Our sweet baby boy, Jake, is almost 15 months old. Overall rating: 3 out of 5 stars But then, Kindara started bugging me to take my tempertaure (as I was flying out the door late), and check the consistency of my cervical mucus (when the G train went above ground at Smith-9th Streets). Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars CONSULT WITH A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL BEFORE TAKING ANY OF THE PRODUCTS ON THIS SITE, BEFORE STARTING ANY DIET, EXERCISE OR SUPPLEMENTATION PROGRAM, BEFORE TAKING ANY MEDICATION, OR IF YOU HAVE OR SUSPECT YOU MIGHT HAVE A HEALTH PROBLEM.

Conceivable's program made it easy for her to stay inspired and make progress every day until she got pregnant. Get your Conceivable Score and see how close you are to optimum fertility. Within the first cycle [on Conceivable], I ovulated all on my own! When BBT's are this low, progesterone production also tends to suffer, making it extremely difficult for implantation to occur and for pregnancy to be maintained. My cycle went from ridiculous 58-43 day cycles to 32 day cycles with four days of bleeding. Platform(s): iOS and Android. The, ahem, appropriately named Cervical Mucus Method involves investigating the physical form of your (you guessed it) cervical mucus, as well as determining the position and feel of your cervix. Erin was suffering from fatigue, so we recommended that she start going to bed just a few minutes earlier each day. Find out how Priya can improve your practice. If you want to learn more about fertility awareness and FAMs in general, check out our article that explains the basics of fertility tracking, or visit the site of fertility expert Toni Weschler, which goes into depth about “Taking Charge of Your Fertility.”.

Kindara, Inc. further certifies that the Wink electronic thermometer conforms with the Essential Requirements, as listed in Annex I to Council Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices, the Medical Device Directive (MDD), as amended under Directive 2007/47/EC. Erin got a systematic plan that helped her make simple, daily changes over 12 weeks. Kindara and Conceivable are separate, unaffiliated business entities. Imagine this circle represents your ideal fertility. She couldn’t generate enough heat to even keep her body feeling warm! Using the combination of the Temperature Method and the Calendar Method should start to reveal some patterns about your fertility, as you can see with Kindara’s chart feature. The more you input over time, the more Glow learns about you. How it works The Glow dashboard shows relevant information about your current cycle day and a prompt to log your basic information regarding temperature, periods, sex, and cervical mucus to form its fertility predictions. As difficult as those losses were I realized I quickly learned I was absolutely not alone in my struggle or desire to grow my family. The last key clue to Erin's situation was her menstrual bleeding. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I loved everything about my experience with Conceivable. Visual Style: Excellent Platform(s): iOS and Android. Your Conceivable program gives you the tools you need to change your score and improve your fertility, bringing you closer to pregnancy every month. The App: “Clue” We greatly appreciate your presence here and welcome your participation 24/7/365. I also purchased Wink from the kickstarter and it's been a wonderful addition to my natural cycle charting routine. Oh! Ease of Use: Okay ”. All statements or claims made on the Conceivable website or about the Fertility360 app are the sole invention and expression of Conceivable and are not applicable to Kindara or any Kindara products. A community of other users who share tips and insights from their own experiences. Stress is like kryptonite for your fertility, and for Erin in particular, it complicated several problems. Practicing “Fertility Awareness” means more than just scoping out your fertile phases. Erin had irregular menstrual cycles, PMS, irritability, headaches, exhaustion, low progesterone, scanty bleeding, menstrual cramping with clotting, digestive issues like GIRD, gas, bloating, and food cravings, and felt cold all the time. ② Step 2: We activate your account and send you instructions to download the Conceivable App on your iOS device. The Symptothermal Method is for the hardcore DIY fertility scientist inside of you who really wants to nail this thing down. FertileBoost™ is the most effective way to significantly improve your menstrual cycle and BBT’s. We have a solution for you. I was so nervous at first, but just having a better understanding of what my body needed to make a better environment to carry a baby was so helpful. YOU SHOULD NOT USE THE INFORMATION ON THIS SITE FOR DIAGNOSIS OR TREATMENT OF ANY HEALTH PROBLEM OR FOR PRESCRIPTION OF ANY MEDICATION OR OTHER TREATMENT. Regular cycles resumed after a couple of months of treatment. Track your hormone symptoms daily, and My FLO will tell you how to use food to resolve symptoms and when to expect menstruation. With solutions that allow you to take responsibility of your fertility and health, understanding your body has never been easier. It also features a library of default reminders for your period, your fertile window, your ovulation day, and more. Despite any app’s awesomeness, using this method alone holds no guarantees—especially for those of us with unpredictable and inconsistent flows. Conceivable identifies more than 50 other factors that can affect your ability to get pregenant. Within a month of beginning the program, Erin’s headaches and exhaustion disappeared. Conceivable helped me achieve the one thing in life I wanted more than anything else; to become a mother. While there’s no single herb that’s a fertility panacea, our products address menstrual cycle irregularities specific to each phase of the menstrual cycle. This method requires education and dedication but can be highly effective and rewarding. “Not only did Conceivable help us have a child, it put me back in control of my own body and health in a natural, empowering way.”, “Conceivable has allowed us to have the family we prayed for, and healthy menstrual cycles have improved my quality of life on a daily basis.”. Federal Identification Number (EIN): 52-1974611. Wow, our first IVF after I started [Conceivable] we got pregnant. Our high-quality, proprietary formulas are specifically designed for infertility patients, and combine 2,000 years of herbal tradition and current medical research. Cons: Period Tracker! Fertility awareness-based methods are inexpensive and hormone-free. First of all: Clue developers have made a trendy and fun app. App is rather complicated, with many different screens you have to slide up …

