I hope you’ll look back on this part of your life and your relationship with him and think you dodged a bullet because things got better and he became sane again. What in the actual f#%k is the matter with you people? Then to compound the problems, plenty of the male dogs were large, badly socialized due to being owned by “thug” style owners who wanted a “scary” dog, and rarely were they neutered (because having a neutered dog somehow harmed the male owners manhood), which meant loose and pregnant dogs everywhere as well. So do I actively choose to keep both my pets miserable for the sake of making myself not look bad? – What of kitty litter duties and food? I have anxiety with open doors, I don’t know why, so Ive tried to teach him to either stay out or stay in but it doesn’t seem to work. After all, if they are here it’s because they’re looking for a resolution to their problem. So MANY saints!

If you dont believe that, please for the love of God, go make friends with a wolf. Don’t be so quick to judge some families do try everything but see the dog get anxious and depressed due to the unfortunate circumstances. Our son is in the 7th grade and certainly needs his sleep. He’s a Doberman Shepard mix, so maybe a breed specific group could help? he was vaccinated and sterilised. I used to be like you. We’ve thought of having someone “watch him” for a while but it’d be probably 2 years with the way life is right now. I’m afraid to rehome her because shed just do it to the next family. Her personality is not her fault but I just can’t imagine living with this cat for the next several years. But no no, here’s a good idea; keep the dog. My kids think I’m soulless btw. I even had to rehome one of my two own dogs. Do I bring my cat into a home with anywhere from 10-40 dogs at a time? It’s not fair to think owners give up their dogs without a thought. How absolutely disgusting and selfish of me to get diagnosed with a disease that is slowely shutting down each organ in my body. Our son does have an allergiest specialist and we tried hard for a year to manage as a family. (In which you might, or wont be able to balance?)

We had a pet sitter for two weeks when we were away (first time) and she number attacked her.

They quickly become part of the family and become attached to their people.

Penny, we adopted shortly before my first cat I found while in college (who developed hyperthyroid) started losing weight. We showere him with all sorts of love and all we get in return is an arm full of scratches and bites. Sometimes negative emotions just bubble and build out of frustration and hurt.

Be sure to play with your cats regularly and, like I said, be sure to stack furniture so they can jump and feel they have more vertical space. My daughter has this kitten was cute covered in fleas and litter trained. So haters gonna hate, but haters need to remember that the larger part of pet owners agonize over a decision to rehome. I did not do this for an excuse or just for my benefit.

I feel like I’m walking on eggshells around her and waiting for the next rage episode. The pet deserves a loving healthy home. If she is sitting next to you on the couch and she decides your hands are too close watch out!

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