Most of the people do not have known about this acid as it does not have many uses in our daily life. Due to it being extremely strong acid, it is categorized as “Super Acid”. Products are widely used in medicine, pesticides, plastics, cosmetics, spices fragrance, water treatment, environmental protection, electronic chemicals and other fields. Depending on the amount of SbF5, the acidity of this acid varies which is measured by Hammett acidity function. Only a professional lab technician can make use of it. The degree of the acid can be judged from the fact that it can easily consume plastic and glass. m-Carborane CAS:16986-24-6 is carborane derived from Decaborane (14) , which is white powder.

Popular Open Source Home Automation Systems to Control and Manage Home, Wagner Paint Sprayer Buying Guide & SprayTech Reviews, Sensory Deprivation – The Benefits of Perceptual Isolation. Well, the people who use it are really talented and courageous as it is deadly to make use of this type of superacid. How the Vehicle Integration Tools, Android Auto and Apple Car Play, Differ from Each Other?

Other name:  m-Dicarbadodecaborane; Carborane; 1,3-Dicarbadodecaboran. Get updated about Mind-blowing Posts once every month. Carborane acid is the chlorinated superacid H(CHB 11 Cl 11), which has the structure shown at right. For the following products supplier are listed below: 3-Acetamido-2-hydroxyaniline-5-sulfonic acid. Fluoroantimonic acid has a chemical formula as H2FSbF6 and it is the strongest known acid with a Hammett acidity function, H0 of -28. And according to single crystal X-ray crystallography, a couple of crystallized products are formed from HF – SbF5 mixture. Since Fluoroantimonic acid is the most corrosive and deadliest acid in the world. Well, one might wonder why fluoroantimonic acid was created when it is not easy to use for even experts. The carborane superacids may be considered the world's strongest solo acid, as fluoroantimonic acid is actually a mixture of hydrofluoric acid and antimony pentafluoride. We provide, Haihang Industry Co., Ltd.,is a leading producer and supplier of chemicals industry in china. Due to it being extremely strong acid, it is categorized as “Super Acid”. The superacid which is termed as the strongest and the deadliest acid on earth is one of the cursed compounds available in nature. Since there is very less number of application of Fluoroantimonic acid, so it is a thought-provoking question “why it was created by experts?”. Carborane has a pH value of -18. It is not possible to measure the H0 value of carborane acid since it has the high melting point.

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