[ERROR_DS_DRA_ACCESS_DENIED (0x2105)], The requested operation is not supported by this version of the directory service. [ERROR_DUP_DOMAINNAME (0x4C5)], The network is not present or not started. [ERROR_MCA_UNSUPPORTED_COLOR_TEMPERATURE (0x3B67)], The requested system device cannot be identified due to multiple indistinguishable devices potentially matching the identification criteria.

[ERROR_INTERNET_OPTION_NOT_SETTABLE (0x2EEB)], WinINet support is being shut down or unloaded. [ERROR_HASH_NOT_SUPPORTED (0x3BC4)], The hash requested from the server is not available or no longer valid. [ERROR_IPSEC_BAD_SPI (0x3656)], Packet was received on an IPsec SA whose lifetime has expired. [ERROR_FILE_EXISTS (0x50)], The directory or file cannot be created.

[ERROR_CONVERT_TO_LARGE (0x258)], The attempt to find the object found an object matching by ID on the volume but it is out of the scope of the handle used for the operation.

[ERROR_CLUSTER_PROPERTY_DATA_TYPE_MISMATCH (0x1707)], The cluster node was evicted from the cluster successfully but the node was not cleaned up. [ERROR_DEPENDENCY_TREE_TOO_COMPLEX (0x1729)], The call into the resource DLL raised an unhandled exception. [ERROR_MEDIA_INCOMPATIBLE (0x10DB)], The resource required for this operation does not exist.

[ERROR_DS_CONSTRAINT_VIOLATION (0x202F)], There is no such object on the server. [ERROR_IPSEC_MM_FILTER_PENDING_DELETION (0x32DA)], The transport filter is pending deletion. [ERROR_EVT_UNRESOLVED_PARAMETER_INSERT (0x3AB6)], The maximum number of replacements has been reached. [ERROR_DS_PDC_OPERATION_IN_PROGRESS (0x212A)], A cross-domain move operation failed such that two versions of the moved object exist - one each in the source and destination domains.

[ERROR_SCREEN_ALREADY_LOCKED (0x5A0)], All handles to windows in a multiple-window position structure must have the same parent.

[ERROR_VOLUME_MOUNTED (0x2E7)], This success level status indicates that the transaction state already exists for the registry sub-tree [ERROR_RXACT_COMMITTED (0x2E8)], This indicates that a notify change request has been completed due to closing the handle which made the notify change request.

[ERROR_DS_UNKNOWN_OPERATION (0x20AD)], The role owner attribute could not be read. [ERROR_HANDLES_CLOSED (0x2A4)], {Too Much Information} The specified access control list (ACL) contained more information than was expected. [DNS_ERROR_NODE_IS_CNAME (0x25EC)], A CNAME record already exists for given name. [ERROR_CIRCULAR_DEPENDENCY (0x423)], The specified service does not exist as an installed service. [ERROR_INVALID_COLORSPACE (0x7E1)], Image Color Management is not enabled.

[ERROR_INSTALL_CANCEL (0x3CF8)], Install failed. [ERROR_NO_SIGNAL_SENT (0xCD)], The filename or extension is too long. [ERROR_REM_NOT_LIST (0x33)], You were not connected because a duplicate name exists on the network. [ERROR_REPARSE_TAG_INVALID (0x1129)], There is a mismatch between the tag specified in the request and the tag present in the reparse point.

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