Here are the associated components necessary to install the turbocharger. Once the piston ring gaps have been checked and adjusted they can be fitted to the pistons, then the HKS piston/rod assemblies can be installed in the cylinder block.

The P-X650 Ball Bearing turbo kit is the newly revised and upgraded version of our long time Pro Kit. The crankshaft end float is also checked.

All returns will be subject to a 20% restocking fee minus complete shipping cost (roundtrip). The Honda FIT intake manifold, plenum and larger fuel injectors are not installed, accompanied by a Cusco strut brace. Standard disc on the left, Stoptech on the right. Sundays - Closed Home Turbos And Superchargers Supercharger Kits Honda Supercharger Kits CR-Z Parts CR-Z Supercharger Kits Supercharger Kits for Honda CR-Z At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Honda CR-Z supercharger kits to ensure that you have every supercharger kit option available to you. Whatever you need, we have it, and cheaper than the competition! It is all very well accelerating like an Aston Martin, but if you stop like a shopping trolley, you are going to be in trouble. When the crankshaft bearings clearances have been checked and adjusted, the main caps and stud girdle can be installed and torqued down. Even a replacement element alone can add a couple of horses, and you never have to replace it, so they quickly pay for themselves. With the engine now successfully running (and sounding absolutley great!) Here are more features that make Wavetrac® even better: The new Wavetrac® Differential brings current gear technology to the market. This kit offers more options, higher peak power potential, quicker spool up, and a more effective package all around for the high horsepower street/... GoAUTO R-X600 Ball Bearing Turbo Kit If you are looking for other performance systems, check out the HKS GT Honda CR-Z Supercharger Kit.Part Included: Comes with all the mechanical parts needed100% Bolt-On (drilling 4 holes required)Rated for 200+ horsepowerOnly adds about 20 lbs after all said and done (about 35 lbs added and 15lbs removed)Made in Japan, Kit Type: Bolt-on Turbo KitTurbo Type: TD04H-15GIntercooler: Type 31EActuator: P380Intake: GreddyWeight: ~35 lbs with all hardwareEngine Code: LEA-MF6Chassis Code: ZF1 / ZF2Additional Requirements: ECU TuneNote: English Translations for the Instructions Avaiable.

No fee will be incurred if used as store credit.For complete details on our return policy, please see our Help and FAQ link under HELPFUL INFO. If you are increasing your vehicles power, then you will inevitably put more stress on the clutch and transmission, which is when you require an uprated clutch. I'd like to thank Saku and KamiSpeed for all their help, I was skeptical at first but this was the best investment I could have made for the CR-Z. The crankshaft main bearing and rod bearing journal clearances are checked with Plastiguage to ensure that they are not too large or small, as too large will reduce the oil pressure, and too small may cause a seizure! Here is the unit removed from the engine block. Made to order 4+ weeks. We welded a stainless steel flange to the intake pipe. We branded this design as “Katana”. From featured customer cars to trackday and product reviews. SPEEDWORKS MALAYSIA … $2,879.99 USD, Availability: It is a 100% bolt-on kit for the LHD and RHD CRZ, with a wide range of power potential. Today we’ve completed the geometry calibration and suspension set-up for our stage 3 FRS upgrade which incorprorated the HKS coil-over suspension kit. Returns will NOT be accepted on final sales, special orders, opened, installed, incomplete, or otherwise used products. The next stage of development is to fully assemble the engine! where as the barrel roll pattern gives the best charge air mixing, which is great for detonation resistance at full throttle. $3,200.00 USD Modification of the engine is not required up to 200HP.(For high load driving such as circuit driving, it is recommended to upgrade the engine parts with HKS products.) The cylinder head combustion chamber design is quite unusual with widely separated exhaust ports and i-VTEC intake arrangement. Because of the delicate nature of the IMA unit, the whole assembly will be stored separately and away from metallic objects for the duration of the project build. Once we’ve biased the handling towards our goals and taken care of any negative traits, we then set about final testing the set-up which involves higher mileages and more extreme environments in order to bring any unwanted side effects to the foreground. The latest tuning products to hit our shelves. There are two types of the kit. So, to avoid these problems, the preload from ordinary spring packs must be reduced to a level that renders them ineffective at preventing loss of drive. The Wavetrac® truly is different – and its innovative features can make a real difference in your car’s performance. Quite understandably, there seems to a fair amount of confusion over chassis dynamics in general and specifically about geometry optimisation which is often refered to as “FRS” being an acronym for Fast Road Setting. The best method I find is to first start with a problem, or perhaps a list of problems before we start looking for any solutions. We settled on a custom built Garret GT turbine which features a ball bearing cartridge, with specific anti-surge ported shroud compressor housing, compressor wheel and turbine housing. The end result is this turbocharger exhaust manifold: Turbocharger exhaust manifold fitted to cylinder head. Speak to the drivers of the cars in question and look for common points of agreement as to the negative aspect of the cars handling 2. Internally, its gear tooth forms are optimized for strength and improved oil film retention over competitive designs. At or near zero axle-load, the axles (and therefore each side gear in the diff) start to turn at different speeds. Whether you are into fast road, or track / gravel racing, your car will greatly benefit from uprated suspension. The term fast road set-up is one which is frequently banded about amongst car enthusiasts but let’s look at what it actually means. This illustrates how the ‘off VTEC’ cam system works. Here, the camshaft and rocker become exposed. Bank Holidays - Closed, Freephone 0800 107 3250 The transmission is reassembled and she’s good to go! Whilst the average petrol head doesn’t give two hoots about the environment (and is only concerned about how much their VTEC goes BWWAAAHHHHH), their are goods reasons for it. The swirling effect allows for lean mixtures to be used without misfires…. With the elevated cylinder pressures that we’re anticipating, the OEM cylinder head gasket would be a weak point so we’ve used an HKS multi layer metal head gasket which we know will do the job! You can see that this particular engine only runs one camshaft (or SOHC as it’s usually refereed to) but it still runs a variable cam system but not in the conventional VTEC sense.

