1978. Benedict, L. W. (1913). 2: The Tiruray. Original Word: διστάζω. Philippine Myths, Legends, and Folktales. Bagobo Myths. Moss, C. R. (1924). Also, could someone please tell me what the different classes were. (1982). Manila : M. Colcol & Co. Jocano, F. L. (1969).

The Gods and Goddesses. Ilongot Life and Legends. If he can get his foot in the door by making us doubt, the rest of his plan quickly can follow. Manila: National Museum. Manila: Bureau of Printing. University of the Philippines. A better solution to your problems is to goggle the key word. Ethnogrphy of the Bikol People. Adlao: the Bicolano son of Dagat and Paros; joined Daga's rebellion and died; his body became the sun; Unnamed God: a Bicolano sun god who fell in love with the mortal, Rosa; refused to light the world until his father consented to their marriage; he afterwards visited Rosa, but forgetting to remove his powers over fire, he accidentally burned Rosa's whole village until nothing but hot springs remained, Sanghid: the Waray giant who wove cloth on a gold loom with supernatural speed; has the power to move back the sun, Liadlao: the gold-bodied Bisaya son of Lidagat and Lihangin; killed by Kaptan's rage during the great revolt; his body became the sun, Adlaw: the Bisaya sun deity worshiped by the good, Launsina: the Capiznon goddess of the sun, moon, stars, and seas, and the most beloved because people seek forgiveness from her, Magrakad: the Tagbanwa god found at exactly noontime on the other side of the sun; gives the warmth which sustains life and, when the people are ill, carries away sickness, Tumangkuyun: wash and keep clean the trunks of the two sacred cardinal trees in Sidpan and Babatan by using the blood of those who have died in epidemics; the blood he uses causes the colors of the sunrise and sunset, Libtakan: the Manobo god of sunrise, sunset, and good weather, Unnamed Gods: the Bagobo gods whose fire create smoke that becomes the white clouds, while the sun creates yellow clouds that make the colors of the rainbow, Kadaw La Sambad: one of the two T'boli supreme deities; married to Bulon La Mogoaw; lives in the seventh layer of the universe, Lageay Lengkuos: the greatest of Teduray heroes and a shaman (beliyan) who made the earth and forests; the only one who could pass the magnet stone in the straight between the big and little oceans; inverted the directions where east became west, inverted the path of the sun, and made the water into land and land into water, Sun Deity: the divine Maranao being depicted in an anthropomorphic form as a flaming young man; angels serve as his charioteers, A possible sun goddess, whose cult has become that of, A solar goddess of some sort, possibly the, This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 13:50.

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