... Dr Miami Popularity . Not everyone is satisfied completely. Most Popular #7576. https://www.facebook.com, Dr. Miami – Snapchat But while many patients seek to work with him, not everyone can be accommodated because of his restrictions. As with any venture, you have to research and learn as much as you can about your plastic surgery so that you know how to prepare and recover from it. You shouldn’t just barge into a plastic surgery clinic without any clue about the procedure you’re planning to get. Michael Salzhauer, aka Dr. Miami, was nominated for 'Snapchatter of the Year' in the upcoming Shorty Awards. For out of town patients, I do phone consultations, and those are booked out almost a year. I graduated from Brown University in 2013, with a bachelor's degree in ethnic studies and history. I went home and showed my daughter and she was like, “That's a lot for Snapchat, usually people get like 20 views.”. They ask to me to shout out to their friends and play certain music. Dr Miami Mommy Makeover: Age and Weight Limits, Dr Miami Breast Reduction: Interview Tips and Tricks, Dr Miami Snapchat: Social Media Pros and Cons. The fun account has 297,000 followers and the one with before and after photos has 278,000 followers. Plastic surgeon Michael Salzhauer wrote the first children's book about plastic surgery, My Beautiful Mommy, in 2008. One ‘Teen Mom’ tells another ‘Teen Mom,’ or one Bad Girl from Bad Girls Club tells another ‘Bad Girl,’ and so on. He is a rhinoplasty and buttock augmentations specialist. It’s like performance art for them. Then they come back at noon, and I’ll see them anywhere in between 12 pm and 6 pm. Dr. Michael Salzhauer, aka Dr. Miami, is a renowned and respected surgeon in the Miami plastic surgery world. It’s totally unscripted and there’s no advertising and its just all fun. Snapchat Star. He is Jewish and he travelled to Israel with his wife and son after his son's bar mitzvah in 2015. I am a freelance journalist and blogger. With these plastic surgery videos, he makes it easier for you to learn about various plastic surgeries – from arm lift to liposuction.

What weight do I have to be to qualify for surgery?

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We’re always raw and relatable. Dr. Masri does not impose any limits on the patient’s age and BMI provided that the patient is in an overall excellent state of health. Dr. Nick Masri provides an alternative for patients who want to undergo plastic surgery, but are outside the bounds of Dr. Miami’s ideal candidates. MS: I’ve taken an audience of 100,000 students, whether they’re in high school, college or med school, and I’ve found a way to encourage them to continue with their dreams. We enjoy ourselves and we have a great sense of humor and interesting things are always happening. I have 42,000 followers on https://www.snapchat.com/add/therealdrmiami, “Dr. So, for example, I did Farrah Abrahams surgeries back in 2012, when she was just on Teen Mom before she became an adult film star. MS: I’ve always had some celebrity clients. MS: I’ve had very little negative feedback. His account quickly gained hundreds of thousands of followers.

That's what I see myself doing with Snapchat, keeping that public interest. We started these ‘Dr. It’s kind of like getting into a club or something. Did you ever imagine how popular your Dr. Miami social media presence would become? An archive of my older pieces for Forbes can be accessed HERE. He has a big presence of Instagram, as well, and his rapidly rising number of followers shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. He went to medical school and worked as a plastic surgeon for years before becoming head of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery in Miami. It was probably because I was posting a lot of before and after pictures, and even though I was covering genitals, people were still reporting it and we got shut down.

Snapchat Star #5. It kind of feeds on itself. Very few people have reported pictures or anything like that. It’s just the reality stars that have been coming more and more. Now that you’ve transitioned to using Snapchat as your main platform, do you still use other social media channels, as well? https://www.instagram.com/therealdrmiami/, Dr. Miami – Facebook Other nominees in this category are DJ Khaled and Kylie Jenner and other people you don't associate with middle-aged plastic surgeon dudes, so its pretty fun. Diabetes, smoking, pregnancy, and severe anemia are some of the common conditions that will disqualify you from surgery. Instead, they’re just walk-ins. Dr Miami Net Worth Recap: What’s He Been Up to? I love TV; from Real Housewives to Game of Thrones, from Transparent to Jessica Jones, I can never get enough. He suddenly discovered SnapChat and saw it as an opportunity to use his pent-up creativity. Born on April 16 #18. It’s completely their choice. Dr. Nick Masri provides an alternative for patients who want to undergo plastic surgery, but are outside the bounds of Dr. Miami’s ideal candidates. He is Jewish and he travelled to Israel with his wife and son after his son's bar mitzvah in 2015. Are all of your patients shown on Snapchat? Juwany Roman. Finding a skilled, reputable, experienced, and board-certified plastic surgeon is a must. But, a year ago is when he truly created a widely recognizable brand. I just really enjoy what I’m doing. It’s kind of like drinking out of a fire hose. We apologize, but this video has failed to load.

