If you ask yourself how to learn telekinesis in 5 minutes or how to learn telekinesis in 1 day you should know that is not possible, for learning psychokinesis you need time and patience. Wash away all the irrelevant and extra thoughts from your brain. This refers to the supposed ability of a person to use the mind to control a fire. Place the piece of paper on top of the pin so it’s hanging by itself. This is probably the most difficult step to achieve overall. How to get telekinesis powers fast.

There’s no scientific evidence of telekinesis, but there’s no absolute proof that it doesn’t exist, either. As I have already indicated, telekinetic spells are a group of spells that allow you to have an effect over objects that are far away from where you physically are. Turn paper over & fold it half both ways, Using Essential Oils to Balance Each of the 7 Chakras, How To Select The Right Chakra Stone – Step by Step Guide, Spider Symbolism and Their Meanings in Spirituality, [Special Guide] How to Remove Blackmagic Spells, Symptoms of a Love Spell & How to Protect Yourself, Can Telekinesis Be Used to Make People Fly?​.

4. Take deep breath and keep your eye and thoughts just on the dot. Or is it just some magical trickery?

All Right Reserved. If you have recess, practice in a place where nobody usually goes. 4. Trying to simply spin the wheel without knocking it over can help you learn to control your abilities. Any life is fine. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Why not? There are 6 keys to making telekinesis work and these must be constants. 3.

When you find the full extent of your powers, you may be capable of transmitting your internal energy to heal. The interested people can try this on regular basis to achieve their goals. You could wear anything, it doesn't really matter what you wear. Practice makes perfect, so have patience, and work on refining your abilities every day. Content presented on WingedWizard.com does not constitute medical, legal, financial or other professional advice. Magic can be very dangerous when it backfires on you and the bad intentions you had on others finally happen to you. 3. To develop telekinesis, start by meditating every day and visualizing objects around you in your mind.

So meditate more, practice breathing and have patience. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 2,932,732 times.

Such a state does not need any specific training, what many believe is whenever someone becomes masterful at anything he reaches a state of flow with it that transcends the material world and they reach this state of being with it. Try doing each exercise for around 20 minutes and practice for about an hour a day.

And because of this, believers say that telekinesis can actually be learned and done by absolutely anyone. wikiHow's.

There is a growing realisation that the souls of other objects which you feel are in fact not other separate objects either, they are part of this wholeness as well. Sadly, there has been no scientific data to prove that it is real, but there hasn’t been any data that show that it isn’t real, either. Meditation by eliminating all the deviations will help to stay focused. And this might be true for most people but if you take the time to harness your brain’s ability, its capacity is boundless. Those people who do not believe that this is possible to argue so based on their own lack of belief in their own ability, they believe that no one else will be able to. Most of the people think that TKS is only about moving the object. Full commitment is needed as any shadows of doubt will weaken your resolve and willpower to perform.This step is probably the most difficult one to achieve initially. by Judy Nyssa | May 16, 2019 | Spirituality. Train your mind to enter into the state of being, 6. Look at them in full detail and memorize their features: their color, their shape, the corners, everything. One of the ways to harness your brain power is to focus and concentrate. Don't expect results in the first week, in the second to third, maybe a little movement and onwards there should be a lot more movement, in a year or two, you should be able to levitate objects as heavy as books. Just keep focus on every mind practise you made. This involves never using any magic for motives which are ulterior. Just like any spells like fire spells, in order to have the ability to use a particular telekinetic spells, you will have to spend some time understanding what these spells are all about. This is because of the fundamentalism of material science which attempts to dismiss such phenomenon when they do not align with their own presuppositions. Create a positive attitude. There’s a popular notion that humans only use 10% of their brain power.

By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. Telekinesis is also a popular superpower among many superhero characters in comics and movies, such as the powerful Jean Grey and Professor X of the famous X-Men characters of Marvel Comics. witchspellbook October 26, 2017 August 22, 2019. by witchspellbook October 26, 2017 August 22, 2019 0 10383. In this world which is forever becoming more connected,... Read more. Don’t get discouraged if you’re unable to move objects with your thoughts. For example, if you attempt to cast a few spells to lift objects and the first attempt doesn’t work, there is nothing which stops you from giving it another try. You Don’t Get That Which You’re Capable; You Get That Which You’re Comfortable, I Stopped Smoking Pot as a Spiritual Challenge. So when you close your eyes, you can visualize that object in your mind in full detail. Just keep a dot in a paper and keep it at some distance. If you ask yourself how to learn telekinesis in 5 minutes or how to learn telekinesis in 1 day you should know that is not possible, for learning psychokinesis you need time and patience. As always, we end these articles by inviting you to tell us what you think. These 9 steps have to be completed in the given order: This is the first barrier and most of the world is unable to pass this. Continue to control your breathing and, without straining, concentrate on focusing your mind on a single thought. Do I have to wear certain types of clothes? There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. If it’s not, then you have to get back to step 1 and ask yourself if you currently have any distractions or doubts, and practice concentrating some more. You can’t just do them once and expect to have telekinetic powers tomorrow morning. Now focus on yourself as well, you are no longer a separate individual entity. Telekinesis defies several laws of physics and if you believe that everything can be explained through graphs, physical data, and years of studies, then you won’t be able to learn telekinesis. Do the telekinesis exercises or practice moving objects at will. Since the key to telekinesis is that you and the object are one, it's important to feel and understand the energy that forms this connection. Anybody who wants to cast spells always enjoys the power to affect objects over large distances. What being means is to be in a state of flow with the present, to feel within it rather than leaning towards the future which is how most of us spend our life. Just like any spells like fire spells, in order to have the ability to use a particular telekinetic spells, you will have to spend some time understanding what these spells are all about. If you didn’t get the object moved don’t feel frustrated, continue to learn telekinesis exercises with patience. This is the reason why we advise people using any telekinetic spells that they should start by cultivating the belief.

It is believed that the mind has a magnetic field and when used in its full capacity, the mind has the ability to push this magnetic field into the object you want to move. Feel the shape of the ball when you create it and feel its texture, its warmth or coolness, its smooth surface and its weight.

For any questions or if you’ve started this process, feel free to comment down below and tell us r your experience thus far with telekinesis. Move it to the left, to the right, or make it circle. How to get telekinesis powers fast. Witch. Just like any spells like fire spells, in order to have the ability to use a particular telekinetic spells, you will have to spend some time understanding what these spells are all about. Of all psychic powers, telekinesis is said to be the rarest but can be learned and mastered. Because atoms are everywhere, it is believed that the energy emitted from the mind is able to move these atoms and therefore, our mind has the ability to move objects.

Create a positive attitude. How To Do Telekinesis. It will help you to the core while performing telekinesis. Passing, random thoughts quiet as your mind focuses on the one bright star. See the ball with your mind’s eye. To be able to do that, you have to do the following: 1. Take some time to tell us if you have any questions about the spells we write about here or maybe you are looking for a certain spell we have not discussed, we would love to answer your questions. Telekinesis Exercises 1. Cover the psi wheel with the glass or jar so no air can come in and move the paper. Two theories that explain how telekinesis works are: ​According to this theory, since matter is made of particles, the mind actually has the capacity to move these particles.

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