The three most common are a cross of OG Kush, Granddaddy Purps and Cherry Pie; a mix of Bubba Kush, GDP and LA Confidential; and a cross of XXX OG and Alpha OG. While smoking, you'll want to grab a glass of something hydrating to keep the experience delightful. OG Kush is likely a descendant of the Chemdawg strain. Your email address will not be published. The Fruity Pebbles strain is an excellent choice for the beginner and expert alike. If you are an avid marijuana user or want to make money growing weed, now’s the time to get started since many states are beginning to legalize cannabis. One of the special joys of cannabis is discovering which specific strains your endocannabinoid system prefers.

This uplifting, energetic sativa is named after the port city in South Africa where it’s originally from.

If you’re looking for a potent high, White Widow is the strain for you! Named after NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, this strain mimics his explosive playing style. Want to push your euphoria, arousal, focus, giggliness, and happiness off the charts? Dutch Cheese is a little bit of a mystery in the cannabis community. Try Savant’s Grail. It has the same earthy with subtle citrus notes that give off a refreshing hint of pine and lemon. True to its name, the first thing you’ll probably notice about this unique bud is that it is smaller and darker than most, and has a visibly reddish tone. It is social smoke marijuana, and you will get a very fun odor from it. when they contemplate how no one will ever be able to smoke every single strain of wonderful weed in the universe. Just take things slow; the hit takes a while to completely show itself, so you may end up a lot more stoned than you intended. Sorry, that comparison is mandatory in the, . Indoors it can yield up to 550g/m2 and has THC levels from 15-20%! The effects can last for as long as five hours after use. It’s a hybrid that leans slightly Sativa according to some experts, although others claim it’s slightly Indica. Dibs on the name, by the way! The flavor of this strain is reminiscent of the best OG Kush has to offer. In fact, it might give you a craving for a cheese platter. to bring you the ultimate list of our 53 favorite mouth-watering strains of marijuana. It’s in high demand not just for its powerful, euphoric high, but also for its social status. This sativa creates a sharp, electric, energetic mental buzz that is so invigorating that Snoop Dogg named it Green Crack. Legend has it that this strain got its name from the vivid red hairs that adorn the mature buds and give them a dragon-like appearance. This is why selecting the 53 best weed strains is an undeniably fun task. This strain creates blissful, clear-headed and creative effects. This sativa is named after the legendary legalization activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. It offers very pungent, earthy diesel flavors and results in a relaxed, euphoric high with tinges of creativity floating on the periphery. By night, I roll fat joints and do my best to debrief Weed News readers on the latest cannabis happenings. If you want a strain with a strong flavor, choose a strain with a good terpene profile.

Big Bud is easy to grow in any medium, although experts suggest a hydroponic set up for the biggest yields! Your email address will not be published. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Add in Bogart’s high THC content, and you’ve got a hybrid strain that is particularly useful for patients suffering from PTSD, nausea, stress, and chronic pain.

Final Thoughts Best Indoor Strain For Yield, Top 10 Early Finishing Outdoor Strains 2020, 16 Best Low Odor Strains For Growing Cannabis Discreetly, Top Cannabis & Marijuana Affiliate Programs, Mood-Boosting, Relaxing, Creativity-Boosting, Pain Relief, Stress Relieving, Relaxing, Increased Sociability, Euphoric, Relaxed, Mood-Boosting, Sleep-Inducing. But like many of the strains on this list, Chemdawg should be approached with the caution it deserves.

TOP 5 EARLY-FINISHING CANNABIS STRAINS TO GROW OUTDOORS IN 2020. She's a strong one indeed, even for the most seasoned veteran, which is why she remains an all-time favorite amongst cannabis enthusiasts around the globe. The strain produces a pleasant and manageable high that is ideal for daytime use. The buds have a trademark OG Kush stickiness as well. IHF CBD weed strains include a Chemdawg variant with CBD levels of 17.3% – a far cry from the typical high-THC Chemdawg plants cited in the post above. So they consider Critical Kush (bred from OG Kush and Critical Mass) and Bubble Kush (bred from OG Kush and Bubble Gum) to be OG strains – even though they don’t have “OG” in their names. Known for great yields (600g/m2) and soothing effects, this strain boasts a very respectable 16% THC level. KushBerry is said to provide a spark of creativity, combat insomnia, and relieve pain and stress.

This world-wide known Dutch coffee shop favorite will quickly intoxicate you with energetic euphoria, entangling you in webs of conversation and creativity. THC levels top out at 15-20% so it can kick you where it counts in no time flat and take you deep inside your head (for good or bad) on a very cerebral trip. As is the case with nearly all OG Kush cannabis strains, the indica genetics cause these plants to be bushy. OG Kush. On the other hand, the yields are lighter when growing OG Kush Autoflowering outdoors, meaning you won't obtain as much dry flower as an indoor plant. Its medicinal properties make it ideal for treating a host of mental and physical illnesses. Alien Abduction combines a righteous head buzz with a “Why is my head so heavy?” body high. Here’s our list of the best weed strains in 2020, followed by an in-depth buyers guide of what to look for when purchasing weed strains. This Hybrid is great for anxiety and depression, and will relax your body without couch-lock! Remember – by spending some time selecting carefully for genetics and growing characteristics, you can ensure the greatest returns from your efforts and really take advantage of some of these highest yielding strains when growing indoors. That makes Dutch Cheese one bastard of a strain. Bubble Kush is yet another relaxing OG Kush strain, except this one will put you out, no doubt. Why not get creative and call it Green Gorilla? The strain is an excellent option for experienced growers since it contains THC levels up to 25%. Unless you grow OG Kush autoflowers, it’s not a strain for first-time growers, because it’s prone to powdery mildew and disease. True Strawberry Kush is only available from plant clones, which are just as easy as growing from seed. Only choose a strain that you know you’ll enjoy and one that you’re sure to sell. The scent is earthy with sour notes. It’s crucial to know the difference between Sativa and Indica strains. Blue Ice OG is another Indica-dominant hybrid, but with moderate THC levels, the body high isn’t overpowering. If you’re an outdoor grower or a beginner, this is an excellent strain for you. Warm, dry climates are perfect for Skywalker OG. Because of its parentage—Green Crack, OG Kush, and Blue Dream—this lemon-scented strain offers both relaxing and uplifting effects. It’s a hybrid that leans slightly Sativa according to some experts, although others claim it’s slightly Indica. Never judge a strain by its name alone! Yoda OG is one of the best-matched marijuana strains for a quality couch lock session. The main difference is its low amounts of THC and high levels of CBD. Because of its difficulty to grow, it is better for experienced growers. This is an outstanding strain for patients, as it eases stress and depression, provides noticeable relief for chronic pain patients, and has strong anti-inflammatory properties. The nice balance of indica and sativa effects mean that you’ll experience a wonderful elevation in mood along with relief from stress and pain. GDP is a highly physically and mentally relaxing, euphoric, indica lover’s dream well known for its deep shades of purple and white, snow-like trichome resin. As with most urban legends, there will probably never be definitive proof of where the “OG” came from (although the belief that “OG” stands for organic is definitely not true). This strain grows best in hot, tropical climates and flowers in as little as eight weeks. Forget about the euphoria and relaxation it creates. As for the aroma, it has a berry scent. However, these five are definitely at the top of any OG strain list. As the name suggests, Acapulco Gold originated in and around Acapulco, Mexico, although it’s becoming more and more difficult to find as grow operations move indoors. With indoor yields up to 600g/m2 and THC levels of up to 25%, it’s an excellent choice for high-yield indoor growing!

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