Battle your way to the heart of the forest and root out the source of the infection: the fungal Behemoth boss, Agarus. Five back-to-back Behemoth battles.

1.4.0 brings Terra Escalation with its new Behemoth “Agarus”, a new “Mission” hunt type, a new Hunt Pass, and more! The Thrax armour set draws its strength from three built-in perks: Nine Lives, Cunning, and Catalyst — a new perk that increases the effect and duration of tonics. Schematics unlock when you face your first Torgadoro. This Dauntless Repeater Build gives me life, and easily clears Umbral Escalations with minimal effort. I recommend Blitz Tonic, Frenzy Tonic and Aetherdrive Tonic. if the first build was suicide the second build has way to much defense. +3 Aetheric Attunement) and unique effect (e.g. Poor Torgadoro thought he saw the doom slayer with the chain gun. I'm not sure how new you are so I don't know what you have. While you take delayed damage, you also gain lifesteal — giving you a chance to win back your health before it ticks away. Giving us feedback, feature requests, bug-reports, or ask questions at Dauntless Build Search Discord.. Support us by sharing this website on Dauntless Reddit and with your friends and upvoting original post on Reddit.. Lastly, consider donating if you liked the website. Also I prefer Salvo chamber to Full-bore, just because I feel it's easier to do more burst damage overall. Want to show off your Escalation expertise? I will save this for when i get home, thanks for the build. User account menu • This escalation repeater build goes brrrrrrr. with Go time and +6 conduit you will effectively give the team 30% attack speed per lantern hold ability. Press J to jump to the feed.

Repeaters are good at supporting teams even if you aren't good at killing you can use this build to stay safe and constantly buff teammates with conduit and captains grip. Spend them at the Lantern Attunement Device (LAD) in Ramsgate to upgrade your amps and unlock rewards. Have you ever fought a volcano, Slayer? +3 Sharpened) and unique effect (e.g. This only works in Besca tho, so if you wanna do Sesca you should try to go for something like this if you have a lot of trouble to survive and this if you are at least half decent at dodging. also if u use conduit on escalation with a team it better be a +6 or i will break your knees. Part 2 of the repeaters 'Break Everything' series is among us. Each Escalation (shock, blaze, etc.) Facing a Torgadoro in Blaze Escalation will unlock schematics for all of its legendary weapons. Discipline helps in teams that use healing amps.

if the first build was suicide the second build has way to much defense. offers 25 possible talent points — and each talent point you earn grants you a permanent +6 bonus to power and resilience when playing Escalation. The Hold Ability is probably the biggest advantage tho because you can't sprint with repeaters. Does anyone have any builds that you can suggest? Earn 25 talent points in Shock Escalation to unlock the Malkarion ultra armour — a cosmetic upgrade set with additional shock details. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Don't worry, this build will farm any part you need reaaaal quick. The Agarus armour set draws its strength from three built-in perks: Fortress, Sturdy, and Parasitic — a new perk that delays a portion of damage taken and instead deals it over time. Now to explain my choices for this build: Because speed repeaters is the only way to play if you disagree i dont care. This build is pretty good but were talking about people having trouble with escalation. Battle ferocious Behemoths, craft powerful weapons, and forge your legend in the Shattered Isles. Isn't this like, the only build? But if you ever find yourself at the edge of a dark and shimmering pool — be alert.

its a bigger boost of damage that way.

And watch out for those hands; Torgadoros have been known to get a bit … grabby. If you're looking for max damage, this is the build for you.►Creator Code: XANNYPHANTOM►The Twitter:►The Twitch:\r►The Discord:►The Boys:OhDough:►The Build: #DauntlessPartner #CatalystBroken (45 seconds if we exclude part breaks). Five back-to-back Behemoth battles. If that gets too expensive over time you can switch Catalyst for Conduit. In Escalation, encounters are as dangerous as they are unpredictable. Hi! It gives you some lifesteal if you need it, even so you don't want to get hit much when using Predator, if you do get hit by something unexpected, Lifsteal can save you some time because the Potion animation takes a while. Press J to jump to the feed. Schematics unlock when you face your first Thrax.

