Boerboel Rescue North Carolina, (Because I’m not a fan of that heavily painted brick/stone look either.) But finally I decided that I was tired of looking at it like it was and even though I do have a vision for what I want it to be someday, I wasn’t ready to take the plunge with a remodel for it yet.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. Of course, even after I decided to paint it, more questions popped up. Chinchillas For Sale In Nc, 1940s Terms Of Endearment, I am going to show this to him. I’m not worried because it is all on the outside (not too close to the fire).

Tom Robinson Mockingbird Symbolism Quotes, Cool colors look great in here as a balance to the warm floors and with the sunlight it feel refreshing, so it seems to work fine! Has anyone tried to plaster over and then paint it? Kinda like the plastering and painting old tile counters? If you have a fireplace you don’t like, paint can lessen its design impact so you can redirect the vision for your room in other ways.

The mauve grout, the dated color. Terrifying Conquerors Tier List, This project is husband approved :) at least mine and another commenter’s haha! I think you should investigate removing the rock. Medea Goddess Of Illusion, The off-centeredness. Roblox Card Code Generator No Human Verification,

You’re really making progress now.

Glyceride Junji Ito Book, Suzuki Ts400 For Sale Uk, However, you can cover it. Thanks so much for the encouragement you give to others in your blog. Thank you!! My inclination would have been to just whitewash the stone, but I think you made a much better decision for this room in picking up the gray color. If not you can still frame it etc. on different ways we could update it but in the end painting it just seemed to be the cheapest and easiest option. Watch Scrubs Online With Subtitles, But there is the brown rock fireplace. 6th Grade Go Math Curriculum Map, Truth be told, I am not a painted stone or brick kind of girl. White Flaky Stuff In Pool, Love the color and the fact that you didn’t need to use much paint. Is Woo Blood Or Crip,

make a simple frame out of plywood that sits up against the coquina wall and just put drywall on it and paint it. How to change my bathroom floor that is torginol? The chalk paint really gives your fireplace a nice, homey look. Also on the list is covering it with a curtain or framing and sheet rocking it.

After several paint samples, we decided on Behr's Cracked Pepper which is a nice dark gray.

How to make this antique piece functional? And honestly, the worst that could happen was I still hated it. That made sense. I think that if you do paint this, you will live to regret it!

Well done :). What Does Whistling Symbolize, All the best Painting Lava Rock 28+ collected on this page. But you’ll never know until you try! My Indian flapshell turtle fell from 3rd floor. Is the nucleus smaller than the electron?

Busy. Or I’ll tear it all out and redo it later. Wow! It looks to me that it was added after the house was built. Ha! Great job! Definitely something I’d love to try. Discontinued Ikea Metal Bed Frames,

White wash and then a mosaic tile on mantle and hearth. It had a very masculine feel.

I think the grey is perfect and changed the whole look of the room. Beautiful!

I am not allowing you to do this. How do I protect the walls next to a 24 foot tall red brick fireplace when painting it? A softer wall colour would harmonize everything, or if you were really keen to paint, try a small spot first to check for durability. To paint a river rock, start by cleaning it off using warm, soapy water and a toothbrush. Do you think this would be a good option over a dated brick fireplace?

Honestly I do not think the paint will adhere to the rock. Wow!

Here is our next house, we used faux stack stone after removing the hoop.

Whitewash is a lot more forgiving than paint and you might love it with just one coat.

we have a volcanic rock fireplace that we wanted to paint, too, and I have that very same question! The room looks more settled now too. It looks like it was always that color! My fireplace is pinky brick.

From the photos, the stone looks natural and not at all painted, and the hearth, though slightly warmer, does not appear dissonant, especially with the colours of the objects you placed there.

mine is rock, I haven't 'painted' but, I did polyeurahane it with beautiful shiny results. It was easy. Oh Yea, looks terrific enuf to keep long term if you want to! You are fortunate that your husband encourages your creativity. It looks so glam, but also cozy and inviting! Love the new look.

James Mattis Net Worth, Tie Me Up Tie Me Down Google Drive. It should have stayed outside. Many years ago in a house I had the owners of the hours had down one wall in the living room with faux stone and it wasn't even a good job, so we had drywall put over it and are trim, and you would of never known it had stone underneath.

Luckily under it was brick and cinder blocks. However, I have to say, this looks fabulous and much improved.

I used a screwdriver and hammer to pop off the rocks. Wow I’m glad he enjoyed the makeover, too! We have a volcanic rock wall/fireplace, can it be painted?

Now it has been re rocked with Eldorado stone and it is much more symmetrical and pleasing to me.

I have an INTERIOR coquina rock fireplace wall that I hate, hate, hate. That looks so much better. What we did was rip it out. If we end up using it to build a fire I’ll know better how it works out but I’m guessing it will be totally fine!

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