One of the hardest jobs in a church these days is that of youth minister. How have people used the Bible throughout history? Is my friend or family member going to Hell because they don’t believe in Jesus?

One of the Fruit of the Spirit is love, did you know love is a gift from God? ), Getting ready for college (senior high youth), Getting ready for High School (middle/junior high youth). What are Proverbs and how can you use them? All Rights Reserved.

The following is a list of ideas that might be helpful for specific times of the year that lend themselves closely to sharing Christian teaching and theology.

If you want to receive our youth ministry resources subscribe to our youth ministry email list and you will always receive the latest and freshest content right to your email. Number 16 What was the purpose of feasts for the people of the Old Testament? Examination of individual disciples’ background.

What if do if you or a friend is in an abusive relationship?

You can prepare for debate, youth seminar on Church and debate essay by using these topics easily. What is the Kingdom of Heaven? Genesis: the beginning of humans and the function of allegory in the Bible.

Importance of reading the Bible in context of surrounding passages.

The Jewish relationship with the Torah and Old Testament. By what method did God create the universe? In addition to traditional methods of using scriptures in history and linguistics, the Bible has other techniques of influence, from archaeology and social research to psychology and literary studies. For more details, Sermons and lessons about the health of your youth group are a great way to foster a welcoming and loving environment for your teens and address issues before they become a problem.

The Gospels – General Topics – Youth Sermons, Parables about God’s judgment and justice. What to do if you don’t understand something in the Bible? Relationship sermons and lessons are another good way to address regular student issues, while simultaneously improving the health and culture of your youth group. . Modern interpretations of the Bible. Our service is interested in extracting new knowledge both from canonical religious texts and other forms of religions rejected by mainstream movements.

Lying – why is it important to be honest. Check out these small group questions for youth group that will get your students really talking. The display and interpretation of human creatures. Why did Jesus have to become a human being?

What does God do/think if you mess up and sin?

Sermons and lessons on these issues are a great way to help students think about current issues and expand their thinking beyond their own personal experience. Notice on Your teenagers have probably already encountered challenging questions about the faith. such as term papers, research papers, thesis papers, essays, dissertations and other Tough questions are a way to build faith, and sermons and lessons focused on apologetic questions show that you’re open to discussion and critical thought.

Does the Bible condemn intersex members related to the church? What to do if you have a family member that is in trouble?

Write something about yourself. An outlook of time in the Old Testament: metaphorical and literal. Teaching youth to find their own expression and practice of faith will enable them to take ownership of their beliefs and create stability in their relationship with God. What to think if you’re the only person in your family who is a Christian. No need to be fancy, just an overview. How is Jesus both fully human and fully God?

A night praying for people who are homeless, without loved ones, or down on their luck.

What is the Bible and what is it’s significance? , Discuss the Incarnation and God’s grace in becoming human. How was Jesus both fully human and fully God?

Have an event where the youth can share all of the things they are thankful for and hold a big youth group family dinner. What is an epistle and how were they written? Ways marriage is viewed in the Old Testament.

Alexis has a Master's degree from Denver Seminary and a Bachelor's degree from Colorado Christian University.

Do you go directly to heaven when you die? The Bible is the foundation of most of our understanding of faith, and helping youth grow in their understanding of the Bible is a way to equip them for a lifetime in faith. Get the free Youth Group Planning Cheat Sheet and Stop All of your planning problems!

Analysis of the Holy Trinity in the Bible.

Impersonating someone else online is an identity issue, and the “catfish” are often people who are very insecure in their identities and don’t value their worth. ), Illegal drug use (self-care, depression, etc. What is the true definition of love shown in 1 Corinthians 13?

There are many ways you can approach holidays, and we encourage you to examine the meaning of these particular seasons for your group and think about how you can best minister to them through seasonal ministry. (a lesson on time management and goals), New beginnings, how to make this the best school year.

Thinking about yourself as part of the Body of Christ, Lessons on bodily Resurrection and Rapture, Lessons from the Heroes of Faith (Hebrews 11).

How did Dante use the love he had for Beatrice in his personal life and shape a character in his comedy? Top 10 Essay Topics About Modern Culture And Youth. What purpose does the Bible serve in our theology? The role of the Roman Empire in the Bible’s crafting.

Are prophecies in the Bible for the future or have they already been fulfilled? How should we think about the Old Testament as Christians today? Bible Speech Topics for Youth. Story of God’s Covenants with Noah, Abraham, Moses and David. What is the book of Revelation and how should we understand it? Lesser prophets in the Old Testament. Our suggestions for essay writing topics from the Bible may help you to write unique academic works without effort. Salvation/Evangelistic/Making Commitment To Jesus Youth Sermons, What to think if you think you’ve already made a commitment to Jesus but you aren’t sure. Do you really need Christian community to be a believer? Helping youth understand the basic background, theology, and concepts in the Gospels will create a basis for better understanding Jesus’ ministry and teaching.

We hope this list helps spur your thoughts and we’d love to hear about any great youth sermons or ideas that you are able to piece together from ideas on this list! Get closer to achieving an A-level assignment – buy persuasive essay from us! We write the best essays about modern culture and youth . Comparison of the Sophocles play ‘Oedipus Rex’ with the story of Job written in the Bible. Should you feel different inside when you’re saved? Creating a safe environment in your youth ministry is a way to handle those questions in an appropriate place and build up faith.

What is a prophecy in the Bible and how should you think about it?

It can also be a good way to deal with any crisis situations that have occurred unexpectedly within your group.

How do we know there is only one God and not others. Many of these topics synthesize broad and core elements of our faith. Biblical translations and its contradiction with scientific doctrines.

Most of the topics you can use include religion, biblical books, times and situations, right and wrong, etc. What is a good friend? Exploration of gender roles in the Bible. Old Testament – General Topics – Youth Sermons. Why is God so “mean” in the Old Testament? custom writing services inclusive of research material, for assistance purposes only. What to think if most of your friends are not Christian. How has the use of the Bible spread throughout the world?

In many ways, teenage life is defined by their relationships with other people. A look into the spiritual discipline of fasting or the Fruit of the Spirit self-control. Summary/Quick Survey of the Old Testament events. All youth groups have issues that need managed and addressed from time to time. Few teenagers have an organized life of discipleship, and that’s why it is important to help them understand the rhythms and routines of Christian faith. Wrap up the lesson with some small group questions that focus on exploring false identity and social media use, the reasons behind it, how God wants us to think about our identity, and how we should respond to people who use fake identities online. Old Testament – Specific Bible Story Ideas – Youth Sermons.

We’ve been there!

A historical analysis of Jesus Christ’s personality.

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, The flood in the Old Testament: a geographical analysis.

Choosing individual topics about self-issues for sermons and lessons is great way to engage youth personally and get them to think about the everyday decisions that they make. See what we mean? Why not show love every day, not just on February 14th?

Coming up with ideas for youth sermons can be tough!

Civil rights and the Bible: speeches of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. (The quality of your relationships).

What is a Bible translation, what is a good one for me, and what are the differences between them? What are you going to do after high school?

Have Christians done terrible things throughout history? What happened between the Old Testament and the New Testament? The church’s obligations to the community, Lessons on church membership (or why your church doesn’t have membership), Qualifications for being a church leader (use your church’s theology/doctrine/rules in shaping your lesson).

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