“At that site, the company cemented very near the surface and deep underground, but they put no cement for 4,000 feet in between,” he explained.

Enbridge. This follows a similar 1,500 barrel (63,000 gallon) spill on the same line on January 1, 2007 in Atwood, Wisconsin. 2016.

2003. [43] Some of the oil flowed into the Prairie River. Instructions for Form PHMSA F 7000-1 (Rev 10-2011). 2018. Line 3 was also the source of the largest inland oil spill in the U.S. on March 3, 1991 when 40,000 barrels (1,680,000 gallons) spilled in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. In The Pipeline: Risks for the Funders of Tar Sands Pipelines. http://www.grandrapidsmn.com/opinion/happy-anniversary-the-largest-inland-oil-spill-in-u-s/article_2ade2706-004f-11e7-9023-2b31a01741a6.html, 45. This is a free service, which is quick and easy to use. Witness Says Enbridge’s Wisconsin Pipeline ‘Blew Like an Oil Well.’ InsideClimate News, August 1. https://insideclimatenews.org/news/20120801/enbridge-oil-pipeline-wisconsin-phmsa-epa-water-fine-kalamazoo-dilbit-diluted-bitumen-safety, 55. https://violationtracker.goodjobsfirst.org/prog.php?parent=enbridge, 60. People, including residential tenants who may not be legally responsible for the spill, can request relocation financial assistance from the Fund to cover reasonable expenses for lodging and meals.

https://sightline-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Enbridge-Line-3-Financing-Sightline-09-2018.pdf. Generally, a DEC inspector or a county health department assessor determine whether relocation is recommended.

20 spills contaminated water resources, of which 16 contaminated groundwater. The Sky’s Limit: Why The Paris Climate Goals Require a Managed Decline of Fossil Fuel Production. This report maps these 307 incidents, spread across numerous U.S. states where Enbridge operates. Some individuals are more sensitive to petroleum odors and to the effects of exposure than others. Global Warming of 1.5 °C. Line 3 Integrity: What You Need To Know. http://priceofoil.org/content/uploads/2016/09/OCI_the_skys_limit_2016_FINAL_2.pdf, 12. Chapter 10: Accidental Crude Oil Releases, Table 10.4-6, 83.

[2] Enbridge is currently proposing to replace and expand one of these pipelines, known as Line 3, to increase the volume of oil it can carry from 390,000 barrels per day (bpd) to 760,000 bpd initially — and potentially to as much 915,000 barrels per day. [8], Alberta’s tar sands are among the dirtiest and most carbon-intensive fuel sources on the planet, with total lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions more than 30% higher than standard crude oil. Concerns about possible exposure via soil or water contamination should also be directed to the county health department (See attached list of county health department contacts). On November 28, 2007, two Enbridge workers died in an explosion while making repairs to the Line 3 pipeline near Clearbrook, Minnesota. It is really difficult to live without those technologies – you will have a hard time cooking your meal without your microwave, you will feel bored without your TV, and you just cannot see in the dark without any lights. For some Minnesota counties, climate change may bring economic benefits. “We’ve also documented people’ s water change from clean to contaminated over the course of a year.”. Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN), 1. PHMSA. Enbridge Announces Definitive Agreements to Acquire All Public Equity of Enbridge Energy Partners and Enbridge Energy Management, Achieves Significant Milestones Toward Corporate Structure Simplification. UPI, September 12. https://www.upi.com/Noneed-for-Enbridge-pipeline-overhaul-Minnesota-departmentfinds/9631505211584/, 23.

[7] Once fully expanded, Enbridge’s Mainline system would transport over 3 million barrels per day — a volume of oil equivalent to two Exxon Valdez tankers every day.

“In no other industry would you be allowed to inject chemicals into a source of drinking-quality water.

Sky Scenario. Hasmyer, D. 2012. 59. Select a Language Below / Seleccione el Idioma Abajo. 9.

Technician Alissa White collects drinking water near an oil The HIA is quite thorough, so I will just include some of the conclusions here: When you sign up you'll become a member of NRDC's Activist Network. http://www.neb-one.gc.ca/nrg/ntgrtd/trnsprttn/2016/grp1cmpns/lndlqds/nbrdg-ppln-nc-nbrdg-mnln-eng.html. Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership. Stockholm Environment Institute. 2015. There is no failsafe method to transport oil and the planet can no longer afford to recklessly expand fossil fuel infrastructure with no regard for the long-term, cumulative impacts to water, communities, commerce, the environment, and our shared climate. I’ve blogged in the past about the need for better research when it comes to the human health impacts of oil and gas operations, the desires of local communities to have more information, and our support for an analytical tool called Health Impact Assessment. https://www.carbontracker.org/reports/mind-the-gap/, 91. International Energy Agency. October. Enbridge Pipeline: Oil Leak And Fire Follow Deadly Vehicle Accident. air quality is likely to change, and health impacts may include respiratory disease, neurological problems, and possible increased cancer risk. September 18. http://www.enbridge.com/media-center/news/details?id=123529&lang=en, 27. Enbridge Fined for Failing to Fully Inspect Pipeline After Kalamazoo Oil Spill. Here are the most common issues you may experience when living near power lines. 2010. Hauser, C. 2018. Mind the gap: the $1.6 trillion energy transition risk. 2010. This temperature limit implies a “carbon budget” — a limit on the total amount of carbon that can be emitted to the atmosphere. October 08, 2010 Amy Mall. https://www.ucsusa.org/sites/default/files/legacy/assets/documents/global_warming/ucssummarymnfinal.pdf, 20. The State of New York, its officers, employees, and/or agents shall not be liable for damages or losses of any kind arising out of, or in connection with, the use or performance of such information, including but not limited to, damages or losses caused by reliance upon the accuracy of any such information, or damages incurred from the viewing, distributing, or copying of such materials.

“We found a surprising number of places where companies are fracking directly into shallow freshwater aquifers,” he said. New York Times, September 16. https://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/17/us/17cncoilspill.html, 46. How Enbridge’s Bankers Fund a Tar Sands Pipeline. MinnPost, September 14. https://www.minnpost.com/environment/2017/09/some-minnesota-counties-climate-change-may-bring-economic-benefits/, 19.

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