We are the U.S. Buckshot Velocity It’s been the gold standard for law enforcement for many decades. Remember too that whichever one of these techniques you decide to embrace — birdshot or buck —what my friend or your friend says is just that: what he or she says. If you’re watching this because you just want an easy recommendation for buckshot to put in your home defense gun, I’ll save you the trouble of sitting through the whole thing.

#4 will have around 21 to 28 pellets. (Some Magnum loads contain 12-15 balls—with harrowing recoil.) An editor and friend at a former publication continues to recommend birdshot as an effective home-defense shotgun load. Think in terms of a potential lane of fire, not just the size of a single room.

#1 buck usually has 12 to 16 pellets. Just be aware that certain semi-auto shotguns don’t cycle reliably with low recoil loads. Occasionally you’ll see a 12-pellet load. Available 6am-11pm CST. Most shells designed for self-defense are star crimped to maximize your capacity. The nine pellets in this load with a similar barrel and choke give us a spread of approximately 6 inches at 25 feet — wide enough to easily miss a … Pace off that distance and add a couple of yards just to be on the safe side and use that as your maximum distance. So what kind of pattern do we actually want? I’m employed by LuckyGunner.com to provide information that is useful (or at the very least, entertaining) for our customers and potential customers. Now, not everyone agrees with this approach to shotgun ammo selection.

You can only use the 3 and 3½-inch shells if your barrel explicitly says it’s chambered for them. Do you believe that the birdshot you use for grouse or pheasant might be sufficient to stop an intruder? To that end, I have received roughly 700 hours of professional firearms training over the past several years. We are accountable morally, ethically, and legally for every projectile that leaves that barrel. A similar load of lead shot may have about 280. The 2¾-inch shells are standard. This is going to be a pretty deep dive because buckshot is a surprisingly complex topic. My friend suggests that few criminals are hardened convicts or former military operatives who could take a hit from a flock of #7s and still want to fight. Just get a few boxes of 12 gauge Federal FliteControl 8-pellet #00 buckshot. We're the best resource to help responsible Americans keep their loved ones safe. Now do me a favor and go buy it from LuckyGunner.com because my kid is gonna need braces soon. And that brings us to the number two thing you should know about buckshot: You have to pattern your buckshot. Fired from a standard barrel with improved cylinder choke, the spread will be about 18 inches at 25 feet, enough to blanket the center of a standard home hallway. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Winners List, Five Important ‘S’ Words Women Need to Consider for Their Next Holster, Ask Ed: Concealed Carry FAQs — October 2020. I don’t usually do this, but there’s a question that comes up fairly often and it’s a valid one. He looks like he might even be a vegetarian. I’ve got three main points to cover today and I’ll do three more in part 2. For self-defense loads, that window is typically between about 1100 and 1600 feet per second out of the manufacturer’s test barrel. He argues that if even a few of the 525 steel pellets hit home, the usual neighborhood punk will run home to momma. So how much velocity do you need for self-defense? © 2009-2020 LuckyGunner, LLC. When you understand the problems that may be encountered, the number of buckshot balls in a load of choice may have a bearing on your tactics: #00 buckshot throws eight or nine balls. He’s out of the fight. That might be useful for larger animals or for extending your range, but for the average person, that’s not really necessary for personal protection in and around the home. About 100 hours of that has been shotgun-specific training including classes with Rob Haught, Darryl Bolke, Randy Cain, Tim Chandler, Ashton Ray, and the Rangemaster Shotgun Instructor Course with Tom Givens.