We restarted our Instagram account, but this time we wisely split it into two separate accounts. When did celebrities and reality stars start coming to you? And others just don't want anything to do with social media. 1.5m Followers, 788 Following, 2,006 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from DrMiami (@therealdrmiami)

MS: I’ve got a really fun office. I don’t just put anyone on Snapchat, you have to sign a pretty rigorous consent form before we do Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or anything. MS: There are! About two thirds of my patients want to be on Snapchat, and the other one third don't. Dr. Masri does not impose any limits on the patient’s age and BMI provided that the patient is in an overall excellent state of health. What’s the story behind your Dr. Miami Snapchat account? I mean, I’m a plastic surgeon in private practice, so there aren’t a lot of awards to win. 48 Year Olds. I’m really enjoying that. Born in New York. I earned my master's degree in arts journalism - with a focus on writing about TV and pop culture - from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. My schedule, which used to be booked out four or five months in advance, is now completely booked through August of 2017. I most just use it to retweet stuff.
My family is mystified, horrified and delighted, all at the same time, depending on the day. For one, he does not operate on anyone over 50 because of their higher health risks. Salzhauer - who is now better known by his Snapchat account Dr. Miami - began uploading graphic Snapchat videos of himself doing plastic surgeries. You may opt-out by. I spoke to him about his social media presence and … Snapchat Stars.

I write about TV, from ratings to cultural representations. They say, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” There are at least 15 other plastic surgeons that are now Snapchatting their plastic surgeries. I can’t weight more than… If I am this tall.. I have so many excess patient inquires, that I don't schedule consultations anymore. Snapchat Star. This is why you may want to consult with another Miami Plastic Surgeon. There’s not much of a chance I’m going to win an Emmy or anything like that. I’m not saying TV wouldn’t be fun too, but it would be like a different type of fun. MS: I do. Copyright © 2020 Face+Body | Dr. Michael Salzhauer has no affiliation with Face+Body Cosmetic Surgery. Miami Clubs,’ which are kind of like these pre-medical clubs that we have at high schools and colleges. At least from what I can tell, I mean nothing has been deleted. Patients are checking on Dr. Miami website wanting to review if they can achieve his/her desired appearance. You should also get a glimpse of what your results might be in the Photo Gallery section, where before and after photos of previous patients are displayed. What sets you apart from the competition? Social media influencer and real-life board-certified plastic surgeon, he has rocketed into internet fame for his Snapchat stories of patients' surgeries. He was born Michael Salzhauer in New York. I am a freelance journalist and blogger. Try refreshing your browser, or tap here to see other videos from our team. Some people come here because they want to be on Snapchat. He said it has swayed many patients into having a surgery in the first place. Within a month we had about 100,000 daily views, and now it’s up to 700,000 plus views everyday.

The Dr. Miami brand is not just surgeries, Salzhauer and his colleagues also post Snapchat videos of themselves having fun in the office, and they even give their followers special shout outs on special occasions like birthdays. So what’s this ‘Snapchatter of the Year’ Award?

MS: Today, I’ve done two surgeries, neither of which went on Snapchat. We are entertaining and educating at same time, and that's what sets us apart. Dr Miami Website is actually not just a single domain. Collins, 69, and his ex Orianne Cevey, 46, have been at war since parting ways earlier this year. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @seamuskirst. Phil Collins has been granted permission to retrieve his belongings from the Miami home he alleges his ex-wife has shut him out of. To see me, you have to come in at 9 am and the first 10 people get a wristband. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience.

Then almost exactly a year ago, my 15-year-old daughter said, “Dad, why don't you try Snapchat? To much social media fanfare, he did a Brazilian Butt Lift for Skyy who co-starred on VH1's reality television show Black Ink Crew with Sassy and Dutchess Lattimore. © FamousBirthdays.com - use subject to the information collection practices disclosed in our Privacy Policy. MS: I started getting on social media a few years ago. Dr. Miami only operates on healthy individuals under the age of 50 with a body mass index of 30 or below. So, the next day we did it again and the number of views grew. It was kind of depressing, and I really felt like I had nowhere to go with my content. We already have over 2,000 chapters already around the world. But, I’m really happy with Snapchat, because its like having a TV show in your pocket. Others might not mind their pictures being shown, so long as they’re not identifiable. MS: Yes. He has several websites and internet pages where he promotes his services and products: Dr Miami BootyBody Aries.

So we have one account, @drmiamiland, where we post before and after pictures and one is just a fun account, @therealdrmiami, where I do my little clever shtick or whatever. If I am this tall.. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. The first My Story I posted was a girl getting a tummy tuck and it got 2,000 views. Knowledge is power, and that rings true even when you’re just getting plastic surgery. I just got a call one day that said I was a finalist for ‘Snapchatter of the Year’ for the Shorty Awards, which is pretty cool. 48 Year Old #44.

His business began blowing up soon after. Have any competitor Snapchat accounts emerged?

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