Ces tierces parties peuvent définir les propres cookies, par exemple pour suivre l'activité des utilisateurs ou pour personnaliser et optimiser leurs offres. Looking towards camera with orange eyes.

american,angora,animal,appearance,breed,british,cat,character,chartreux,chocolate,claw,collection,cornish,cute,design,domestic,exotic,feline,fold,forest,fur,habits,icon,illustration,isolated,kind,longhair,mammal,mono,outline,nebelung,norwegian,persian,pet,peterbald,purr,rex,savannah,scottish,semi,set,shorthair,siamese,sign,sphynx,symbol,temperamental,turkish,vector,wool,york Vector Vectors , https://www.alamy.com/americanangoraanimalappearancebreedbritishcatcharacterchartreuxchocolateclawcollectioncornishcutedesigndomesticexoticfelinefoldforestfurhabitsiconillustrationisolatedkindlonghairmammalmonooutlinenebelungnorwegianpersianpetpeterbaldpurrrexsavannahscottishsemisetshorthairsiamesesignsphynxsymboltemperamentalturkishvectorwoolyork-vector-vectors-image245736806.html, https://www.alamy.com/chocolate-british-shorthair-domestic-cat-male-image373410599.html, Breakfast in bed with dalgona-coffee, chocolate cookies and a lush fresh bouquet of purple lilac in a wicker basket, a grey sofa and a grey Shorthair, https://www.alamy.com/breakfast-in-bed-with-dalgona-coffee-chocolate-cookies-and-a-lush-fresh-bouquet-of-purple-lilac-in-a-wicker-basket-a-grey-sofa-and-a-grey-shorthair-image358586437.html, https://www.alamy.com/british-shorthair-kitten-chocolate-4-months-image243678054.html. © Mesannoncesfrance.fr ∙ À propos de nous ∙ Guide d'achat ∙ Politique de confidentialité ∙ Vos annonces ici. - Recto verso : mâle noir et blanc arlequin (photo1) - rosa sweet : femelle bleue... Bonjour, je recherche un chaton de race british shorthair ou birman ou ressemblant à l une de ces races. They are raised with love and affection.

€ 950 . Certains contenus de tiers ne seront affichés que si « Contenu de tiers » est activé. Il est issue d'une pure ligné de silver shaded.

It’s a charming colour, especially combined with the British Shorthair’s orange eyes. Please make sure you have printed and read this checklist fully.

il y a 26 jours. We will be happy to provide any advice and support that may be needed as you adjust to life with your new family member, Entre les deux teintes, il existe un nombre de variations tellement important que cette catégorie est celle qui réunit le plus de spécimens différents.


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