Click here to receive our award-winning catalog for free... Click here to get the scoop on money-saving deals and more... We have lots of helpful videos posted on this blog - plus some fun ones, too! Rear Seat: You have to use a flathead screwdriver and lever release (green arrow) away from release stop (yellow arrow). No unexpected problems. Remove the spring compressor. As price was never negotiated paid what was asking . 4) Remove the innner trunk trim side panel, to access the upper shock mount. Due to eBay policy, we must honor this sale. My item cost less than half of a new one and after a little Windex wipe down you would be hard pressed to tell me it wasn't brand new. Took about a week to get here and once I recieved it, I bolted the bracket to the seat and installed it into my Hummer H2. The used visor was not damaged and the vanity mirror and vanity light switch worked. You can be confident they will do right by you. Then, remove the two T45 Torx mounting fasteners at the seat rails (red arrows). Rear Seat: Next you have to remove two fasteners at the center of the rear seat back cushion (green arrows). Click the CONTACT US link and send us a message! The items are very good. Fair prices, genuine products, flexible people to work with, shipped timely and via Air mail. We fully retrofitted the original BMW heated seat system as per factory specification. When I opened the package I found the inside box and paper packaging were saturated with oil, along with the battery leaning and exposed from padding on one side of the box. My part arrived within the time frame the internet sales person stated. Protect your eyes, hands and body from fluids, dust and debris while working on your vehicle. Once out, remove the cushion from the vehicle. Information and technical articles within this website are for reference only. REAR (applicable to 3-series through 05): 1) Raise the rear of the car, with suspension hanging. Keep up the great job. The thing I am upset about is the fact they wont help with the expedited shipping cost of the replacement which is $150. Fast shipping, arrived two days early, exactly as expected. Bench seat easy removal and I have taken out the two T45 bolts to remove rear back. Got here clean, quickly, and my shop said it worked. Just like a new parts. It was well packaged so that my purchase would not be damaged during shipment. Do you have any installation instructions to share? Consult authorized factory manuals when performing repair procedures. Support the shock as you remove the bolt/nut, to keep it from falling. Strut assembly with camber adjustable mount – installed. Tag: 0000138018 Location: GA02095X Category: W, We answer product questions quickly. Thanks Pacific Motors. Add to Cart Buy Now. 4) Remove the ABS sensor wire, brake pad wear sensor wire (left side only) and brake fluid hose from the bracket on the shock/strut body. Phone: +44 01932 800800 Honestly speaking, I’ve literally looked EVERYWHERE for my 2013 Audi A7 lights...everyone was extremely over priced and the majority didn’t even a complete headlight. 6) Remove the two bolts (below the horizontal bolt & nut) that thread through the lower shock mounting bracket and into the hub/spindle.

The material contained in the forums is submitted by the general public, and is not endorsed by BMW UK, or BMW AG. John is a straight shooter. 5) Remove the upper horizontal bolt and nut that secures the shock/strut to the wheel hub/spindle assembly. F103 (30A) Audio unit output amplifier. Highly recommended Pacific Motors. Bought an oil cooler, item arrived in a timely manner. The part came on time and fit perfectly in the car.

Front seat belt buckles in all BMW E60 models and rear seat belt buckles in some E60 models (those with the optional rear side airbags) are equipped with pyrotechnic automatic pretensioners. I am on a time hack but the ten days was within my window. Recycle parts, packaging and fluids when possible. BAVauto® Now that's a good deal I don't need to think twice !

Front Seat: Once the seat belt and fasteners are removed from your seat, tilt the seat backward. There are other videos out there to help remove the seat bottom and the side bolsters. Thank you. If you aim to remove either front seat, disconnect the negative battery terminal and insulate the end to prevent accidental reconnection. Push down on the trailing arm or hub (a helper is useful, here). I'll be back! 3) Disconnect the swaybar link from the shock/strut bracket (M3) or control arm bracket (non-M3). True professionalism.... We do recommend a new upper mount, but if the original does not have any cracked rubber or play or binding in the bearing, it can be reused. Footwell Lighting Rear . I called just to ensure everything came with it before I bought it, because the photos didn't show the entire bottom. I have bought several parts for my 2010 Jaguar that I could not find elsewhere. Gave them a call and John do an exceptional job making sure our order was placed correctly and shipped ASAP. The product was all the seller said it would be. When on phone wit them a gentleman stated it sold for more on EBAY , so you tell me is that good customer service . Couldn’t be happier with this transaction! Purchased a spoiler off a 2012 GT500.

