The UK does not have a codified constitution.

They gathered on a tennis court and pledged not to disband until they had written a constitution. Research question: Explain the importance of each constitutional principle to the british constitution and outline which principle is the most important In order to develop a good argument, What is a constitution? In the UK there has been no constitutional crisis or major confusion over what rights citizens have but it remains stable and a part of the county’s history. Written constitutions also allow literate citizens the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their government's laws and infrastructure, increasing the power of individuals. Remember. Scope of research Those memories are still fresh in my mind and. Judges are unelected and socially do not represent the population which could lead to a democratic deficit because of a lack of democratic legitimacy, as the public could be subjected to opinions which they do not agree with but have been implemented due to the preferences of senior judges. The function of any written constitution is to express guiding principles for the state or nation, establish fundamental rules, and outline the maximum and minimum power of the state or nation. Tutor: Sally Hawkes (i) The Federal Constitution is the supreme law in the country. Also, a written constitution would prevent a government from interfering with any higher laws because there would be a higher law safeguarding the constitution. According to Jeremy Bentham, the word ‘constitution’ was used to refer to as ‘the aggregate of those laws in a state which were styled collectively the public law’. Totalitarian states are usually closely associated with tyrannical form of rule. As others have said, a constitution is essential for a country to function. The only disadvantage of written constitution is that is do not allow majority to fool minority by lies and alteration of constitution according to their will. People kill people. These three organs of state are put in place in order to create a checks and balances system. On the other hand, another advantage of a written constitution is that it would end elective dictatorship, where, as long as a government is elected, it can effectively do as it wishes because it often maintains a majority over the House of Commons and therefore can pass any laws it wishes to. on, Advantages and Disadvantages of an Unwritten Constituion. There must therefore be both advantages and disadvantages to having a written constitution over an unwritten constitution; I will now attempt to highlight these. Advertisement. It helps to recognise the rights and freedoms of citizens, Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Written Constitution, Constitution is the written law, the principles and rules of a country but also the relationship between the individual and the state. A written constitution is merely the above rules and practices formulated into a single document. Furthermore, if these citizens feel a sense of belonging to a country they are more likely to become involved in, and be interested in what is going on in their country. Classroom management is a challenge in any field. United Kingdom will lose a massive privilege if someday decide to codified it constitution. Student ID: 84623 executive and the legislature in the governance of Nigeria and South Africa The codified constitution would have an educational function. Get Your Custom Essay It is typically a short document general in nature embodying the aspirations of values of its scholars and subjects. That means if United Kingdom codified its constitution it will lose its flexibility and eventually the chance to renewal every law need to amend. All Rights Reserved. Unwritten constitutions are flexible as they are not entrenched, and flexibility is extremely important and useful as the modern day is constantly changing. You can get your It is one of the few that is not written down in a single document ., To Use or Not to Use Singlish “Aiyah! The Constitution was written so well, that it is still the best system of government today. Proposition #69 will not create the advantages it claims.

This, Introduction One advantage of a codified constitution is the clarity of its meaning as it sets out the laws, rules and principles on a how a state is to be governed. It would also allow the power of the government to be spread more evenly over the whole system ensuring its more efficient and improved operation (ex-prime minister Margaret Thatcher agreed with this). A constitution is usually a written document, however the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Israel are three countries that function politically without a formally written constitutional document. ICT defined as information and communication technology (ICT) the hardware and software that enables. This would be very beneficial as at the moment many citizens are unhappy with the way that the government is operation and believe that there is a lack of attention to some of the less important aspects of the structure.

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