Should the second dice roll give the same result as the first one, roll again—as many times as necessary to produce two different results. If there is still an open caravan starting point, you may place a camel there to start a new caravan. Cities & Knights: You may give a commodity in place of a resource. If you win the vote, you place 2 camels.

Sort the resource cards into 5 stacks, 1 for each resource.

After you complete your actions, pass the dice to the player on your left. At first, their mere presence spreads fear and terror. Also place the trade tokens beside the board. You may never have more than 4 progress cards in your hand.

1 lumber and 1 brick. Resolve the instructions in successive order. Read the rules for each of these scenarios carefully before beginning play. Barbarian Invasion – New in this edition. The cost of a building is shown in the lower right corner of each flip-chart page. However, our suggestions are not meant to be rigid sets of rules - in fact, you are invited to continuously improve and optimize them through the experience you have gathered while playing. This scenario can be combined with any of this expansion’s variants. 1. Building a bridge requires 2 brick and 1 lumber. Example: If a blue ball and a red ball fall into the engine cone, your base speed is “4”. If you and your opponent have the same number of face-up knight cards (or your opponent has more) after discarding, set it aside. Occupied intersections: Your ships can move through intersections occupied by any ships, colonies, or spaceports.

On your turn, you may trade resource cards. In either case, you must choose your answer before the reader announces the results. Finally, a jump to the stars has succeeded! While some settlers have totally committed themselves to fishing, others are settling near the rivers of Catan. Place the robber on one of the two swampland hexes. If, because of this rule, the robber has no valid terrain hex to move to, the robber moves to (or remains on) the desert hex. The changes are described below. The changes are described on the next page. Discard cards: Any player who has more than 7 resource cards in hand must choose half of these cards and return them to the supply. A basic knight may never displace another knight.

The repairs cost 1 lumber and 1 brick. This layout provides a balanced production of resources (most especially grain) and commodities that may prove scarce during the game. In the picture on the right, the red planet (ore) has a “5” number disc (lower right center of the board). You roll both dice to determine the turn’s resource production. These cards can only affect the type of material they specifically mention. So, you may receive some resources very rarely, if at all. This scenario has expanded rules and an added lake hex.

A caravan’s first camel may not be placed on a path along the edge of the oasis hex. Grain is also used for votes, but for building it can be more useful than wool. Important: When determining which player has contributed the weakest group of knights, do not count any player who has no cities or any player who has only metropolises. It determines which terrain hexes produce resources (if any). Return the transport ship to your supply. Our mission is to produce engaging articles like reviews, tips and tricks, game rules, strategies, etc. The player order of victory point markers that occupy the same space doesn’t matter.

Sort the new commodity cards into 3 stacks, one for each commodity. Unless you're using the Starting Set-Up for Experienced Players, the oldest player goes first. We would like to thank the following members of the forum: Andreas Egeler (Egi), Grzegorz Kobiela (Grzegorz), Karl Frank (kilrah), Helmut Mader (pi8ch), Jonas Milke (Catanist), Dr. Reiner Düren (RedPiranha), and Alain Miltgen (milli). When your wagon eventually reaches the central plaza of.

He may do this because his knight is stronger than the blue (basic) knight (note the number of rings), and he has a road that connects the two intersections. You also keep all of your progress cards. If you have 2 or 3 settlements bordering that hex, you receive 1 Resource Card for each settlement. In clockwise order, each eligible player selects 1 card, starting with the player whose turn it is. But soon, resources on Catan itself become scarce! The barbarians even threaten to capture coastal settlements and cities. No, not totally.

This includes the upgrades and the determined speed, Your speed determines the maximum distance your ship(s) can travel this turn, Your speed is composed of your base speed plus any boosters and/or certain friendship cards you may possess.

Sum up the value of all the active knights to determine the strength of the defending army. His name is said to be Rob de Hood, and supposedly he is only taking from rich travelers. You must keep Victory Point Cards hidden. If another merchant card is played, whoever played that card (it could be you) takes control of the merchant. Then, if none of your fellow players pays you gold for using your roads, your only option left would be to obtain gold from trading—with the other players or with the bank. For 5 fish, workers don’t mind building a road for free…. There are no knight cards and no robber in this scenario. Similarly, player D has no cities to lose. Although elements of Traders & Barbarians were available separately from 2004 to 2007, this pack was not released in English until 2008. Place your development flipchart in front of you with the first page showing (indicating that you have not built any city improvements). When you roll a”2” or a “12” as your production roll, re-roll the dice. Note: The first time you play, you have to do 2 things: Affix a sticker of your player color to the bottom of you mothership’s engine cone. A caravan ends when it can no longer be extended by adding a camel.

2. Of course you are involved; the Council pays for transport in solid gold. Maybe we can find planets with good ore or carbon deposits.

Note: Each time the deck is prepared, 5 cards are excluded from play until the next time the deck is prepared. On a future turn, he could then use his knight to chase away the robber. Instead of sending the robber to the desert (which does not exist in this scenario), he is sent to a swampland hex. Ultra BoardGames. Each turn, you roll 2 dice to determine which planets produce resources.

Once played, Knight Cards remain face up in front of you. Example: The red settlement (A) regains its function, and the number token (B) is turned face up again.

Note: Each player is offered only one opportunity to vote.

A metropolis is immune to the barbarians. Then you move your ships. If the knights have a strength equal to or greater than the barbarians, the knights win and Catan is saved! Take awarded fame medal pieces from the upgrades tray and place them in front of you.

Do not use any of the Catan base game development cards.

You are not allowed to establish colonies on colony sites if one of the adjacent planets is an ice planet or harbors a pirate base. To accomplish this you need to build ships to travel there.

Randomly place the following hexes in the gray outer circle: 2 forest, 2 hills, 3 pasture, 1 mountains, and 2 fields. … This variant can be combined with all other T&B variants, T&B scenarios, and Seafarers scenarios, without rule changes. You may not build a settlement on the central plaza intersection of a trade hex (A). Settlements and cities built on these intersections have a chance to collect fish tokens.

Set up as outlined in the Catan base Settlers game, except that your second settlement is replaced by a city. This site is dedicated to promoting board games. Remember that the strength of each knight is based upon its type: basic (1), strong (2), or mighty (3). Your people are ready to follow you, even into the unexpected dangers of the unknown. The player “Red” gets the third prisoner because he has more knights involved in the victory. In this scenario, wool takes on a greater significance—wool is used for votes that affect camel placement, which can lead to additional victory points. For each neutral player, place 1 settlement (without a road) on one of the intersections of the game board marked in the following illustration. The event die, when rolled on any player's turn, must show the city gate symbol whose color matches the color of one of your city improvements. The color of each back serves as an additional distinguishing characteristic— each variant/scenario has a unique corresponding color. Settlements and cities at harbors provide “harbor points.”. Once during your turn, you may discard one of your face-up knight cards and take 2 trade tokens in exchange. The red settlement is also conquered, because there are no unconquered hexes adjacent to it—it is turned on its side. Both commodity cards and resource cards have the same card backs (i.e., a map).

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