Any ideas at all on what caused this or if it can be fixed?

OK so after 4 days only approx 2% looked to dry. Is there something I can do to fix this or at least help the poly to cure fully so it is not tacky?

We think we may have wiped off the stain component in the Polyshades with our paper towels. I cannot use them for a backdrop if they have any glare whatsoever.

It has been three days since I applied the sealer.

Thanks. I have taken a end table and sand it down to the wood, the stain did not take all over like it should of, so I put it on thicker and it did not dry. It was still shiny and sticky today.

Please feel free to share this tip on social media and we’ll continue to produce more like it. I was careful not to “flood” it, in fact I rubbed it in well, buffed as I went and did another buffing after approx 30 mins.

If the tackiness doesn’t go away, wipe the wood down with mineral spirits or naphtha to remove most of the stain, let it dry thoroughly, sand, and then try again using a fresh can of stain. Then apply an even coat of oil-based gel stain as your glaze. Your email address will not be published.

Firstly take the stain that you used on the first coating. Sometimes the wood surfaces stay sticky because there isn’t enough binder left for the stain to dissolve.

I applied three coats of minwax oil based stain to quatersawn oak sanded boards.

my bathroom cabnets are still tacky when i wipe. Now I’ll let it sit for another couple of days minimum to make sure. What should I do? If you make a mistake, wipe the surface before the glaze dries using a cloth soaked in mineral spirits; then try again. We are doing a quick fix on a house and did not sand the floors before we stained, so of course the floor is still very tacky.

When you start staining wood, you should have a specific color target in your head. Don't exceed one part varnish to two parts mineral spirits. I am wondering why this happened? Your suggestion to apply another coat of stain and wipe off seems to be doing the trick. What can I do to fix this? This is where chemical strippers come into play. Thanks for the great tip. I know how to fix this on a dresser, or small project, but im seriously talking 250 sheets of European plyboard and I have three weeks to solve the problem and have it user ready. THEN THEY STARTED TO SWEAT. Thanks so much! All other sites said to use mineral spirits to remove the stain and restain. I watched the humidity, the floor was sanded thoroughly. Both cabinets are oak. Every wood surface has a finite limit to how much stain it can absorb. So for starters, go in front of the faulty wood stain and try to find out what actually went wrong. Usually, only one coat of stain will get the work done for you. It was in rough shape, so I removed all the old finish down to bare wood. But unlike normal paint, wood stain gets the job done by infiltrating the wood. Thanks in advance.. Nancy, Should we rub down with the mineral spirits, let dry, and then use the gel stain? I sanded, applied Minwax Pre – Staining Wood Conditioner…and then applied Varathane over it. Then apply it on the wood again with greater speed to prevent any specific area to get darker than the rest. I have re-sanded & wiped with spirit & hope once stained & varnished again it will be ok. Any other suggestions? My wood boards and rods for shelving have dried to touch but still give off a horrible smell.

So I used varathane poly and stain in one and it’s not working! SOLVED: Is Ground Termite Treatment Enough? Conditioner labels may say you can apply stain sooner than that, but resist the temptation. The rest of the pieces all turned out beautifully, if only i’d have wiped the excess off this piece too! Some woods, such as oak and walnut, absorb liquid stain evenly. I’d put stain (Minwax Penetrating Wood stain) on our wood floors to darken some scratches and then wiped it off as the hardware store person told me to do.

We used a minwax stain and applied the minwax pre stain conditioner prior to staining.

I want to restain some wood which is under cover. Note that going darker produces a better result than going lighter.

We will see if this works. This equalizes the absorbency so liquid stain penetrates more evenly without blotching (photo - below).

I was trying to avoid the bleed through from ruining my final poly finish.

Its still sticky/ tacky / shiny.

You could spray several light coats of finish over the stain, but the adhesion between the finish, stain, and wood will not be very high.

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