Even today, there are some ridiculous laws that may seem unnecessary in Canada, such as: “You can’t drag a dead horse down Yonge St. on a Sunday” or “having the colour of house and garage doors being regulated by city bylaws.” Both those laws seem irrelevant to societal norms in Canada, but they posed a threat at one point or another. Issues of the past, no matter how unnecessary they may sound, posed a problem at one point or another and were dealt with the introduction of laws. A social structure is mandatory for the survival of humans.

Many people have smoked, or continue to smoke marijuana regularly, making it more common and therefore more acceptable in society. It is due to existence of law that many employees and employers sign employment contract at the onset of employment. You will also be making road safety policies more effective. The law continues to be, and will keep on being an essential component to all societies. Hobbes believed that a state of nature – one with no form of authorities – could essentially become a “war of against most. Breach of contract, Contract, Contract law 2179  Words | 3  Pages. According... Ong / Ang Kang Ling

7  Pages.

This, of course, is rarely the case. AUDIT 610 According to this principle, the law is just. In times of desolation, where the most elementary human right is being refused or disadvantaged, it is ok to break legislation. Man’s natural affinity for bad and conflict has been around considering that the dawn of the time – right up until order was maintained throughout the introduction of laws. Without a legal system, the value of society would be reduced to nothingness and the integrity of humans would be absent from the world. There is a difference between the “letter of the law” and the “spirit of the law”. Breaking any kind of law has a overall bad effect on contemporary society.

Stealing from even the greatest store, including Wal-Mart, could have a negative impact on everyone. 4  Pages. As an adult, you are responsible for every action that you take, but before that action comes a series of thoughts that lead you to taking that action. In cases such as homicide or forms of sadistic violence the point of punishment is an effort to rehabilitate the offender – to teach the offender that what they did was wrong not because they got caught, but because many people were affected by it and it is an unacceptable way to behave in society. People would be free to loot, plunder, kill and perform reckless acts with no one to stop them. (345), Laws have arisen in society as a way for the government to take control – to prevent negative behaviour from citizens in a society. Without law, the integrity and stability of society would diminish completely. Their reports show that there was an increase in the nation's fatalities but the states that chose to increase their speed experienced a 3.5 % less of a fatality increase.

In times of desperation, where the most basic human right is being denied or impaired, it is okay to break the law. So long as the law treats everyone equally, including those in power, the law can be considered just. Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution says that…, Do corporations have a social responsibility beyond…, Show that, for functions obeying homogeneous…, How has balancing between work life and home life affected colts life. Possibly ancient societies, such as the Babylonians and the Romans used regulations to maintain order also to ensure that proper rights was completed. This is why sentencing is flexible. Driving, Road safety, Traffic law 1569  Words | I am talking about obviously wrong things like rape and murder or robbery and I am talking about crimes where you don't harm anyone and there is no real victim such as the casual use of drugs and running a red light when there are no cars and no police watching.

Laws are imposed for a reason and drugs are illegal because they harm the user, even if it’s willfully. Premium This situation seems rather paradoxical, as she is breaking the law to uphold the law. Although ideas have changed, StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. Removing the offender not only ensures the safety of individuals in society, but it, in a sense, “teaches the offender a lesson.” An optimistic view is that the offender will realize that they have been caught and will learn that they can no longer get away with that particular form of crime. In a collision, which party will take the blame? Being obedient of the law is something that is required of all citizens, not only because of the consequences that follow, but because of the societal order that is maintained by having everyone obey the law. Type: Although society appears to accept it more, it doesn’t mean that marijuana isn’t harmful or detrimental to a person’s well-being. No-one would have the justification to life. on a Sunday no more posing a problem in Canada. This world would be a pinnacle of human achievement. Maintain an open, honest dialogue with stakeholders

The goal of the law is to ensure that there is fairness to all and justice. Animals are needed for important research and Humans should not be expected to follow laws animals won't obey. CODE OF ETHIC Premium Roman laws consisted of such things as: “Whenever someone makes a formal promise or sells property, then according to law, that promise must be carried out” or “if anyone sings abusive songs about somebody else, he shall be put to death.”.

