What to do if your rabbit is lost? If you do, the rabbit is probably sick or has an infection. And in case they do, you know how to control it. Rabbits themselves don’t smell! Litter training your rabbit to do its business on the litter tray is considerably easy. There have been plenty of debates over neutering rabbits. So she did whatever she liked there. Bury your face in bunny’s furry coat and breathe in.

The reason why your rabbit may smell bad is either your rabbit is sick, or you are not maintaining decent hygiene in your rabbit’s enclosure. As I said, rabbits are not smelly, they have no scent of their own. Make sure your rabbit’s diet consists of 80% hay, this keeps their digestive system function properly.

Take the tray out and clean it regularly. Because I always identified rabbits as smelly. Shape The World. Need other things for your rabbit? It’s not a good choice for rabbits as it irritates their noses. Indeed there is no deficit of headstrong bunnies.

Rabbits are self-grooming animals like a cat. As I said, rabbits make great house pets, and there’s no reason to worry about your house having a bad smell. So I suppose now you may have understood why do I say each time that if your rabbit habitat stinks, it is the accountability of the rabbit guardian. To keep the litter box odorless use natural ingredients, like baking soda with the litter that works as a rabbit odor neutralizer. Rabbits cannot stand the smell of sulfur. If you are an irresponsible rabbit owner, your rabbit’s habitat is bound to smell bad. Rabbits are wonderful pets, whether you keep them indoors or raise them outdoors. I’m here to help clear the misconception about rabbits being smelly. Difference Between Girl & Boy Sugar Gliders. Now that I have got your attention, I will describe to you anything is the link between rabbit odor and ammonia. I will clarify all your confusion in the next section of this article. https://lovingbunnies.blogspot.com/2014/07/do-rabbits-smell-bad.html But occasionally, I noticed she would spray urine, which will sprinkle out of the litter box. I gave my rabbit the entire living room as the running space. If your rabbit smells, it's probably because his cage and litter box need cleaned. Lifespan of Rabbits: How Long do Rabbits …. The odor of rabbit urine creates an unpleasant atmosphere. So what I did is I prepared a litter box for my bunny and placed it in that corner. And also provide some tips on how to control unwanted odors from your rabbit cage. Follow the instructions mentioned above, and take your rabbit to the vet when you’re concerned, and you should be good to go! © 2020 WILD SKY MEDIA. Rabbit guardians know better. Rabbit poop can be brushed off promptly and cleaned. If your rabbit smells like a skunk, it is probably because he is emitting his natural cologne. So why do people deem rabbits smell bad? And make sure the scent is not harmful to your bunnies. Maintain and clean the cage regularly and get your rabbit litter trained.Also, check your rabbit regularly to know if it’s healthy. The first and most important measure you should take to reduce the unwanted smell is to litter train your bunny.

They are quiet, cute and cuddly! Other than that, rabbit poop is odor-free. A litter box may cause a strong unwanted scent in your house. “Like a spring meadow” A healthy rabbit should smell good. Occasionally, an intact male rabbit, or buck, will produce a musky scent when he's around a female, or doe. This guide on choosing the best cage for your rabbit will help you buy the best cage for your rabbit. So if you take responsibility for your bunnies, clean their habitat frequently, your rabbits will have no odor at all. If you notice a smell coming from the feces, check with your vet. Similarly, they also don’t like the smell of onions. The spraying may cause this male rabbit urine smell in your house. Want your rabbit to be happy and healthy? It’s very easy to keep your house odorless while living with bunnies. A healthy rabbit usually does not have any odors. As I continued searching online, only then I apprehended bunnies could be potty trained too. And no further ammonia smell in the house. Male rabbits are most likely to smell like skunks when they are feeling affectionate or when it is mating season (spring). This way your rabbit will trust you and you will become fast friends. If you find your rabbit feces smelling unusual, it’s time to change its diet. Rabbits have two types of poop – one is firm dry small round brown pellets – these are odorless. Rabbit image by veseliysyslik from Fotolia.com. Having your rabbit spayed or neutered can help reduce odors in two ways. If your rabbit is not litter trained they will urinate right about everywhere to mark their territory. Happy petting! Therefore it was evident for me to figure out where my rabbit’s toilet was.

Consequences of separating bonded rabbits. Because I always identified rabbits as smelly. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When your buck isn't urinating as much, there is a lot less odor.

Litter with a natural odor reducer, like baking soda, will help keep the smell down even more.

It is a way for rabbits to show their devotion by cleaning you. I am pretty sure rabbits smell terrible is a misconception circulated by someone who has never owned a rabbit. As a result, you might want to give up your bunnies. Second, it stops bucks from spraying to mark their territory. Be Her Village. Any responsible rabbit owner, unlike me, will litter train their rabbits. Even female rabbits will develop a musky aroma during the mating season. It has a distinctive ammonia-tinged odor that is especially strong right after urination and can be quite strong. So do not leave them running around the house untrained without supervision. Likewise, I always have had the idea that keeping house rabbits will be challenging for me. Wash the water feeder and refill it once daily.

Fortunately, rabbits are the kind of animal you have to adopt if you want less trouble with neatness. Sprinkle a bit of plain talcum powder onto your plants.

Thus I bought a larger litter box for her and placed it in the same location.

Use something natural and organic. If your rabbit's feces are watery, look like cow patties or have an odor, he might have intestinal parasites or another illness. Neutering bucks will prevent them from spraying to mark territory. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The urine from a buck tends to have a stronger smell than that from a doe. These fluffy little cuties are also easy to maintain.

The smell can be intolerable if you are not cleaning the litter box often. They have no scent of their own. Rabbit Scout also participates in affiliate programs. If you try to enlighten your rabbit to use the litter box at a later time, your rabbit may act stubbornly. Yet, the truth is that rabbit feces do not stink. There is one simple way to reduce the smell from rabbit urine. It will also bring a positive change to their aggressive sexual behavior. The strong rabbit smell in the house is,in fact, the smell of your rabbit’s urine. Empower Her. Rabbit Scout is a part of Business Growth Digital Marketing. But, if not properly maintained, this could be counterproductive. It’s your responsibility to take good care of that little thing. If you love them, they will love you back, and they will show their affection by grooming you. Not as needy as dogs, but typically more cuddly than cats, a pet rabbit can be an ideal addition to your family. They are very clean and have odorless fur as they precisely keep grooming themselves all day. If you train your rabbit to use a litter box to do its business, it will cut a lot of odor. And the external smells caused by their wastes or litter box can be controlled. Rabbits make great house pets! Nearly all the smell produced by rabbits comes from the urine.

Scented litters are not a good choice for rabbits, however, since it irritates their sensitive noses. Required fields are marked *. So the question remains, do rabbits smell? Fortunately, my rabbit was not one of them. But it is best to litter train them as soon as you get them home. The simpler answer to that is No! If you do, the rabbit is probably sick or has an infection. The long answer to that question is that rabbits do not smell; it is the urine of rabbits that spreads odor. No! And in case they do, you know how to control it. What Is the Purpose of a Dewlap on a Rabbit? The problem was solved.

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