So, I dreamed about having a brown Rat in my blazer pocket that I was wearing . At first I was repulsed but then I noticed they were very clean and tame. Any and all donations will be used to help animals in need on Go Fund Me.

Please can someone help? I hadn’t thought of that. Thank you.. Hello Mark:

Odd, A rat is killed by me when I entered my house…. Seeing rats eating in your dream suggests your utilization of other’s resources.

She also mentioned that I had a really fat belly. What you are doing, or will be doing, has not been done before, however what you will do, is create a model that will be replicated throughout many nations. got into our hall,kitchen then our bedroom only to bite me? Like the Moth, this rodent is warning you that you have become just a bit too reclusive. A grey rat indicates the existence of someone evil in your life. I dreamed that I was cleaning out my office space and hear my boss in the background saying they found a bag of rice crispies then I happend to find a bag that was closed and I just let the bag fall to the floor and when it fell the bag open and I saw about 50 baby black rats? The think is, I broke up with an ex about 3 months ago for trust issues and he was over that night. If not, it’s time to get all your priorities in order.

Learn more about Rat Spirit by reading Rat Dreams and Their Meaning on! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I picked him up to take him to show my male cousins (the rat now is small enough to carry and not big dog like at this point in dream), and both my cousins who I grew up with was not interested in seeing my pet rat. Any insight to what it means? It was climbing down a tree! I had dogs, so I trapped it in a bag, it didn’t move a lot. What does this mean? Then i realized it was an omen so i captured it. I’m scared in my own home but also realise there must be a higher reason. I kept it and in the dream before I knew it grew into a rat.

What does this mean? Later, scientists suggested it wasn’t Rats that spread the disease, but the infected Fleas using Rats as unwitting hosts to spread the plague. Just this afternoon a large brown and white rat came up to the sliding glass door, even with 2 dogs and made eye contact and ran away.

I don’t know why , this time I thought of looking if there was any symbolic meaning to it … I hope this helps. I left immediately and went home where I put gloves on and tried taking it off my shoulder. These folks love a good challenge so that they can conquer another obstacle. I’ve never dreamed of these creatures before that I can recall. I went up to the person & asked what he had said, he said he just told him so other animals wouldn’t get hurt because the rat was biting me. I saw a dead rat today what is the meaning on dead animals .

Find an advocacy group to help you – use the media. No matter how dire the circumstances, Rat Spirit endures for many reasons, with the most significant reason being resourcefulness. But Rat symbolism and meaning is profound, beautiful, and deeply meaningful, making the creature a Wise and Wonderful Animal Spirit Guide and Teacher. At first i freaked and kicked it. When a Rat appears as your Spirit Animal, the creature often brings a message about your career. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. I went out side and looked buy the stairs and saw this beautiful brown big rat looking at me and not moving I went closer and it just sat there so I just started talking to it then my cat went to it and the rat just stood there well my cat was sniffing it both weren’t even scared it was just like they are friends I wish I had taken a picture my neighbor was surprised that it wasn’t scared of me and my cat, Thank you for this lovely article , I looove rats! Thoughts? Judging others is never the correct path – no matter what has happened. Today I found that the cat left a dead rat on the patio, I was the first to see it. she even had tears in her eyes!

In Asian cultures, Rats are auspicious symbols of good fortune in business.

Like Rat, they recognize needs versus wants, choosing the former, while also yearning sometimes for the latter.

Then usually the dream ends. Probably because of the above reason they tend to step on the spiritual path, without knowing the least bit of hygiene or cutting links, resulting in this feeling of being attacked. He just calmly walked past and sat and stared at me. A snake eating a rat refers to gaining money. It wants to survive and be safe.

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