What would be your suggestions to put an end to that situation. Hello James thanks for this site it is very informative and helpful. If you want to set up the alter near the door, make sure you are in a room and you are facing the door. Papa Legba has very suddenly jumped into my life and this has opened to me a sudden fascination with the African dieties and spirits — esp Papa Legba, who seems to be ever present now. You will love the food & the hospitality, I promise =). You can definitely save the jar and reuse it. – what else can I do for her to grant my wish(es)? In short, Met Kalfu is no Voodoo spirit for a witch to summon haphazardly. Yes! I would keep the offerings going and remember to light a white candle each Monday for the ancestors. Also when you do work for another person, should that person be the one making the offerings?? You could also go to a local spiritual worker that you trust from whatever tradition you practice and have then do a service on your behalf.

I was cleansed by this Legba with a burning branch at a dance in Haiti. I would also take a bath is some salt water and read the 91st and 35th psalms each day for 9 days. Hi, I’m separated with my wife for about one year and three months now. I would also recommend invoking Chango since he is a spirit of passion and is certainly capable of lighting a fire under your ex lover and getting him to take action in terms of officially coming back to you. How do we make offerings to Anaisa? 2 way or 4 way? Yes, that is absolutely fine. This led to the quick widespread of Papa Legba from African culture to other parts of the world. Thank you so much for visiting the site and of leaving such a nice comment. I was in a botanical shop and noticed, in addition to offering the lwa (spirits) food, they also added money(dollar bills). . In the Haitian Vodou or Voodoo religion, Papa Legba is a loa, that serves as an intermediary between the humanity and the spirit world. I have this long distance relationship which i have such a strong feeling towards him- i cant let him go at least just yet…I heard he is cheating but for some reason he came back around slowly but i have no way in knowing if they are still together – while i see some pictures recently that they are in the same venue:-(, I want him to be more responsive with me and only me….and hopefully he will devote his love for me…, I heard you have to go through papa legba first. As for the peacock feather, it is perfectly fine. Sure, just let me know a little about what you’d like to accomplish through a ritual or spell and I can make a recommendation. So I’m wondering if it’s ok to change original placement of offering (candle, flowers, etc). I’m living with a relative and I was wanting to know would it be good to have an alter in their home?

He is the opener and the closer of the gates.Papa Legba is also associated with Saint Peter. He blesses us immensely by opening the gates. I have set up an alter with a red candle for San Miguel and a yellow candle for Anaisa along with a glass of beer with perfume in it, a cigarette wich I blow smoke around her and yellow flowers. I began to create a space for Erzuli Freda. This is a test from Papa Legba. Or must it be a specific idk supernatural type crossroads? for example if I was asking oshun and shango to help me get my (also male) partner back, do either of them, or any of the lwa/orisha care about sexuality? Is she safe spirit

Here is a list of Legba’s corresponding saints. You can just buy an image of the saint or spirit that helped you and keep it in a discrete spot in your home. Any advice on a better way to ask ochun for help?

. It’s all about preferences. Can you suggest any small offering that would please PapaLegba? I have been told that there is a formidable woman behind me but do not know what this means. Traditionally the actual Elegua that is given by your padrino is placed next to the front door, but since it’s just an image you can place it anywhere. We know the lwa are working based on changes effected in our lived and not necessarily through supernatural visions. However, his service is not free and therefore you need to make payment for the help. Do I simply make a alter for her and ask her of this?

Thank you for stopping by. He may look scary, but he’s truly said to be a “fatherly” figure. I used oranges, cinnamon, cinnamonsticks, cloves, a yellow candle, 5 copper pennies, 3 shells and ofcourse her favorite Honey. Hello James I am continuing to serve Mama Danto. While he’s known to be a jokester, he is also benevolent. It’s true that they take a long time but once they are in place they are strong and long lasting. I’m glad you enjoying the website. When you present it, light a blue or white candle and ask for her blessing and protection. This is done by actually thanking him and saying GoodBye. Leave the altar in place until the candle has burned out and then dispose of your offerings, ideally in a place sacred to that saint, but if you are a city dweller, this is not always possible, so you may dispose of them in the trash after the service is complete. I’m wondering, though, is it “kosher” to do spell work on a veneration altar, i.e. I have heard people speak of sacred words to use in order to reach higher levels of her power, how can one learn of these words as they seem to only be passed down within strict circles?

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