If you choose a rifle, then a .22 is the weapon of choice for many hunters. Remove the innards; imagine it’s a very small whitetail. Required fields are marked *. Speaking of patterns, choke selection is a common question for non-toxic loads.

However, a squirrel call can help you pull the squirrels out of their dens on a slow day.

As we sat, he came over, up our tree, and met another squirrel right in front of us. Is Southeastern Missouri the New Arkansas for Duck Hunters. Fully automatic weapons are prohibited for all hunting. Remember, squirrels love munching on acorns, beechnuts, and hickory nuts. Or hunt an open woodlot in the snow. The shotgun is easier, but it’s more likely to ruin your meat. How many squirrel hunters did I encounter in those 17 years? Expect your first squirrel hunting experience to be a great, yet, challenging when it’s all said and done.

You therefore, want to train your eye to identify motion rather than the creature itself. When/if an adult female coyote gives birth to an odd colored pup. Squirrel hunting is actually better with a partner and is perfect for taking along kids or new hunters. Rock Squirrels, with their long, bushy tails, look very much like tree squirrels, but seldom climb trees. A squirrel hunting field bag or belt is convenient as it holds everything you need for a successful hunt. Or a 3-year-old gobbler. Your email address will not be published. Where are they, and why don’t they squirrel hunt anymore? Or at least it should be. Spotting bushy tails on trees can be really challenging. Squirrel pot pie. I'm constantly checking out new gear to give me an advantage or to keep me more comfortable. Having a good quality pair of binoculars can help distinguish between a bump and squirrel. Here are some essential squirrel hunting tips to keep in mind before heading outdoors. doing some Army training a few summers ago; ALL of the squirrels up there were 100% black from head to toe, they were pretty cool to see. Got a few here in town where I live, used to see more but they are usually black/brown mix. If you were squirrel hunting as saw it, would you shoot it? Waiting requires great patience similar to deer or turkey hunting. I can’t say that I have ever seen one before, and I have gotten a lot of squirrels in my day. Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total), ©2018 The Iowa Sportsman. I've also seen all black squirrels in Iowa, mostly up in the NE corner of the state, and around Dubuque. If you fancy black squirrels then take a hunting trip down to Council Bluffs, there are millions of them there. In fact, you can do without camouflage even though it comes in handy to some extent. They slowly moved east and now at my Mom’s house about 30 miles away there isn’t hardly a fox squirrel to be found. Gray, black or fox squirrels (protected species) *Regulations and a set hunting season govern killing them, what can be used for that purpose and how many can be killed per day. Which is the best squirrel hunting gun?A. Newton was one of the city mentioned with a big population of them. There might have been more than one, I’m not sure but he was as black as coal from nose to tip of tail.

I’ll tell you why. The lightweight camouflage pants and olive drab t-shirts, all reeking of Deep Woods OFF? Later that afternoon the GF came home and didn’t shut the garage door tight and my dog ate it. Thank you for supporting this site. Unlike hunting on the ground, shooting at squirrels on trees means firing upwards. Go here for more Realtree small game hunting. n, last time I saw one was in town newton ……I was driving and couldn’t believe it.

However, do your best to avoid things that go “crack” when you step on them. You see a squirrel but it constantly circles the tree so you can’t get a shot. Try rubbing two quarters together – one using the ribbed edge and the other flat – to replicate the grinding sounds of husk cutting. During that time, I spent hundreds of hours chasing squirrels on any number of public hunting areas near our home. The wife and I were deer hunting in a new location yesterday. Site by Gray Loon.

Squirrel hunting is better with a partner. They could tell you not only which trees were which but also which trees produced the best mast. Wound’t mind going up that way on a hunting trip and bringing a few back to get mounted, I know kind-of lame to have a squirrel mount, but it’d be worth it to me.

My parents have a farm just outside of town and I bet every one out of three squirrels I see is a black one. The price you pay is not affected. There are lots of reasons why people, and yes, Yankees – those folk living north of the Mason-Dixon Line – perhaps in the majority, don’t squirrel hunt. I brought it him skinned it, and had it stretched.

One of the biggest advantages of squirrel hunting with a partner is when a squirrel is circling a tree.

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