The University of Texas football stadium was renamed in honor of Coach Royal in 1996, to Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium. In the final days of Freddie’s life, he was known to have spent time with Father Fred Bomar at the parish. He was one of the most courageous players ever, according to all who knew him. … The Hogs targeted Steinmark on a post route by Dicus. During the next several months, Steinmark went to the White House to meet President Richard Nixon. Unfortunately, Freddie died before they could get married. Gray, 25, was arrested on April 12. ABC’s dream game had come to fruition. The glorious life of Freddie Steinmark spanned 22 years, five months and nine days. The Longhorns won eight straight games and pummeled Tennessee 36-13 in the Cotton Bowl, finishing the season as the third-ranked team in the country. The hole was opened by guard Stan Politano. Steinmark’s teammates from the 1967-69 teams participated in a pregame ceremony to rededicate the Freddie Steinmark Scoreboard, there was a special presentation to the Steinmark family after the first quarter, and the University of Texas football team wore “throwback” uniforms similar to those worn during the 1969 season. He sat across the long, oaken desk from the legendary coach and listened to words he could barely believe. Royal then dispatched Texas assistant coach Fred Akers on a fact-finding mission to Wheat Ridge. On 42-trap, Steinmark took off up the middle like a rifle shot. There’s not much public information about Linda Wheeler, although she did serve as a consultant for the movie and presumably, she did get married to someone else because her daughter, Mackenzie Meehan, played a nurse in the film. Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme, (Visited 2,720 times, 1 visits today, 1,124,872 total visits overall), Courage Beyond the Game: The Freddie Steinmark Story, Freddie Steinmark: Faith, Family, and Football, Freddie Steinmark was even shorter than Finn Wittrock, the actor who portrays him in My All American (Steinmark was 5’9” and Wittrock was 5’11”). That day Steinmark committed to the University of Texas. He strolled campus with blond-haired beauty Linda Wheeler, his girlfriend since the eighth grade. The start of the 1969 season generated enormous hope as America’s sporting press trumpeted Texas as a possible national champion. In Texas in the late '60s, the Whit family meets for the funeral of grandfather Sparta. The penalty moved the Hogs to the 7-yard line, but at least they did not score. The film makes its way to the head coach, Darrell Royal, who decides to give both Freddie and his teammate, Bobby Mitchell, the chance to prove their grit as members of the University of Texas football team. This frustrates Freddie and his father, who has high hopes for his son. They stayed together except for a short stretch of time when Freddie found out he had cancer, but the reconciled and got engaged. A pillow with Freddie Gray's image sits inside his casket during his funeral at the New Shiloh Baptist Church in Baltimore on Monday, April 27. ... Freddie Steinmark, kao autsajder, suočava se sa najtežim izazovom svog života nakon što jedne sezone postane lider svog tima. On defense, I broke the record for interceptions. This, however, is no normal funeral, and the Whits are no normal family. There is an official Freddie Joe Steinmark website that has a short bio and numerous links to media and press coverage about Freddie’s life, his inspiration, the movie, and a future documentary. Wheat Ridge was 13-0 at halftime, but the score was tied 13-13 going into the fourth quarter. After a stunning victory, he is presented the game ball by Coach Royal. Off the Black (2006) “Freddie gave us all a road map for life,’’ recalled former student trainer Spanky Stephens. Learn how your comment data is processed. Steinmark had led the league with five interceptions and the prospects for his junior season seemed even brighter. They discover that he has a tumor the size of a baseball in his left knee and the doctors are amazed that he was able to walk, much less play football. The Farmers were 4-0 going into the biggest game of ’66 and Lakewood was also undefeated. Even the Wheat Ridge players held doubts they could win.

Everything seemed in order for the Farmers to break the Lakewood jinx if Steinmark’s fractured right hand did not slow them down. © 2020. But he had developed a bad limp, and the Texas coaches were keeping an eye on him. He has left a legacy for generations to come. According to our statistics, he had 18 unassisted tackles.’’.

