Fierce Fighting Concludes? Coyote Starrk comments how powerful Kyōraku's allies are and Kyōraku guesses that Harribel is the third strongest while Baraggan is the first and making Starrk the second strongest, which he says puts him in a good mood. Carmen's father, Amadeo (José Isbert), is near retirement from his morbid profession, but he's having a difficult time finding a replacement. Starrk tells him no because he hasn't pulled out his second sword yet. Coming Soon. Meanwhile, Ulquiorra and Ichigo continue their battle.

The final scene is inspired by the execution of Pilar Prades Expósito, carried out by the executioner Antonio López Sierra. 339. The Antagonizer, 333. 334.

It then squeezes Hisagi tightly before tossing him aside.

They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. Hisagi tells Izuru that he'll take care of Ayon and that he should take care of Rangiku and Hinamori. Don't have an account? Both captain and lieutenant turn around to face Baraggan Louisenbairn. He yells at her not to underestimate him and reveals the true form of his Resurrección. Ichigo dodges a kick and attempts to counter, but Ulquiorra flips over him.

Pulling off the glove on his hand, Starrk apologizes, revealing the one tattoo on his hand saying that he is the Primera. Izuru hopes that he hasn't become rusty over the years and begins to heal Rangiku. Hisagi shouts Iba's name before Ayon smashes him against a side of a building. Before he can do anything else, Suì-Fēng stabs him twice with her Zanpakutō: on his chest and his back.

The Left Fist Prepared for Death! Yamamoto then draws his Zanpakutō and he uses it to slice Ayon completely in half down the middle.

| Fresh (3). Suddenly, Captain Suì-Fēng falls directly on the side of Nirgge's head, killing him. Suì-Fēng tells Ōmaeda that all she wanted to see was an Arrancar's Resurrección with her own eyes and decides that it's time to end this battle. Not pleased by Izuru and Hisagi's arrival, Apacci tells Ayon to kill them right away.

As Rangiku struggles to breathe, Hinamori tells her that she'll fix her up in a second, before Ayon appears. This 10-digit number is your confirmation number.

Apacci and Rangiku fight one-on-one, with Apacci getting angered by Rangiku's futile attempts.

Fall Into My Inferno

After dealing with Ayon, Yamamoto defeats all of Harribel's Fracción with ease.

Cinemark Suì-Fēng explains to Ōmaeda that it was in fact the same spot and that she had pierced Ggio's lung in the same spot twice.

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