If the effects are seen to be nicely in line with our expectation then we can begin zeroing in on the final set-up small steps at a time 10. To best understand how the Wavetrac® is truly different from the other gear differentials on the market, you first have to understand the primary problem that the Wavetrac® solves.

When the engine goes into it’s VTEC operation, both of the intake valves engage, turning the swirling effect into a barrel roll effect. So the average fast road set-up can vary from simply revised settings for the standard suspension set-up all the way up to complete replacement of the entire suspension hardware, adjustment of the cars ride heights and geometry positions. Cold press fitting the HKS pistons to the connecting rods. CR-Z throttle body on the left, FIT on the right. Mountain Pass Performance UK As you may know, we’ve been optimising the performance ... HKS Flash Editor Tuning. This is the rotor unit that spins inside the stator unit.

All rights reserved Basically, when the engine isn’t in it’s VTEC operation, it only operates 1 of the 2 intake valves and both of the exhaust valves. Some sports seats, leather steering wheel and colour coded leather gear knob and gaiter can make your car a much better place to be! As you may or may not know, we were the 1st HKS dealer... Engine Management Systems and Dyno Tuning in Theory and Practice, Accelerated Learning Programme (Engine Management), Fundamentals of Internal Combustion Engine Performance, Engine Building & Blueprinting Training Course, HKS uprated rods which are made from forged steel and wider with high tensile bolts, and forged aluminium pistons, Wavetrac announced that they had a limited slip differential available for the CR-Z, geometry optimisation which is often refered to as “FRS”. Out of Stock, Normally delivers in 1-3 biz days When removing the rotor, the special tool ensured that at no point does the stator get too close to the magnets. As part of the on-going plans for Projekt HYCAEI include a turbocharger package, it’s essential that the standard Honda pistons and connecting rods are replaced with heavy duty components in order to withstand the increased cylinder pressures. After the cylinder head is removed, the piston crowns can be seen. This creates a swirling effect in the cylinder to give you your economy. We can immediately see the unusual design of cylinder head that joins all of the exhaust ports together into a common port. As long as the IMA unit is pushing, the petrol engine doesn’t have to work quite as hard, therefore reducing the engine effort and less effort means less fuel used.

Here’s the ported shroud compressor housing that reduces compressor surge. Lowering springs, full suspension kit and coilovers each have their advantages and the range means that we can cater for your suspension needs whatever your budget. Conventionally, the normal method is either to use a lubricated fully floating bush for the piston pin to run in, or to heat the rod until the small end expands then easily push the pin in until the the rod cools down and grips the pin (known as an “interferance fit). You can dramatically update the look for your car with some new lighting. Perfect for what we’ve got in mind. From outside the UK +44 1708 866 609, Unit 5, Cliffside Trade Park, With modern ECU's you don't have to re-map or tune the engine, just bolt the kit on! Who decides the FRS geometry and how? You can see the difference in thickness between the standard rods in the back ground! Now comes the interesting bit! Once the sump is removed it comforting to find a robust main cap girdle to stop unwanted movement at high RPM! Excellent service .


Couple this with a quick shifts for sharp and precise gear changes and you will really be able to feel the different in your 0-60 sprints! You can see that it bolts to the end of the crankshaft just like a traditional flywheel. Test drive the car ourselves blind before any other technical investigation is carried out, this helps us formulate our own opinions on the chassis behaviour and serves to act as a baseline for future road tests 3. Zero or near-zero axle-load is the condition that exists when there is ‘no-load’ applied through the drivetrain, when one drive wheel is nearly or completely lifted (often in aggressive cornering).

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