It uses symbols instead of words (and there was no easy to find explanation of what the symbols meant). Many women have used Conceivable successfully in conjunction with other fertility treatments. Which birth control pill is right for me? In Erin's case, trouble breaking down food into usable nutrients was key to understanding why she wasn't getting pregnant. The Ovia app isn’t just about tracking cervical mucus, but it is particularly thorough in its mucus-tracking efforts compared to the other apps I reviewed.

To fully experience the beauty of the Temperature Method, you’ll need to get a BBT read that’s accurate right down to a fraction of a degree. Conceivable is an investment in your fertility/pregnancy health where the returns are exponential.”, “We tried for 2 years. CONSULT WITH A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL BEFORE TAKING ANY OF THE PRODUCTS ON THIS SITE, BEFORE STARTING ANY DIET, EXERCISE OR SUPPLEMENTATION PROGRAM, BEFORE TAKING ANY MEDICATION, OR IF YOU HAVE OR SUSPECT YOU MIGHT HAVE A HEALTH PROBLEM. It’s time for empowerment, community, and accuracy. As Erin made progress and her fertility started to improve, her plan was continually adapted to keep her fertility moving forward. THE PRODUCTS AND INFORMATION FOUND ON CONCEIVABLE.COM ARE NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE OR TREATMENT.

If your score is low, don't worry, the Conceivable method will help you boost your score and your fertility. Why the resurgence? Even though Erin was eating a healthy diet, her digestive system was having a hard time breaking food down into the nutrients her body needed to support a healthy reproductive system. Whether you suffer from uncomfortable symptoms like cramping and heavy bleeding, or cycle regularity issues, Conceivable's got you covered with the right formula at the right time. FAMs incorporate cycle-tracking techniques that women have used for generations to help evaluate when it’s fertile time and/or party time. Find out how Kindara can improve your practice.

Inform and educate your patients about Priya. or desire to grow my family. You should always consult your doctor before starting any diet or supplement program, including Conceivable. By tracking with Kindara, you will learn about your body’s natural cycle, be confident about your fertile window, and maximize your chances of getting pregnant. setting the record straight when it comes to sex, a weekly column on sex, life, love, and kicking ass. We are now the parents of a healthy baby boy! While every fertility journey is different, Conceivable can help improve important fertility markers like: Kindara and Conceivable are separate, unaffiliated business entities. And please note: We will not tolerate abusive comments, racism, personal attacks, or bullying. *Priya is coming soon!*. Erin stayed engaged with her program and kept up with regular appointments with her coach.

Goodbye surprise periods, mysterious fertile windows, and confusion. I'm thrilled! Her periods increased to a regular 3-4 days in length, and consisted of the ideal amount of fresh red blood, a really good sign that her uterine lining had improved and was ready for implantation and baby making.

I had been ready to try fertility treatments, but ended up with a positive pregnancy test before beginning. Happy new-age cycle-tracking! Highly recommend to people that are serious about learning the method and faithfully charting.”, “I have been using Kindara for about a month now and absolutely love it. We believe TMI is a good thing. Which fertility and period tracking apps can you trust? By the third month, Erin started recording appropriately high BBT temperatures in her luteal phase, and had experienced two regular menstrual cycles, both of which were free PMS symptoms like headaches and irritability. I shared this dream with many woman all over the world and being able to help others with their charts and questions has helped make this difficult process more bearable. Conceivable is currently only available in the United States. Learn How Erin Changed Her Fertility Forever, In Just 90 Days. Conceivable Inc.   1011 San Jacinto Blvd, Suite 202, Austin, TX, 78722. It brought my cycles to about 35 days with much more regularity. Erin's digestive system was dropping the ball. COVID-19, IVF and Pregnancy: Interview with Fertility Experts. Based on the science of the Symptothermal Method, a fertility awareness-based method, Kindara is a powerful tracking tool that you can use to chart your body signs to avoid pregnancy naturally. Level of Engagement: Good And, knowledge (about cervical fluid) is power. Clue App (to be honest, the majority of the period tracking apps are very like this – based on the rhythm method).

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