Thank you Pacific Motors. Front Seat: Using a plastic prying tool, release the seat rail trim cover (red arrows) retaining clips (green arrow) and remove them by sliding them forward. Note that a new sport spring may not require that the spring compressor be used, due to the spring’s shorter length.

The rear display is switched on by folding it up and turning it counterclockwise into pos tion. Continue to pry and pull the spring out. High quality Corvette parts at a great price. I am more than pleased with their response to my predicament, and would suggest to anyone that they are a reputable firm.... would purchase again! At all times I could not only check the status via ups tracker but also on their website. We are here to help. I live across the country, communication through email and phone was very easy and quick. Copyright © 2009 - 2020 Bavarian Autosport, Spring 2007 issue of our Fast Times newsletter, page-7, bmw rear shock how to bmw rear strut how to. I appreciate the time and willingness to work with me even though I was not a local buyer. Front Seat: Working at the side of the seat, pull the trim panel off starting at the rear (red arrow). My order came two days earlier then expected. Trunk side trim panel pulled back to expose rear upper shock mount. 1999 M3 Convertible: Rear Seat: Next, you have to remove the rear seat back cushion.

Pacific Motors is Great! Cheers! New battery works fine so far. More information can be, BMW Mini Retrofit Reverse Parking Sensors. Waiting to hear back with a Not only does Pacific Motors deliver on their promise of quality and accurately described products, they deliver fast and free. I couldn’t find just the vanity mirror but was able to find the entire assembly on an auction from Pacific Motors. You won't be sorry. The sunvisor we ordered works great. The tail light arrived better than expected. Front Seat: Then, remove the two T45 Torx mounting fasteners (green arrows) at the seat rails. Quick view Compare. If installing a new standard spring, you will have to resort to the prying and pushing down on the arm/hub assembly. Questions or want to add to the article? In this case it did not hold up. The vanity mirror on the sun visor of my E350 coupe broke, so I checked on eBay for a replacement. My Audi lights came Via UPS 2 days later on May 8th in EXCELLENT condition and fully functioning. We fully retrofitted the original BMW heated seat system as per factory specification. Use the procedures shown in the newsletter article (as noted in step 10, above) to tighten the nut.

While you lever, push seat back toward interior of vehicle. Front Seat: Remove the wiring harness from the seat by detaching the clip (red arrow). But for the price, 15 minutes of cleaning was worth it to get a working replacement part. VentTabs / BMW Z4 (E85) 2002-2004 for AC Vent repair .

Join us in our Technical Forum Message Board and ask a question to one of our many automotive experts. It was in great condition and I appreciate all the assistance and quick shipping. I rarely have time to post reviews but this one was well deserved. Install new rubber spring seats before installing the spring. If you will be replacing the spring, wait to install the shock until after the spring has been removed and replaced. F104 – F105 (30A) Fuel pump control. Item was packed very well. Shipping was fast and the part was well protected in the shipping package. The seller worked with me in price and shipped the spoiler at no charge. When leaving a comment, please leave your vehicle information. $14.98. 2) Remove the wheel/tire. F106 (7,5A) Speaker(s) F107 (10A) Ride height control Rear information display. Someone bought the purchase on eBay just a couple hours before you submitted payment. They are now in my favorite/priority list for any up coming used parts. I'll be back again! Once triggered the device cinches up the seat belt by 55 mm (about 2 inches). Also very friendly staff!

Grew up in Detroit but am now in Chicago and was looking for a tail light for my Tesla, which was harder to find then I imagined! They shipped my item same purchasing day and arrived on time. I'll be looking for more. Removing spring/strut assembly – E46 chassis shown. The item was shipped very quickly and packaged extremely well. They saved me a lot of money. There were a lot more scratches than shown in the photos.

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