Copying content is not allowed on this website, Ask a professional writer to help you with your text, Give us your email and we'll send you the essay you need, Please indicate where to send you the sample. As the automobile demands grew, the streets and highways expanded throughout the US, lawmakers created speed limits. Without some form of leadership, laws and government everyone would be in a state of universal insecurity dominated by fear. Laws are not right in and of themselves, and morals are not a matter of a majority's opinion. Not only does the owner of the store lose their merchandise, money and time, those who shop at Wal-Mart may experience a surge in prices on the stolen item.

If a person breaks a law, that individual is reprimanded. Its goal is to keep anyone deemed a Dangerous Offender, usually the sickest, most sadistic and twisted criminals, imprisoned until they show psychological improvement regardless of their sentence. Traffic rules of the roads are both the laws and the informal rules that may have been developed over time to facilitate the orderly and timely flow of traffic. Severe punishments are required in conjunction with common arrest rates in order to effectively deter potential criminals. ” That’s where the next benefit for the consequence comes in. Issues of the past, no matter how unnecessary they may sound, posed a problem at one point or another and were dealt with the introduction of laws. Dangerous Offender legislation is a prime example of the benefits of rehabilitation. Devoid of some form of command, laws and government everybody would be in a state of universal insecurity dominated by fear. Importance of Obeying Traffic Laws Essay 1555 Words | 7 Pages. Nurul Hanisah bt Hasan Home non categorie Obeying The Law Essay, Check the price for your assignment. Essay, 10 pages. A good sheep are law obeying citizens. Total Words Count: 1998 The reasons are considered and supported by evidence. This situation seems rather paradoxical, as she’s breaking the law to uphold legislation.

The Unabomber’s Manifesto It was May 25th 1978, Terry Marker was on his usual patrol on campus at the University of Illinois. If we do not follow them we are not only putting ourselves at risk but also innocent bystanders and drivers. Obviously, there are many things that are objectively wrong including murder, but there are many moral “grey spots.” Based upon who is asked, speeding on the highway may be a taboo to one person, but be perfectly okay to another.

Various people have smoked, or carry on and smoke marijuana regularly, which makes it more common and so more acceptable in world. When children are old enough to break the law and be punished for it, they know what is right and wrong due to moral guidance.

For a start, the main purpose of the law is the remove the dangerous person – the criminal – from society. Many factors play a role in road safety including following, 125- Word Essay

Recently, The United States Department of transportation has done a study that will disprove the notion that fatalities vary with speed even further. A lot of may the actual principle that a person person carrying out an action just like stealing does not have detrimental result, but if everybody followed that principle, their grocer would go bankrupt due to theft and all the “good Samaritans” who didn’t steal and paid for their very own goods will again always be losing out for something they had nothing to carry out with. The law has been, and will continue to be an essential part of all societies. By knowing the rules of the road, practicing good driving skills and generally taking care as a road user, you help play a vital role in preventing a crash. Thursday, May 21, 2020 Dental Gist. A social structure is mandatory for the survival of humans. The Importance of Obeying Traffic Laws Traffic laws are designed to protect you and other drivers on the road. Other laws are prescriptive - they prescribe how people ought to behave.

The Importance of Obeying Traffic Laws Traffic laws are designed to protect you and other drivers on the road.

A final question to pose is: does the law provide justice? Removing the offender not simply ensures the safety of individuals in society, but it, in a sense, “teaches the culprit a lesson. State and federal laws exist to regulate employment conditions and to protect individuals rights thus, ensuring equal treatment and to protect employees from practices that are discriminative based on gender, color, race and religion. As a strong advocate of determinism, Thomas Hobbes believes that a strict government is the only way to social stability. Article Shared By. People would be free to loot, plunder, kill and perform reckless acts with no one to stop them. Peter reads an advertisement in the new vision of a special x-mas discounted fare of shs 20000 only to Arua by the executive coach bus company but on reaching he was told that the offer was only for the first ten customers and he was not eligible which made him pay 40000 for a regular seat.

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