I suppose kids who are younger than 8 wont fully comprehend all this, so I guess it works, More posts from the generationology community, This is the perfect subreddit for discussions about which birth years relates more to other birth years, and which generations have something more in common and overall talk about generational cohorts.

2000 would be the last potential Millennial and 2001 would be the first off-cusp Early Gen Z year. Pop Culture. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Though to be fair, my assertions do not make any sense whatsoever, as I said previously. 1996 would be the last off-cusp Millennial year. Some of them even identify themselves as younger millennials. Press J to jump to the feed. I have a friend born literally a week after me in the same city as me (not sure if the same exact hospital), and he literally cannot remember his life before third grade, except for one memory he had of him being on the internet when he was six, and he was nearly 8 and a half when he began third grade, whereas I can remember life since I was two, and i didnt get exposed or was surrounded by internet access at home or in school until third grade.

I analyze generations based on the follow characteristics , in order from most to least important: Politics.

But minecraft wasn't officially released until november 2011. 1997 would be the earliest potential Gen Z'er since that is where I would start the cusp. So, how would you see December 2000 babies?

Personally, I'd have to stick to the year 2001. I'm not judging, just curious more than anything. Why exactly do you feel you have nothing in common with the 1997-1999 people? What's a cusp?

How can you have nothing in common with people who are only 2 years older than you? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. But at the end of the day, generations are going to be somewhat arbitrary. I'm already graduated from college and work a full-time job, and you're still in high school. everyone has their own opinion.

They spent their early childhood (3-8) in the late millennials kid culture era. 2004 onwards would have no millennial traits whatsoever and would be Core Gen Z.

A place for members of Generation Z (born 1995-20**) to hang out and post any content related to our generation. I never even heard any type of mumble rap until 2016. Gen Z born even 2005> will be a lot different from Gen Z born in the earlier years just because of the huge shift in technology and politics. It’s difficult because they’re all so young that you can’t really draw trends/conclusions/generalizations yet. And that why i really hate adding 2010 as a gen z birth year, like, someone born in 2010 will come out of age in the early 2020s, by that time even the youngest Gen Zers will already be going to College. Feel free to share your thoughts! People born in this year range can relate to both solid millenials and solid Gen Z but aren't really fully either generation due to life experiences. With those differences, however, comes a fresh set of negative … It’s not wise to use college as a cutoff. I agree with you for the most part, but in my opinion I think that class of 2012-2014 is Late Y, 2015-2016 is Y/Z cusp, Leaning Y, 2017-2018 Y/Z cusp, Leaning Z.

honestly we’re never gonna know what the first “pure” gen z year is. 92-98 is probably something of a blur in grouping with the people in it probably falling either way based more on personality, but I'd argue they still lean more to Gen Z than millennial. classes 2013-2014 are the cusp leaning towards millennial, classes 2015-2017 are 50/50 millennial/Z, and classes 2018-2019 are the cusp leaning towards Z. my opinion on this always flip flops bc it's so damn arbitrary but this is what i think for now at least. So anyone born before 2001 or anyone in the class of 2019 or before is a millennial, and anyone born 2001 or after (or in the class of 2020 or after) is Generation Z.

They would have entered high school in the earlier part of the decade, whereas I entered high school in the latter part.

They were already entering high school by 2013/2014, which I feel is much different of a year(s) than 2016 onward for that matter.

Is someone born in early 2003 early z? Yeah baby boomers and gen x are defined by experiences they all shared. How many times do we need to go over this? Millennials and Gen Zers share commonalities when it comes to key social issues and even what motivates them, but Gen Z differs when it comes to their workplace expectations, habits, and identity. Using high school though, 2002ers are the first to still be in school during corona.

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