Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Culture / Efik/ibibio Names And Their Meaning (116869 Views) The Dialects Of Ibibio And Where They Are Spoken / 5 Facts You Should Know About The Efik People / Names Of Animal In Efik/ibibio (5) (Oxford Dictionary), Enter email address to receive updates from Face2face Africa I hope you’re reading this LA Lakers! Most words of African origin used in English are nouns describing animals, plants, or cultural practices that have their origins in Africa (mostly sub-Saharan African; Arabic words not included unless another African language is an intermediary).

Meaning: There are no problems : don’t worry about it.

There are some very popular African phrases/words and words of African origin that are universally accepted, considered “English” and are featured in some of the most popular dictionaries out there. Meaning: A quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity. Meaning: A system of belief among blacks chiefly of the British West Indies and the Guianas that is characterized by the use of magic ritual to ward off misfortune or to cause harm. Yorubas, Please Help Me Translate These Words.

Meaning: A musical instrument with a drumlike body, a fretted neck, and usually four or five strings which may be plucked or strummed.

Meaning: Severe malnutrition in infants and children especially of impoverished regions caused by a diet low in protein.

Akanam Nkwe Complete Lyrics. 1. Songs in Efik. Efik/ibibio Names And Their Meaning - Culture (5) - Nairaland. | A person markedly strange in appearance or behavior. African tribal marks and their meanings, How to say ‘I Love You’ in 50 African languages.

Hopefully that will be enough to give you a sense of how similar or different these languages are, and also the chance to learn a few Native American words in a language of your choosing. | Language, behavior, or beliefs based on superstition. All rights reserved. Efik is a very popular Nigerian indigenous language as it majorly used by our brothers from Akwa-Ibom, Cross-River and some parts of Cameroon. Native American Words Each vocabulary page includes twenty basic words for each language, compared to the same words in related Amerindian languages. Give us the ring already!

Meaning: Any of several chiefly arboreal venomous green or black elapid snakes (genus Dendroaspis) of sub-Saharan Africa. ) as in mmóñ (water), Low tone, identified by ( \ ) as in ùsàn (plate), Mid-tone, identified by (−) as in inēm (sweetness), Falling tone, identified by ( ̂ ) as in obȗ (crayfish), Rising tone, identified by ( ˬ ) as in fě (fly), 15 Consonants namely b d f g h k m n ñ p r s t w y, 5 Diagraphs (double consonants) namely gh kp kw ny ñw, 12 Double Vowels namely ai ia iọ ọi ie ei io oi ua ue uo uọ.

Meaning: The caravan and equipment of a hunting expedition especially in eastern Africa. Thus, these tone-marks go to define the meanings of words in Efik e.g (a) bòn beget (a child) (b) bón (lay them down) In writing the Efik language, one does not need to worry about the tone marks and the longness or shortness of sounds as in ẹ ị and ụ which one might find in Mbọñ ẹduk ufọk; Ikọ Efịk and mbon ukụt.

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Culture / Efik/ibibio Names And Their Meaning (118587 Views), The Dialects Of Ibibio And Where They Are Spoken / 5 Facts You Should Know About The Efik People / Names Of Animal In Efik/ibibio (2) (3) (4), (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (Reply) (Go Down), (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (Reply), Yorubas, Please Help Me Translate These Words. 8|24 #MambaMentality.

|Journey or Exhibition.

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Meaning: An object of superstitious homage and fear. Meaning: A large-eyed antelope (Litocranius walleri) of eastern Africa with a long neck and limbs.

| A person held to resemble the so-called walking dead. A Short History Of Yorubaland With Pictures.

azawakh – probably from Fula or Tuareg.A breed of dog from West and North Africa Here are some West African names to consider, What is that on your face? The following list includes some examples.

Origin: Ewe and Fon language (Ghana, Togo, Benin).

Lyrics of Gospel Songs in Efik. Why the bong bong attached to their names like the names are assigned by one man.

/ A Short History Of Yorubaland With Pictures, Links: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10). Meaning: A xylophone of southern Africa and Central America with resonators beneath each bar.

Akanam Nkwe. Submit, © 2011- 2020 Pana Genius. Meaning: A large brownish antelope (Aepyceros melampus) of southeastern Africa that in the male has slender curved horns with ridges. Meaning: Chiefly South, often disparaging : a white person or a person of predominantly white ancestry —used chiefly by African-Americans.

And yes, we have Anthony Davis.

| complicated activity or language usually intended to obscure and confuse.

@ Udysweet/If i know the meaning i wouldn't have come here to ask.I copy it from somewhere.Please i need to know the meaning.It's very important for me to know the meaning.Number 1 is from a male and number 2 is from a woman.

91Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland. | A mixed drink made of several kinds of rum, liqueur, and fruit juice. Meaning: Any of a breed of small curly-tailed dogs of African origin that do not bark. 1. Meaning: A religion that is derived from African polytheism and ancestor worship and is practiced chiefly in Haiti. Face2Face Africa is black owned and operated.

Origin: Efik and Ibibio language (Nigeria). Meaning: A fetish, charm, or amulet of West African peoples. Aniekanabasi....who can win God child Asua................enemy mkpoutu..........treasure kufreabasi........I won't forget God ibok...................medicine Usoroh.............occasion. / Do You Consider Somalis As Black? Submit, Francis Akhalbey Nov 29, 2018 at 09:30am, Francis Akhalbey is a Social Media techie and Content Manager.

Meaning: An African thumb piano derived from the zanza. Nairaland - Copyright © 2005 - 2020 Oluwaseun Osewa. Meaning: A tall annual herb (Abelmoschus esculentus) of the mallow family that is cultivated for its mucilaginous green pods used especially in soups or stews.

Meaning: Any of several dipteran flies (genus Glossina) that occur in Africa south of the Sahara and include vectors of human and animal trypanosomes. Meaning: A will-less and speechless human (as in voodoo belief and in fictional stories) held to have died and been supernaturally reanimated.


He loves basketball and dreams to make it in the NBA in his next life.

Origin of Tsetse: Tswana language (Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia).

See How To Advertise. Song Title: Akanam Nkwe. Search In light of this, Face2Face Africa has compiled some of these popular African words and phrases and their origins. Origin: Efik and Ibibio language (Nigeria) 4.

Language: Efik. | A complicated often ritualistic observance with elaborate trappings.

| Unnecessarily involved and incomprehensible language : GIBBERISH.

All Rights Reserved. Author: Ann Inyang.

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