My heart is all yours, today, tomorrow and forever, do as you wish with it. If anybody needs to see common magnificence, he/she need to watch you. Also, I state for me that one is you. Everything about you makes life worth living; I love you and hope to always be here when you need someone.

Love you so much my dear crush. You are so handsome, so decent and lovely; I can’t stop thinking so much about you. Happy Birthday!

Took my chance and I was rewarded with the most amazing gift in the world. She will surely be happy to receive sincere well-wishes from you, especially if your messages come from the heart. Have an unforgettable birthday full of cheer and happy surprises like this one.

I adore you and I’m proposing you on your birthday in this way, Happy Birthday! Have a beautiful birthday my crush. Have a lovely day!

So many times my heart feels like it’ll leave my body, especially when I ponder on thoughts of being with you somehow.

These long paragraphs for your crush are designed to help you show just how much you like that special someone. Hey! Happy Birthday, my dream girl. What a crush you are. It takes extra courage to talk to a woman like you, but I would climb mountain to get that courage, especially now that I am crushing on you.

If you do something extraordinary for him/her then your chances might increase to a great extent. Congrats on your birthday. There is never a right time but I will make one and tell you how I truly feel, for today my girl crush, enjoy your birthday without a single care in the world. I have an extreme faith in us if we could exist in the world of love, you won’t know how perfectly I imagined us if we could try. Have a Happy Birthday my girl crush. I hope you have an amazing birthday filled with all the best fun.

Enjoy yourself. You are the enchantment in my dull and tedious life, painting my voyage with various shades of affection and joy.

Please help me cure me with you.

Enjoy your day my dear crush! I began adoring my life till the day I met you. Have a great Birthday. Words don’t seem enough to describe how much I like you and how much I’d love to be with you, for today enjoy your birthday my girl crush, until the right time dear! Happy Birthday to my crush of my life. Happy Birthday! You may before long be confronting a ton of difficulties throughout everyday life, except I realize you are daring and shrewd and you will without a doubt have the option to overcome life. May the stars shine bright for you, may all your wishes come true and may you always be glad. Wonderful on a fundamental level and psyche. Subscribe to our email newsletter today to receive updates on the latest news, tutorials and special offers! My heaven, have a Happy Birthday. May the best and most delightful things known to mankind everlastingly encompass you.

That is on the grounds that you share your favors of affection with people around you! That means more half of the progress will be done with this. I love you and you will never know it, that sucks but at least I can send you this beautiful birthday message and tell you one year older one year more beautiful my girl crush! This is an expression that this kind of affection is just once in a real existence. Happy birthday! A wish to say Happy Birthday. Please let me be yours.

It’ll be an achievement.

to my crush. From basically the most uncommon woman on the planet, you turned into the most exceptional woman on the planet on her birthday! Someone I love a ton was born on this day.

to my crush, Exclusive Birthday Wishes For Crush: Make him/her feel special, Happy Birthday WhatsApp Status, Wishes, Images, 28 Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother: Make this day more special for him, Unique Happy Birthday Wishes for Niece: Images, Quotes, and Messages. Happy Birthday. Make your Girlfriend happy on her Birthday with these trending Sweet Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Girlfriend.

Happy Birthday crush. I idea holy messengers are just in paradise. My heart longs for your touch. I found every bit of restoration that I needed the very moment I met you, you are my lovely charm and I have waited for you for eternity. When you love someone, you want to let them know just how important they are to you. Even, however, you never let me know, don’t be astonished that I know your birthday. Have a grand birthday my girl crush.

Happy Birthday my dear girl crush, you are the most beautiful girl I know of and you stop my heart when you move close to me. Hopefully, these long paragraphs will just be the first of many loving texts and paragraphs between you and your crush. Happy and glad is my heart whenever I am with you. Life won’t be complete without you, my candy crush! Happy birthday. I love you for real. Happy Birthday Dream girl. Best 200 Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Crush, Birthday Messages for 19-Year-Old – Happy 19th birthday Wishes, Contact Us | Interesting how everything works out either way. The greatest addiction I’ve suffered in my life is your addiction. I’ll never stop until you’re mine.

Happy Birthday my prince and crush. It’s been amazing loving you and having you by my side for the past 365 days. I’ll value it on the off chance that you become my significant other sometime in the not so distant future. You are my crush! After all, it's his special day. There is no one other than you, my crush.

This day comes only once in a year, am happy to be with you my girl. Here are some birthday messages you can send to that special girl to wish her a happy birthday and ensure she puts a smile on her face as she grows older. You’ve always been the girl of my dreams and someday I hope I’ll wake up to find you next to me. I’m not your stalker, I’m your pulverize.

You should make your crush feel sexy on his birthday. My today and tomorrow is totally supportive of you. Come on be mine. Happy Birthday, Adore you to such an extent. You are the daylight on a blustery day, pursuing the blues away. Happy Birthday girl, I trust that day comes soon. I lose my mind when I set my eyes on you. You should make your crush feel sexy on his birthday. You are so special to me. Wishing you a bounty of the best things in this world and the satisfaction of your heart’s wants. Happy Birthday, my crush woman. You are beautiful and special to … Dozens of other girls are going to be commenting on his Facebook page, so you need to say something that will help you stand out from the crowd. A crush is the reason why being single is not so boring, but what happens when you finally get that special someone to notice you? Hoping that you will one day tell me you love me. Happy birthday to the sweetest, kindest, goofiest, selfless, amazingly perfect man! I hope today will make you happy like never before, but if you’re finding it difficult to have a great day, please I’m a phone call away from changing the day.

You are all I long for.

With each passing day, I will always cherish every moment with you and love you like never before. You are so sweet and Beautiful. I hope someday and very soon I will be the first thing on your mind when you wake up and the last thing when you go to bed, just like you are to me now. No one can compare to you, and if it isn’t you, then I don’t want anybody else, have a beautiful birthday my girl crush. Then here, you will find… The day you entered my life, I realized how special you were and how much change you brought into my life. Enjoy your special day. Telling her a happy birthday is common but sending her an unforgettable message is a grand thing and will ensure she definitely doesn’t forget. I’m very sorry I can’t make it to your birthday. I’ve been calling on your love for a very long time, but it sees I’m wasting my time. You + me = Full PowerHappy Bday to the young lady I had always wanted, You are the person who brings a decent time in my life. There is dependably a Romeo for each Juliet and a man for each lady, the one that makes the butterflies in my gut fly. May your dreams all come true and may you enjoy success in everything you do. Happy Birthday crush. May your birthday be filled with enthusiasm, love and bliss. May you develop to be the man I realize you are, have an extraordinary birthday. Best happy birthday paragraphs for boyfriend on his birthday. I have a huge crush on you girl and I’d like you to be mine for keeps, consider me! All that is gold does not sparkle, Not each one of the individuals who meander are lost; The old that is solid does not shrink, Deep roots are not come to by the ice. You are extremely an awesome young lady brimming with inspiration and vitality. I think about you so much that it scares me. With each passing day, you blossom wonderfully with elegance and artfulness. If there are a thousand angels in heaven and they ask me for a wish, I’ll ask them to watch over you always until you become mine. You have a sparkly make a beeline for sweet little toes. Wonderful angel may your life is always bright, and may you enjoy this birthday with all the best wishes.

May all your dreams come true.Your admire and love.

Sweet Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Her – Girlfriend.

Here’s to the uncommon day of an extraordinary woman in my life! Happy Birthday, ruler of my Heart.

Happy Birthday. Your Birthday Wish Better Be about Me This way, he'll still be thinking about you when he's about to blow out his candles.

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