Mary Austin spent only six years as the Queen … Steinmark’s memory lives on in his native state, Colorado, just as it does at the University of Texas.Forty-seven years ago, Freddie Joe Steinmark was honored as the greatest high school athlete in Colorado, just a few months after leading the Wheat Ridge Farmers to their first state championship. Steinmark’s teammates from the 1967-69 teams participated in a pregame ceremony to rededicate the Freddie Steinmark Scoreboard, there was a special presentation to the Steinmark family after the first quarter, and the University of Texas football team wore “throwback” uniforms similar to those worn during the 1969 season. He also converted the two-point play. With Razorback Stadium packed and roaring, Arkansas built a 14-0 lead through three quarters. June 21, 2016. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Bobby Mitchell did attend the same high school as Freddie and was also recruited by Coach Royal to play at UT, as depicted in the movie. Freddie solidifies himself as an inspirational leader for his fellow teammates, as well as an All-Star player willing to push himself to the limit and rise to any challenge. From a very early age, Fred (a former athlete himself) spends his time working with Freddie to improve his strength, speed, and agility. During this, Pizzo’s film does not aim towards any rich emotional victory, but it does want to show Freddie getting a five-minute standing ovation. No matter how much they put Freddie through and no matter how much they try to break him, Freddie keeps going and refuses to quit. Steinmark played the entire 1969 regular season with cancer in his leg and ultimately had the leg amputated before the Cotton Bowl in UT's national championship season. Freddie Steinmark was a player not easily forgotten. Angelo Pizzo’s directorial debut of Freddie Steinmark’s life was heavily scrutinized for accuracy by his family members representatives of the 1969 football team. Freddie Starr 's cause of death has been revealed.. Three plays later, Steinmark’s gamble paid off as Danny Lester intercepted quarterback Bill Montgomery at the goal, killing the threat. The 1969 football season was one of the best for the University of Texas as well as for Freddie. The offensive coordinator is so impressed by Freddie’s resolve that he tells Coach Royal that he wished he had more players like Freddie because that’s exactly what the team needed. He learned to water ski and play golf on one leg. That deficit was almost erased on Arkansas’s next possession. Before the National Championship game against Notre Dame in the 1970 Cottom Bowl, Freddie has his left leg amputated in order to prevent the spread of cancer. He was flown to Houston’s MD Anderson Cancer Center and a biopsy was scheduled.

Miraculously, Street opened the fourth quarter by rolling left, then splitting the Arkansas defense with a 42-yard dash to the end zone. My All American (2015) is a story about famed college football player Freddie Steinmark and the 1969 University of Texas football team led by coach Darrell Royal. He paced the hospital’s hallways, repeating the same phrase: “I can’t believe this is happening.’’. Finally, Akers insisted that he undergo treatment from trainer Frank Medina, who initially diagnosed the injury as a charley horse that would heal in time. The Longhorns began the season on a ragged note, tying Houston and losing to a mediocre Texas Tech team. “Son, let me tell you something very interesting,’’ Royal said. In addition, the “Cotton Bowl Classic” game in the movie was played on January 1, 1970 but was filmed in June 2014 with outdoor temperatures over 95 degrees. Because of Steinmark’s speed, Behler heaved the ball as far as he could and Steinmark still had to slow down to catch it at the 10-yard line, trotting into the end zone for a 6-0 lead. After the movie, standing outside in the falling snow, Freddie leaned on his crutches with a tear rolling down his cheek. Jim Bertelsen’s 1-yard touchdown run, and Happy Feller’s extra point kick, made it 15-14. Freddie Steinmark passed away 18 months after the end of the 1969 college football season due to bone cancer. Denver Post high school writer Irv Moss once wrote, “Steinmark changes direction like a fly in flight.’’ In the blink of an eye, Steinmark shot back across the field, all the way to the right sideline. Wheat Ridge fans carried Steinmark off the field after the 19-13 victory. “Freddie was George Gipp without all of the hype,” said his close friend and teammate Tom Campbell. On the first day of preseason drills in 1968, Steinmark replaced Scooter Monzingo as the safety on the varsity defense. All Rights Reserved. Also in 1971, with the help of Times Herald sports editor Blackie Sherrod, Freddie penned and published his biography which was entitled “I Play to Win“. Coach Darrell Royal continued coaching the Texas Longhorns until 1976 and working as Texas Athletic Director from 1962 until 1980. Playing for the freshman Shorthorns team during an unbeaten five-game schedule, Steinmark led the conference in interceptions with four. Texas defensive coordinator Mike Campbell was watching Mitchell in a game when he noted the quickness of another player, Steinmark. At the Lakewood 30-yard line, Steinmark straightened his course and headed for the end zone. Facing a third-and-eight at the Lakewood 23-yard line, Coats called Behler to the sideline time-out and said, “Just give the damn ball to Freddie!’’. Steinmark was the 5-foot-10-inch, 145-pound scatback and Mitchell a bigger, long-striding power runner.

The Fred Steinmark Fund carries on Freddie’s legacy and helps to support student-athletes at the University of Texas.

One year later on September 23, 1972, prior to the University of Texas vs. Miami game, the jumbotron at Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium was dedicated to Freddie during a pre-game ceremony. The little safety showed his gumption by grabbing the All- American wide receiver’s jersey as he ran past. He was one of the most courageous players ever, according to all who knew him. While the movie does show some of the tension that came about because of his diagnosis, this aspect of his relationship is left out. Members of the 1969 Longhorn football team were also present to ensure authenticity, including Tom Campbell and Bobby Mitchell. Steinmark was limping so badly in pregame warm-ups that his friend and defensive tackle Bill Zapalac began to call him “Ratso,’’ after the gimpy, third-rate con man played by Dustin Hoffman in the movie “Midnight Cowboy.’’.

Hogs wide receiver Chuck Dicus had badly beaten Steinmark for one of the touchdowns. But his condition continued to deteriorate. He returned a punt 76 yards for a touchdown against Texas A&M. As a member of the Freshman team in 1967, Freddie was a starting defensive back and became a starter during his sophomore and junior years (1968 and 1969 seasons), which was unheard of at the University of Texas.

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