If your iguana is unhappy, it will come closer to the threat and whip the tail. The vet will review the eyes and will look for any issues. If you are agreeable to him: he feels safe around you, enjoys the meals you serve, etc, etc, then he likes you, that is intelligent.

The light positioning is often the main reason why your iguana is closing its eyes. * Features include symptoms and the results of the doctor's examination. He is definitely the most interesting and fun to watch but will require more patience to supervise the trooper that he is. Please confirm that you are not located inside the Russian Federation. Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated in /home/todayspl/public_html/pg/includes/site.inc.php on line 2 Features mentioned are typical but not always present. Call it hormones if you like but BE AWARE of this condition. There are always exceptions and know that some female iguanas can even be domineering to a male. But please remember, each iguana has its own personality. But if your iguana is definitely not a female, it can be digging to help with skin shed or because its enclosure is too small – read about optimal cage sizes here. Sometimes, you might face iguana eye problems – for example when your iguana won’t open its eyes. He will return to the house after he takes a brief walk in his familiar outside yard.

Generally speaking she is inclined to be more sensitive, finicky, less tolerant and gets scared much easier than the confident calm male.

At night Hasbro may decide to climb on my lap and sleep while I drive. After your iguana bonds with you, closing one eye (closer to you) and keeping the other one open means that it trusts you. Please take your iguana to the vet, who will lance the abscess and remove all the pus from the inside. If […] Usually the iguana will rub the closed eye against the ground or some convenient object. They look for runny nose and other signs of allergies, toothache or headache, which may indicate a dental or sinus infection, fever, and changes in skin near the eye.

You will probably not see an iguana do head bobbing in a pet shop because he feels like a nobody without his own home.

If you continue to provoke this war ready iguana, he may at any time jump, lunge and bite or whip. as this Fluker’s reptile cage cleaning spray.

Is the eye red or has a scratch? All iguanas have different personalities, some might become tame and calm, and others might stay aggressive. Some males will only become warriors if another male comes into their territory but the dominant male will be active on a mission to search out and destroy other males. Make sure that living conditions are excellent (enough space, stress-free home, good quality food etc. But don’t confuse a calm iguana for a tame one – it could be sick. The baby iguana is not the teen age iguana, is not the adult iguana. If your iguana closes its eyes when you are petting it, it doesn’t mean that it’s enjoying it. A person may experience swelling in one or both eyelids.

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