Hi Frank! In amplexus, the male grasps the female from behind and holds on tightly until she lays eggs….can last minutes to hours, depending on her readiness. The rule of thumb is to make sure the feeder is smaller than the space between its eyes. Fire-bellied toads do not have extendable tongues, so they use their mouths and forelegs to grab their food and stuff it into their mouths. This has happened now in a variety of locations and with different heating sources, two cages, etc, such that it’s become a clear pattern. She is noticeably larger. I have owned many types of frogs through my teenage years and i am joining the hobby again. We know that the males are grasping females because we discovered 2 different ways to sex them. Use only dechlorinated stale water or bottled spring water in the tank. I took my nephew to some amphibian breeding ponds recently…we were lucky this year; able to observe wood frogs, spring peepers and spotted salamanders breeding; went back to see salamander egg masses this week. The female of the species typically lays 80–300 eggs that can be found hanging off plant stems.

best, Frank, your story is alot like mine loving animals at first sight. Breeding will happen unprovoked by the owner. The male has not eaten for a week and just keeps holding on to the female, and it’s always the same female. Use of a digital thermometer is an important tool for monitoring the temperatures for your frogs. Here’s an article on Mantids…great favorites of mine. Temps below 62 F are fine, and can stimulate reproduction. I keep the temp at a constant 78*F. I do have a lot of detritus, but they are from a substrate I bought from petco. is it actual eggs or is it a chain of frog spawn? I have straight A’s. Sexual maturity is reached in approximately one year. An infection, Vit A deficiency (but that gen shows in both eyes) or trauma/particle in eye can be involved. hi i need to know if a 20 gallon is big enough for breeding and also how many frogs can you have to that tank. long ago when breeding was far less common among captive herps. This small and easy-to-care-for animal makes an excellent pet for a beginner frog owner. You can install a filter in with your paludarium kit as well to keep the water cleaner for longer. Fire bellied newt eggs hatched at home also, enjoy, Frank. Water depth is not that critical, as the frogs generally stay on the surface. Hi Frank – I accidentally put my small male oak toad in a bucket of dilute bleach solution for 20mins. Unfortunately, any non living moss that you place in your terrarium will eventually succumb to mold. Thanks Michelle. Also, how often should I clean the tank? I don’t take them to a cooling tank then warm it to induce breeding they do it all on their own non-stop , Good to hear, Kristin, thanks. What should I do? They require UVB and heat lights. Two weeks ago when I tried this, she seemed unready and he chirped less but they entered amplexus a lot faster and at length. The eggs are visible to the eye. (photo – http://tinyurl.com/l8h98kf) He always seems to be askew and “falling off”. of course, you’re not working with animals every day,. and they are still doing the “oo oo oo” noises and doing amplexus but the females are not releasing eggs. Captivity does change amphibian reproductive cycling so that they may breed at odd times, but gen best to stay within their normal season. we have a corner filter aswell. Their food also needs to be gut loaded with insect food for extra nutrients. I think that would stimulate follicles and cause a surge in sperm production, but it would take a few hours at least. I last heard him chirp 20min ago. You can set the tadpoles up in a small plastic terrarium or aquarium. In addition to writing blogs for Thapetplace (this one, Thatbirdblog and some articles on Thatfishblog) since retiring from the Bronx Zoo I’ve written several books and have ben consulting for The Staten Island Zoo and several museums and aquariums. These frogs typically reach an adult length of approximately 2 inches. Is there anything I should keep in mind or notice? No need for article to be right on point, I can move if need be. So if I hear the male making a whining puppy sound as he’s mounted on the back of the female, which is a couple of times a night does that mean I need to pepare for motherhood? ... Close the filter box and search for locations.

If all else fails, your frog can also get adequate hydration and humidity from the aquatic portion of its enclosure. Tadpoles eat mainly algae and higher plants. Please keep me posted, Frank. I would not try again at this point. You can euthanize with Oral Gel Extra Strength…OTC at drug stores, for treating pain due to sores etc in mouth. Or £100 for all babies and complete setup. Children should not handle these frogs, and adults should thoroughly wash their hands after doing so. Best, Frank. I’ve cleaned the tank out twice already of eggs and am ready to tear my hair out because I’m running out of substrate! Adult fire belly toads can eat about three times a week. Thanks in advance! Why are there only two? The species can be found both in Europe and in areas in Asia with a moderate climate. per page . or is there a way to set up a hospital tank to try to save it? Patches of both live moss and/or sphagnum moss can be added to increase humidity and add to the beauty of the tank.

