In tropical waters, which have prevailing high temperatures, fish generally grow faster, mature younger, and have a shorter life span than fish in temperate waters. These are attached to surfaces by a small thread.

Melanotaenia trifasciata may reach a maximum size of 15 cm, but are usually less than 12 cm, with a body depth of 6-8 cm. Our free guide can help keep your tank clean and your fish healthy. The duration and timing of reproductive activity are thus two critical components for their continual survival. At a public aquarium exhibition, where they made their first public appearance, the cover glass was glued to the aquarium proper so that no one would be able to steal them. 184 pages and over 300 images. Another distinguishing feature of Rainbowfish is the fact that they lack a lateral line.Most species of Rainbowfish are schooling fish, a fact that is often overlooked by owners.

For details This email address is being protected from spambots. These fish have finally reached the general hobby. M. trifasciata exhibits a wide variation in colour and patterning depending on locality, and it’s very important that the different morphs are not mixed in the aquarium, as they will hybridise freely. An dieser Stelle möchte ich ganz besonders Patrick Meisenberg für seine aufopferungsvolle Unterstützung zur Erschaffung des Rainbowfishstable danken.

Rainbowfish are a family of beautifully colored freshwater fish. Males show the green/blue but females are much less colourful. Allen G.R. It drains a large portion of Central Queensland and empties into the sea at Rockhampton. Rainbows spawn by placing their eggs among fine-leaved plants. Very peaceful but can disturb smaller or slow-moving fish with its rapid movements and relatively large size. The male swims around the female with all his fins expanded, making repeated sideways motions or "nods" in the direction of the female. Consequently, specific names usually based on the locality where each is found are used by rainbowfish enthusiasts to identify each variety. Mein Fokus richtet sich nun auf die Optimierung , sprich qualitative Haltung und anspruchsvolle Zucht unserer geliebten Most spawn over a period of several days and partial water changes, coupled with early morning sunlight falling on the aquarium, will often act as a trigger. Click the pictures for a close look. ), waves of colour roll across the body like waves. Goyder Trifaciata - Strong pond raised fish, The beautiful Goyder trifaciata rainbow from Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia are one of the most beautiful of all the rainbows. When in full display mode, (Usually when the morning sun hits the aquarium. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery .