The one and only Camels Hump Mountain! The beds were not the warm wooden ones currently in the bedrooms, but noisy and rickety iron bedsteads. Enjoying Lake Champlain is eagerly thought of with anticipation and these two photos show some boys ready to “dive-in” or boat on the lake while attending Kamp Kill Kare. The “Kamp” was established in 1906 and in 1956 is celebrated its 50 th Anniversary with much fanfare. When you have a home on the coast of Maine, there is never a shortage of visitors. Candles and kerosene lamps were the only source of light. Given that this place has a history of making fresh blueberry pancakes for white-tail deer I'm hoping that they will entertain answering a few simple questions about an antique canoe! In 1914, it was purchased by philanthropist Francis P. Garvan, who renovated and customized it.

The end result was Camp Pine Knot, completed in 1885. Kamp Kill Kare brochure 2. Located on the southwestern tip of St. Albans Point, a three-mile peninsula that defines St. Albans Bay, Kamp Kill Kare is surrounded on three sides by the sparkling water of Lake Champlain. The Lodge had a huge field-stone double fireplace that faced both the recreation area and the dining room. Having trouble using this site? Inclusive Dates: 1908-1979, undated. Breathe! Having had such idyllic childhood summers in Maine, it seemed only natural for my mother to start a girls' summer camp - Four Winds - on the adjacent old farm that her parents purchased in 1922.

Upon its completion, Durant sold Camp Uncas to financier J.P. Morgan. There were staff dinners, reunions and parties hosted on the porch every summer. I surprisingly took a job as a Park Attendant the summer after my Junior year of college.

Located on the wooded shores of Walker Pond just a few miles from the ocean, Kill Kare is an ideal family retreat close to the Penobscot Bay and the picturesque towns of Bar Harbor, Northeast Harbor, Castine, Blue Hill, Brooklin, Deer Isle and Stonington.

In June of 1946, Grace welcomed 13 campers. A locals guide to craft beer, artisan coffee, and incredible views across the country…. Kill Kare Kamp, est.

The Rocky Point House was renovated in 1982, but by 2009 more significant improvements were needed. In 1915, the Smiths decided to build a summer home on the shores of the Eggemoggin Reach (part of the Penobscot Bay) that they named “Bon Air” thereby escaping the pre-air conditioning days of sweltering Baltimore summers.

Although the property is open year-round, the buildings themselves are not typically open during the summer months, and these weekends offer an exclusive chance to check out them out while snowshoeing and skiing across the camp. Another feature that Kill Kare State Park offers is its access to Burton Island. May you find our home the haven on the lake that it has been for us and may you truly be able to “kill all your cares” while you are here. The gable-roofed farmhouse at the top was where the barn was located and the horseback riding program was held. When you have a home on the coast of Maine, there is never a shortage of visitors. Accessibility is our goal, please contact or email us with site improvements. Experiencing intense thunderstorms alone in the park right before closing. Many venture here from out of state to see the historic landmarks while taking in the views of beautiful Lake Champlain. W.W. Durant's first Great Camp resulted from transformations he applied to his father's property on Raquette Lake.

My grandfather, my uncle (in the striped shirt) and my mother (with the giant bow in her hair) were all adept at catching dinner. to Enjoying Kill Kare Kamp and Coastal Down East Maine. In 2010, the hotel building was completely renovated to reflect the original lakeside hotel architecture. Now the building know as the Rocky Point Museum features a event space, newly renovated bathrooms, a museum, and multiple living spaces for park staff. Our woodland chapel, Grace Chapel in the Green Cathedral, was further down the lake. This state park is named for Kamp Kill Kare, a summer camp for boys, which operated on this site from 1912 until 1966. Kill Kare holds the record for the most expensive Great Camp estate ever sold in the Adirondacks. The history, views, and atmosphere made this place an incredible place to spend my days. The day-use park is administered by the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation, as part of the Vermont State Park system. In 1914, it was purchased by philanthropist Francis P. Garvan, who renovated and customized it. Today, Kill Kare State Park continues to be a locals destinations for swimming, barbecuing, fishing, and relaxing.

Kamp Kill Kare NY K Raquette Lake NY 13436. My grandparents, Catherine and Wilbur Smith, flanking an unidentified guest at Kill Kare circa 1920’s.

Kamp Kill Kare operated as a boys camp from 1906 up until the late 1960’s.

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