If you have a photo of the dragonfly this will help us. Discover Life's page about the biology, natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of Dragonflies -- identification guide -- Discover Life. We’re Flying Less. It’s one of two species of Rainpool Gliders (Genus Pantala).

There are several ways to report a Dragonfly sighting: Report a casual sighting or visit to a site, for the benefit of others who might wish to know what’s flying at the moment. One of the most recognizable orders of insect is the Odonata which encompasses both Dragonflies and Damselflies. Make sure you check the distribution and habitat of the species. This can help you narrow down the list of potential species that you could have sighted. Some species can only be found in certain parts of the country or in very specific habitats. There are some 5,500 identified North American species in the order and over 450 of these are found throughout the United States and Canada alone. Contact one of our experts but be aware that we are only volunteers and time taken on ID is time we can’t spend conserving dragonflies. Please use the filters on our identification tool below to find your species. These records are subject to verification by a local expert. We are bringing the power of the BirdsEye infrastructure to create all new dragonfly finding tools for avid dragonfliers and people interested in identifying the species around them. Unlike damselflies, the front and rear wing pairs are shaped differently. This tool can sometimes be more useful than perusing our list pages manually. Species are organized into like groups, with a checklist in front to point readers in the right section. Still can’t identify your species sighting? BUGFINDER: DRAGONFLIES & DOBSONFLIES is our in-house search form that allows you to quickly peruse the Insect Identification database by selecting PRIMARY and SECONDARY colors of your Dragonfly or Dobsonfly and the STATE / PROVINCE you saw the insect in. Similarly very mature adults can appear much darker. Tenerals (newly emerged adults) can appear very pale and may not have their mature colouration yet. We are always looking for help editing text, and looking for more photographs to help users identify the dragonflies they see. These sightings are not vetted and are not automatically treated as scientific records. Updated: Birding and Birdwatching Festivals and Events in 2020, Collective Behavior: How Animals Work Together. Dragonfly ID is a collaboration between BirdsEye and the folks at OdonataCentral and the Xerces Society with special thanks to the membership of the Dragonfly Society of the Americas and the users of OdonataCentral, the Migratory Dragonfly Partnership, and Pondwatch for their contributions. Although it doesn’t cover every species, this book is a perfect introductory guide to dragonfly and damselfly identification All photos published on this site are copyright of the original photographer and are reproduced with their permission. If uncertain, skip character or select several states. Dragonflies are the more common of the … Dragonflies (order Odonata) are divided into two distinct sub-orders, the Zygoptera or Damselflies and the Anisoptera or Dragonflies.

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