Nat and Joan's wedding comes to a halt when she goes into labor. Joey returns to the beach apartment. Steve makes an angry anti-drug speech after someone leaves a bong at a shrine to Dick. Kelly extends an olive branch to Valerie after learning from Steve over her condition, but Valerie must keep the fact that she really isn't pregnant under wraps at any cost. Meanwhile, Valerie's mother, Abby, whom she can't stand, arrives in town from Buffalo for a visit and asks her for financial support. Driscoll suggests that Valerie sell her shares in the club so that she has more money available for investment. She confesses to Brandon that she was never pregnant, and insists that she cannot live up to his moral expectations. He also claims that Brandon let Steve cheat off his quizzes in freshman sociology. Lisa Rinna reveals the recipe for her favorite smoothie while Eden is suspicious about Kim Richards' sobriety. Elsewhere, Steve and Clare try to keep their parents from dating during an excursion to San Diego, as they are afraid of being left behind. Also, Steve's annoying stepbrothers, Ryan and Austin, return and learn another hard lesson in finding girls. Mel withdraws David's financial support after learning from Donna that he's dropped out of college to concentrate on his film making career. Meanwhile, Steve and Clare find themselves playing holiday matchmakers to his mother and her father during a Christmas faculty party. 7. The season concluded on May 21, 1997 after 32 episodes. Also Valerie starts a casual romance with Kenny, who is married but supposedly separated.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Arnold immediately hits it off with Samantha at his Christmas party, making both Steve and Clare uncomfortable. He is hurt to learn that it won't receive a nationwide release, and decides to quit acting and move back to Indiana. Meanwhile, Kelly finally asks Mark to spend the night with her.

Tensions between Dorit and Erika continue to rock the boat. Touched by Joan and Nat's romance, she decides to be more receptive to the idea of marriage.

Rob irritates his manager by seeking Val's advice about whether to sign on for a new movie. and Mrs. Martin's old pictures and letters. In Beverly Hills, the relationship between Steve's mother and Clare's father becomes strained during a TV historical awards dinner, when Steve's self-obsessed mother once again lets success go to her head, which also strains the relationship between him and Clare. David and Tom confront Slan, who claims that he was trying to warn Donna about her stalker. Clare sends flowers to Steve during the concert and apologizes. Valerie offers him a job managing the club, despite David's objections. When Dorit's efforts to defend herself fall on deaf ears, her husband PK joins the fray. Also, David tries to get on the good side of Donna's conservative and domineering mother, Felice, who offends everyone again.

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