Legal Disclaimer. Even then, they are just on the very edge of adequate penetration, at least anecdotally speaking. I was recently in the market to purchase a new scope for my rifle. There are a ton of options out there and more than any other type of firearm, ammo selection for shotguns is critical for making sure that gun does what we want it to do. Most of the #4 loads are more like 1300 or 1400 feet per second. That means for some shotguns, you won’t be able to fit as many shells in the mag tube if they’re roll crimped. The first thing you should know about buckshot is that there are a lot of different types and they are not all created equal. And every barrel is a little different, so you have to pattern it in your specific gun. If it’s roll crimped like this, it’ll be more like 2½ inches. © Copyright 2020O.F. Nothing will be more important than whether you have a firearm accessible and ready to use should you ever need one, and neither birds nor bucks would argue that point. Even at just 10 yards, they’ll have half their pellets on the target. Watch the video below to get all the details, or just scroll down to read the full transcript and learn about buckshot sizes, patterning and more. Read our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we use cookies. Ammo makers also have a variety of different methods of trying to control the spread of the pattern, and that’s something we’ll come back to in part 2. At close range, inside a home with nothing in between the gun and the threat, it’s probably fine. I wanted to revisit the topic and fill in some of the details I left out before. The students with tighter patterning buckshot might have some pellets hit where they didn’t quite intend, but the whole pattern will be on the target. Discover your rights and responsibilities as a gun owner. What’s the Maximum Effective Range of Buckshot? Follow Lucky Gunner Lounge from your Inbox! Momma will take him to the hospital (despite what you see on television, few veterinarians treat gunshot wounds, even for a bag of cash), and the hospital will inform the sheriff. When it’s unfired, it will actually be closer to 2¼ inches if it’s got a star crimp. (This load — or certainly a gun loaded with slugs — inside the house is problematic because, as videos on YouTube demonstrate, the shot will penetrate three to four walls of the house.) After all, he says, you want to drive an intruder away, not kill him. So, if it’s moving at the same velocity as the #1, it’s probably going to under-penetrate. © 2003-2020 Delta Defense, LLC. This time, we have loaded our shotshell with #00 (double-ought) lead buckshot rated at 1,325-feet-per-second muzzle velocity. It’s context-dependent. Consider the 2.75-inch 12-gauge quail round (12-gauge being the most common shotgun bore size): Fiocchi steel #7 with a muzzle velocity of 1,200 feet per second. Doves, geese and for today’s purposes, early-season teal, means getting…, Maverick Hunter™ Over/Under Recall Notice », The Nuts and Bolts of Rifle Scopes: How to Choose the Right Scope. You have to know how your buckshot behaves. More small pellets will fit into a shell than large pellets. But I hope you’ll consider the fact that I probably didn’t just make it up. .380 ACP is all the rage these days for pocket semi-autos, but the humble .32 ACP still has its fair... More Stuff You Should Know About Buckshot [Part 2]. Well be referring back to principles like buckshot size and patterning as we explore shotgun shells further next time. If you push those same #00 pellets 33% faster at 1600 feet per second, you’re probably going to end up with over-penetration. Neither I nor my friend can make decisions for you; we can only offer opinions backed up by demonstrations and examples. Terms of Use | Uncover the Backstory Free Book. Watch Jeremy Stafford explain the difference in impact between slugs, birdshot, and buckshot while he dispels common myths about each and highlights the best option for home defense. The most popular size by far is #00 buck, especially for self-defense.

After you pull the trigger with birdshot, you may be able to relax and let the law enforcement community deal with the intruder. All representatives employed by Delta Defense, LLC. The largest I’ve heard of is #0000 buckshot but #000 is the largest common size. Read the new book that reveals the little-known history of the US Concealed Carry Association. Buckshot varies in terms of the length of the shell itself and the number, size, and velocity of the pellets in that shell. Okay, if you’re still with me, I’m assuming that means you want to know more about the “why” behind that choice. Or for that matter, why not an AR or some other carbine?”.

The smallest buckshot is #4 buck, not to be confused with #4 shot, which is birdshot. With that out of the way, let’s start with the non-controversial stuff. Reproduction without permission prohibited. At roughly 1100 to 1200 feet per second, #00 will penetrate 18 to 20 inches in ballistic gel, which is more than enough. For one thing, the terminal ballistics are better when the pellets all impact the same general area at once. But I believe strongly in an evidence-based approach to studying these issues.

I recognize there is going to be room for disagreement with some of the ideas I’m about to bring up.

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