke separately. Despite the M 12s reputation of being the best pump ever made he said the 870s held up in the harsh environment much better.

Hi David. Being able to shoot your shotgun with gloves on in cold weather is huge. Very nice light gun that seems to fit well.

When I was a kid we were still getting paper hulled shells. Swoon! Overall Length: 49.5”

Just when people thought that there isn’t too much room for improvement on the classic pump-action shotgun, along came Benelli and mixed it all up again.

With the SuperNova gone are the days of spending money on a gunsmith to have them do some quirky adjustment to your new gun so you can see down the barrel properly. The difference between my previous two shotguns and the SuperNova was quite apparent. The nova was my first shotgun i got it for my 14th bday.

Safety and cast can be switched for left-handed shooters and there are shim kits that allow you to make further adjustments to drop and cast. The assembly instructions were clear and simple: Unscrew the magazine cap, slide the barrel onto the receiver, screw the magazine cap back on. My first shotgun I owned rusted easily and the second had parts vibrate off while shooting. The option to use a full choke with 3.5-inch shells makes for a deadly turkey gun.

The instant you open the Super Nova’s red and white box you’re fully aware this matte black pumper means business. . The main difference is the SuperNova’s ComforTech stock. It is a relatively inexpensive mod which can save you some money and frustrations in the long run.

A pistol grip leads into the action of the gun with a metal feed ramp and a left-sided ejecti… Nice to see a new writer in the house. Have you tried the Mossley 500? ), Most expensive Nova (tactical H2O) – $669, Most expensive SuperNova (12 gauge, rifled slug) – $929, Urbino, by Mesa Tactical, features a pistol grip, limb saver, cheek riser, and several sling mounting options.

Not only can the SuperNova handle a wide variety of ammunition but it also comes with three choke tubes: improved cylinder, modified, and full choke. My first gun was a double have owned mostly doubles with a few autos. 8 pounds could be a tad on the heavy side for a modern single-barrel shotgun for upland hunting. It still works just as good as the day I bought it. The SuperNova’s safety is perfect for that because it’s located at the front of the trigger guard, so all you have to do is depress the button and slide your index finger back to the trigger in one smooth motion, same as with my autoloader.

Hunting • Woodsmanship • Self-Reliance • Wildlife Habitat • Sustainability. You can find their contact information. That being said, they do make one for the Nova.

When I shouldered the SuperNova it felt pretty close to what I’m used to. Browning’s BPS can only handle 3-inch shells unless you buy a turkey model 12 GA or a 10 GA and the stock can’t be shimmed… and the list goes on.

But as I sat there waiting … and waiting … and waiting for the doves to come, I realized my hand was straining.

Disassembly and cleaning has been a real sore spot for me. I found myself disappointed. Installing the recoil pad did take me a little time to figure out, once I figured it out it fit perfectly even for my synthetic model. I want to know how much benefit I’m getting back from the money I’m investing. Limbsaver doesn’t specifically say that they make a recoil pad for the SuperNova. I went into the hunt with some trepidation, wondering how many doves I’d miss because I’d forget to cycle rounds after each shot.

Below is a list of the topics and subtopics this post will cover: When purchasing a new shotgun price is the first thing I look at. OK wow. Nova and SuperNova are strong and very durable, able to withstand even extremely harsh conditions of environment and weather.

Yeah, I teach, and RTFM (Read The Freakin’ Manual) is Rule No. It’s been able to handle everything I’ve thrown at it. Not all of them, but enough.

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