For commercial and domestic maintenance and servicing in Islington, north London, central London and all other London boroughs, call us today on 0207 561 8865 . In some cases, your manual may inform you that your filters must be replaced instead. The indoor unit is mounted on the wall whilst the accompanying outdoor unit is positioned on the outdoor side of the same wall or one near it. • Split air conditioning: Split air conditioning is another top type of commercial air conditioning. When was air conditioning invented? For air conditioning installation , repairs or servicing of split system, VRF or any other air conditioning across London, email us , or give us a call on: 0207 561 8865 . Every guest has their own interpretation of a comfortable room temperature so if guests do complain, ensure your staff are trained to make the necessary adjustments quickly. Ensure all outdoor equipment is kept well away from the unit to prevent issues related to restricted airflow such as overheating. During winter, the unit can be covered to keep it protected whilst not in use. Both coils are at risk of getting blocked from a build up of dirt and debris. With financial support available if you need it, you can have a top Mitsubishi, M-Series wall mounted air conditioning system installed in your home. If your guests are forced to sleep in a room that is too warm or too cool they will neither enjoy their stay or get a good night’s sleep.

You can make some simple checks on your outdoor condensing unit and prevent costly damage later. For more about split system installation or repair across Islington, north London, central London and all other London boroughs visit Trade Force Air Conditioning at: Dirty filters will stop the air flowing through the system and prevent your air conditioning from working properly. Central air conditioning can operate in two ways, either through a split system or a packaged unit. How do you maintain an air conditioning system and how often should you have your air conditioning serviced? Dirty filters will stop the air flowing through the system and prevent your air conditioning from working properly.

Give us a call today to discuss your needs on 0207 561 8865 . The best way to keep cool with air conditioning The ultimate solution to unbearably hot indoor temperatures in London? How to use ventilation to keep cool Keep the windows closed and use a ventilation system to keep your home or business cool, delivering much-needed with fresh, clean air whilst also reducing humidity levels. According to the, the hottest temperature ever recorded in the U.K. was 38.5 °C in 2003 in Faversham, Kent. Wall mounted air conditioning and split air conditioning are the same thing.

As part of our ongoing programme of investment and continuing our strong beliefs in giving back to the community and supporting the next generation, Tradeforce Air Conditioning are proud to have sponsored the Dagenham United, Under 9's Team. We have been delivering all types of air conditioning installation, repairs and servicing to homes and businesses across London for over 22 years. Alternatively pop reflective material outside the window. It may be hot outside but you still have to function. Clean the filters: The filters inside your air conditioning system are crucial to its performance. If the dirt is left to build up over time, it will fall deeper into other parts of the unit and cause greater damage. Handbook Let’s take a quick run through our essential air conditioning maintenance tips so you can ensure your air conditioning system is still in optimum condition when you need it most.

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