I have nothing to prove to anyone anymore. I can’t do the no contact thing. Hey Jess, so if the plan was to move there and you are still planning on going there then keep to that plan but do not reach out to you ex for a while when you do move as it is going to appear that you did it for him, just check into a few local places that you know he would be aware is near him. So, I’m not going to pretend I know how it feels. Everything is just so right and romantic! His last relationship lasted 3 yrs and possibly ended a few months when I met him. This cramps their style and doesn’t suit their high flying energy. He came to get his things and i could see he was really upset he had ended it but he wouldnt tell me why apart from he wants to be alone. i didnt answer until he was almost out of work and suggest we talk in person. Take a look at my Program and all the resources that come with it! Got a 38th Anniversary card 2 days after I congradulated him on his 25th Anniversary of f’ng his girlfriend in her car at the Christmas Party when I was frantically looking for him for 45 min thinking he was sick. And then because of a lack of sleep you often fight with your partner too. Frankly, I would like to work things out with him. We’re not a good match…. she sent me all the texts and he basically told her we broke up (which she already knew) and “its for the best right now i think”. As I’ve said above I’ve never actually been a parent. He ended up coming into the room I was in and asking if I wanted to sleep in the bed, I did but he tried to cuddle me a few times and again asked me if I wanted to talk but still wanted the break up to happen. Its right when you start to get comfortable around each other, and you stop going the extra mile to impress him. I don’t ever want to be in a long distance relationship. How do you know if you are loving too much? Im not really convinced that he doesnt really love me anymore. Not just because she was used to working but because she feels she has to have this other world completely separate from being a mom. Will He Come Back If He Told Me To Leave Him Alone? Check this one: It eats away at you. I can keep you here no longer. Now, what do I mean by that? Did I do anything wrong Amor? I don’t know who the new girl is or how serious he is with her. It’s actually my cousin and his now wife. You are probably dying to see the reasons, right? Not just because you wanted to impress him but because that’s what you really wanted. So I let it go the night prior to that day I went to a party and a guy asked me for my number and I gave it to him I knew I shouldn’t have because it’s complicated with my ex boyfriend but we’ve never talked about what happens when another person hits on each other technically I’m single we are not in a relationship he keeps dodging anything that has to do with a relationship like it scares him and I feel like I’m in this unfair zone where I can’t talk to other people but I’m not in a relationship and a this has happened before he wasn’t pleased and he gave me the benefit of the doubt and said that he doesn’t believe I was playing games because I wasn’t in a relationship with him and wasn’t talking to him like flirting with him and another guy at the same time I didn’t do that. That’s very typical of them – they revise history in totally self-serving ways. She never text me back and she took him back . Amor, being a cashier at a mall is kind of an easy job. I just started NC, its been 1 week, we play soccer together and he texted me saying he couldnt make it and followed up with another text saying hes still at work will be at playoffs so while I’ve pushed him away it doesnt seem to be too far. Don’t give up on love; give up on the people who made you think love wasn’t good. When we started dating i wasn’t really into it, he is 4 years older and i was young and having fun but he was very persistent and convinced me to go out again and again. I bit my tongue so much as I have gotten used to so much over the years. Some time after I got I’ll ,3 autoimmune diseases in total which I haven’t found a medicine that seriously helps. They’re unavoidable. I seen red flags but my husband charmed me he had 7 kids with 5 women. If you let this sad excuse of a man destroy you, he wins. I am struggling with being a single parent. Would it be strange I’ll be initiating contact and still sound like I want him back? He said there was no turning back, no possible friendship and wished me luck finding my man. Now I am forced to loose even more . He’s so reluctant to be friends with her he’s never met her (and yeah he thinks she’s pretty) I’ve told him I’ve had a friend and ex boyfriend hook up behind my back before and I don’t feel comfortable with that situation he told me that I need to trust him because we worked on our trust. Not just better than other girl because you can’t control the other girl. I’ve listed the most common ones that I have seen while answering comments below, Graduating From School (Or Transferring To A New School). I work at home. Or What happened? Since he doesn’t have a conscience, this doesn’t bother him in the least. In fact, this is a life changing event that is happening for Chris, the founder of Ex Boyfriend Recovery. I was so confused, bewildered and hurt. He was still trapped in a cycle of thinking he needed someone to make him feel happy. To put things in context, I’m an international student and my ex is local. In other words, he isn’t ready for a bigger commitment. And now knowing that, I can exit stage left gracefully, polish my crown and restart my life. It’s been a week since I started NC – he is now trying to destroy my reputation, and we both live in a small town, so he’s doing a great job of it – he lives in the pubs and has lots of bar friends who he badmouths me to. She went traveling abroad for 12 days leaving me at home to take care of our 3 year old daughter whilst working full time. This is the most common scenario I have been seeing lately. I want to explain my situation. Since then, I’ve applied active NC but my feeling is that there is no turning back. Which is not easy, but at least I will put up healthy boundaries and allow him to leave. I believe I am in the discard phase because he shows nothing but hate for me unless he wants something then he is nice until he gets it. A break up is an extremely painful and confusing phase, people would advice you and talk to you, speaking from experience it would sound shallow and hollow to you, its not. As I had decided to commit and saw his fear I wanted to give him the love and patience to be able to fully commit to our life. I think he likes me sending him the messages because he knows that I still care for him. I was with a guy for 8 months who said he didn’t want a relationship with anyone anymore (because that’s what past relationships taught him, and doesn’t want responsibilities) despite saying things like he wants me, I’m his type, loves me, cares about me, like how im not clingy like his exes etc. My wife was standing there with a birthday cake. In their minds he’s the best thing that ever happened to them but when you reach that point it’s not love anymore. She never moved down to be with him. He said he doesn’t love me romantically anymore. Hes been too busy at work also that made me more requesting of his time. Again I told her I wasn’t interested. For those of you wondering when I refer to “family matters” I am not talking about the famous 90’s TV show with Steve Urkel. I felt my value decreased the moment he didn’t want me. I fell head over heels in love with a narcissist. then a few days later i get a call from my friend jackie that he contacted her sister to get jackie to text him. Some guys like their alone time, until they realize being alone is not the way to go. He probably doesn’t expect you to just accept his decision so do the exact opposite of what he’s expecting. Narcissists are without mercy or empathy. after that he texted me saying he was done and all that. You have other duties as a woman. Tiffany…you are going to get through all of this, not matter what happens.

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