Didn't somebody just post a 35 second trial run with repeaters? Luring one into the open may be your best bet, but even this plan demands caution. if you get virulent impact go to town but for general purpose this is my solo escalation build for twin suns TS shock escalation or you can go for madman build No iceborne build. So instead I will link to a tool that will help you make builds. how many times have you stood before a double behemoth fight with the coice to get pact of might and you had to go for things like breath of life or torrent shield or garbage amps like squad goals or torg amps (except the rare one). Copyright © Phoenix Labs - All Rights Reserved. But there may yet be a way to cleanse it. Adding a +3 perk when not all perk slots are used might generate builds that will upgrade it ... Aether Strikers check Axe check Chain Blades check Hammer check Repeater check Sword check War Pike check. Im quite new to Dauntless and instantly fell in love with repeaters as I usually go for range characters in other games. This build is also great for the slayer wishing to aid teammates in helping them break parts too, it's not just for solo players as shown in this video. 2-second build. Dauntless™ is a trademark of Phoenix Labs. If you are a badass that needs no team but wants the easy torg farm life then try this other build: This is an automated response currently under testing. Not recommended for new players. Because i like speed and ragehunter ruins the build also not all behemoths are good for ragehunter like shrowd and riftstalker . Full-Bore is just better, Salvo ony deals dmg on impact and Full-Bore deals dmg as it's passing through as well as knocking you back which can be used as a dodge. Weapons must be the same type and element to bond. I usually go with this setup but you have to be at least decent at dodging, Fireproof keeps me from getting set on fire all the time and koshai is a good source of healing if needed and helps with movement and avoiding torgs grab. This is the Build I use most of the time, the barrel depends on the element of the behemoth, you'll always want to have elemental advantage. Go for speed and damage tonic or try concussion grenade. lol. Facing a Malkarion in Shock Escalation will unlock schematics for all of its legendary weapons. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. This Dauntless Repeater Build gives me life, and easily clears Umbral Escalations with minimal effort.

this is easy builds for people struggling to get to torg . Leverage them to fine-tune your build and take on even tougher challenges. It uses pre-Reza/Shrowd gear as well as no escalation or trials cells/mods, I designed it reward to you for learning your dodges as evasive fury is actually fairly powerful, if you're having trouble dodging the Fleet Footed cell can be easily swapped for Agility/Evasion.

I actually didnt know that hehe either way thank you for the tip! By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the Phoenix Labs Cookie Policy. Dauntless is a free-to-play co-op action RPG developed by Phoenix Labs available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the Epic Games store.

That means reaching an Escalation Level of 40 or more during an Escalation 10-50 hunt and making it to the final encounter. In fact, staying away from the Behemoth with Repeaters is the worst strategy: this weapon's damage lowers the further you are away from your target. Yes i said range but i dont necessarily go very far from the behemoth hehe also thank you for the tip regarding the crosshair beong red! The best strategy is therefore to get close (best range is when the crosshair turns red) and notice the Behemoth's attack patterns and learn to dodge - like with any weapon, really.

if you want to strengthen the whole team remove tough and put guardian. Check out this spreadsheet for builds curated by the community veterans themselves! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Because this build is so defensive you can go for more offensive amps which you would generally avoid.

Winning an encounter will grant you passage to the next one. If you do so, you might be the decisive factor for your groups' defeat, as the Behemoth is scaled to be fought by 4 players, but only 3 are actually damaging it - assuming you stay too much out of range and the rest keeps in range. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,,, if you want to strengthen the whole team remove tough and put guardian.

not even torg could take me down.

with this build you will be competitive and not be a burden to you teammates because …. Also this builds extra protection lets you try amps that you would not have tried before like pact of might and pact of swiftness which tend to appear right before double behemoth fights because of course they have to appear when its hardest to not get hit.

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