Credit not allowed for both BMED 6730 and MSE 6730. Robotics Professional Preparation 3. 1-21 Credit Hours. BMED 3410. Special Topics. Crosslisted with CHE and ME 6782. Teams or individuals apply the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the MS program to a faculty supervised robotics project. 3 Credit Hours. 5 Credit Hours. BMED 6509. 1-21 Credit Hours. Special Topics. BMED 7101. Medical Robotics. Each certificate requires 12 credit hours of approved courses from that certificate’s list, at least 9 of which must be at the 3000 level or higher. A hands-on lab providing an active learning team environment to reinforce selected engineering principles of physiology, emphasizing a quantitative model-oriented approach to physiological systems. BMED 1802. Biomedical engineering problems from industrial and clinical applications are addressed and solved in small groups using problem-based learning methods. Biochemical Systems Analysis. 3 Credit Hours. This lab provides an active learning team environment, incorporating common cell/molecular biology techniques, to reinforce selected engineering principles in an in vitro cell culture setting. Analytical Methods for Biomedical Engineering. A hands-on lab providing an active learning team environment to reinforce selected engineering principles of physiology, emphasizing a quantitative model-oriented approach to physiological systems. Credit not allowed for both BMED 4781 and (CHE 4781 or ME 4781 or CHBE 4781 or ECE 4781). Approved courses are listed below by certificate title. 1-12 Credit Hours. Pertinent physiological and electro-physiological concepts will be covered. 3 Credit Hours. BMED 4813. Quantitative Engineering Physiology Laboratory BMED 4400. BMED 4893. Biomedical Instrumentation. Special Topics. The Art of Telling Your Story. Engineering Electrophysiology. Undergraduate Research Assistantship.

Courses in special topics of current interest not included in the regular course offerings. Note: BMED 3110 and 3610 are the corresponding lab courses that are also required in order to satisfy the full year of biology with lab requirement. 1-21 Credit Hours. Robotics Capstone Project. Biofluid Mechanics.

Product Planning and Project Management. 3 Credit Hours.

3 Credit Hours. School of Biological Sciences Introduces machine learning concepts and methods, including supervised and unsupervised learning, dimension reduction and visualization. 3 Credit Hours. Quantitative Engineering Physiology Laboratory II.

Prerequisites:  PHYS 2211, BMED 4863:  Healthreach.

4 Credit Hours. BMED 8833.

Addresses structure-property relationship of cellular components. Emphasis is placed on developing well-posed scientific hypotheses through the use of simulations. 3 Credit Hours. Crosslisted with AE, CHE, ECE, ME, and MSE 1750. BMED 4811. Senior Design Project I. BMED 6711. BMED 7012. 3 Credit Hours. Credit will not be awareded for both BMED 2310 and BMED 2300. Special Topics. The course will provide an introduction to selected topics needed to be successful in the technology industries. © Copyright 2020 , Koofers, Inc. All rights reserved.

BMED 4804. Special Topics. Advanced topics of biomaterials performance and engineering, including biointerfaces, host reactions to materials, and bio-inspired/smart-materials strategies.

Preparation for a professional career in Robotics. Crosslisted with CHE, ECE, and ME 6793. Introductory Neuroscience. 3 Credit Hours. 1-21 Credit Hours. BMED 1XXX. Public speaking practice and preparation. 3 Credit Hours. BMED 1804. 2 Credit Hours.

Historical grade point average (GPA) for professors and courses offered at the Georgia Institute of Technology Undergraduate Research. Bioengineering Elective.

Special Topics. 3 Credit Hours. Stem Cell Engineering. Pertinent physiological and electro-physiological concepts will be covered. BMED 4740. Credit not allowed for both BMED 4603 and BMED 4600 (or BMED 4601). BMED 3110.

Multidisciplinary research course supervised by two robotics faculty from different schools participating in the robotics Ph.D. program.

BMED 4751. Doctoral Thesis. BMED 1814. BMED 4900. Professor:  Jia. Applications. BMED 4803. BMED 1815. BMED 3802. BMED 6779.

Certificates are available in the following areas of concentration: Check the Georgia Tech course catalog to confirm credit hours and pre-requisites. Continuation of a team-oriented design experience initiated in BMED 4602 Capstone Design. BMED 2400.

BMED 3110 - Quant Engr Physio Lab I class wall and course overview (exams, quizzes, flashcards, and videos) at Georgia Tech (GT) Individualized studies in certain specialized areas of interest in biomedical engineering. Biomedical Systems and Modeling.

3 Credit Hours. 1-21 Credit Hours. 3 Credit Hours. Crosslisted with ECE 4784. This interdisciplinary course focuses on a fundamental understanding of robot kinematics and dynamics as well as the design, development, and evaluation of a medical robotic system. BMED 6041.

Special Topics. 3 Credit Hours.

BMED 6700. Structure-function relationships and constitutive models for a variety of biological tissues, with an emphasis on understanding the mechanical behaviors of normal and pathological tissues.

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