Hi, I recently went on vacation for two months and when I came back, I saw only two tadpoles. Use the guidelines below to help determine which items to get. Well I’ve had my oak toads in the hibernaculum for 5 weeks now, fairly steady 48-53°F with occasional rises into 60s. Image provided by @firebelliedtoad on Instagram. No indication it was alive. We’ll keep watching, and I’ll let you know if we see anything. Fire bellies often enter amplexus after some type of disturbance – adding water, moving the frogs etc., and even when they are feeding…they seem to get their “signals” crossed! With 6 ice cubes it can retain FL winter temps for 12 hours. be sure to feed them well, as reproduction is quite draining. I’ve used a basement that stays at 55 F for other species, others have used A/c cooled rooms or aquarium chillers. http://www.bioone.org/page/about/organization/mission; abstracts very useful on their own, and you can often request a copy of article from author or via local library. http://bit.ly/eyRJ2E

A healthy frog has clear eyes. Color seems influenced by genetics as well as diet in this species,; it is common for captive-born animals to be duller in coloration than wild ones, and for this to become more evident over time. The only thing we see that’s new in the tank everyday is skin sheds floating at the bottom of the tank. Aim for 65 to 80 percent humidity at all times. I hope all goes well, Frank. Thanks so much – those look like great resources! My wife and I are just afraid of hurting the little guys Do you think that approach might work, or maybe I need to go colder than 60F? As they grow, you can move to a set-up that is similar to adults. We frequently attain rarely seen species such as sirens, axolotls, mossy frogs, and glass tree frogs, as well as many others. An alternative housing method is to fill the entire tank with a shallow layer of water, and use aquarium gravel to create a sloping beach and a small dry area.

Try to provide a varied diet…please see here and let me know if you have any questions, enjoy, frank. I feel bad because I couldn’t feed her on my trip. Even getting pure glucose without added zinc is prohibitively difficult, and I’ve had to substitute sucrose in rehydration solutions previously to treat acute dehydration. Instead, consider a fluorescent tube, preferably a low UV output bulb (Repti-Sun 5.0) placed above the entire length of the enclosure. In so many ways, it seems like vertebrate physiology has changed hardly at all since we crawled out of the ocean. Others here http://blogs.thatpetplace.com/thatreptileblog/2010/12/30/professional-herpetological-organizations-and-journals-part-2/#.Uz2P61d8qpE.

The stomach should be empty for 7-10 days or so before cooling down, so that there is no undigested food in the system. The Ultimate Care Guide For Blue Tongue Skinks, Why Your Bearded Dragon’s Tail Is Turning Black, Causes Of Bearded Dragon Biting Behaviors, The Ultimate Guide To Bearded Dragon Brumation, 3 Reasons Why Ball Pythons Make Amazing Pets. When someone mentions a “Fire-Bellied Toad” they’re generally referring to the Oriental fire-bellied toad (Bombina orientalist). They will not feed once the front legs begin to appear, so partial water changes will suffice and a filter is not needed. It is normal whenever animals are housed together for a pecking order to form with some animals being more dominant than others.

Enjoy and please keep me posted, observations always helpful, as we still have much to learn, best, frank. – Sejong, Unfortunately I can’t say for sure how cold they need to be, or for how long. The reason why they are called toads is because of their bumpy skin. My fire belly toad is making a weird clicking/popping noise that he’s never done before.

Best, frank, Our firebelllied tadpoles now have back legs and some have front legs too!

If you listen carefully, you can usually hear the males calling in the evening. It must be so cool to have seen all that first-hand – I feel like 80% of the informative value of an experience is lost when we only read about it. So I think your point about the chilling being needed for gonad readiness may well apply in our case. it would be a big help. There had been one time where one of the toads escaped the tank, and I have no idea how or why. If my toads only breeded for like 15mins, will she still lay eggs? I admire your dedication. It’s best to remove either the adults or the tads, but not entirely necessary..however, adults may lower water quality, increase ammonia levels etc and may consume newly-morphed frogs. It will rarely bite you; if it does, your finger was likely mistaken for food. Are those three enough?

On the other hand, being a doctor will, but it doesn’t involve animals. Today they are starting to change. As long as there are plenty of floating plants and an easily accessed land area, you can use as much as you wish. A friend worked with boreal toads there and at the C Park Zoo, did very well although hormones were also used to get the numbers up when populations appeared in serious trouble. Rehabbers use Gatorade for mammals/birds as well; I’ll bet there are details available through one of the large rehabilitators associations.

In my opinion, articles on your site are a better and more thorough resource than many textbooks out there in many ways … do you have any plans for writing a book on frogs and toads like those you’ve written on seahorses and on newts and salamanders / is the latter a good resource for anurans? I have a few questions more to ask you and I am sure you will be able to answer them.

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