This 26 October, Andy Smith, President, Halldale Media, Andy Fawkes, Editor, MS&T, Rick Adams, Editor, CAT and Marty Kauchak, Halldale Group Editor, completed a wide-ranging interview with Daniel Gelston, Group President of CAE's Defence & Security Group. 1. They will provide you with all the information you need to decide on the best route to the flight deck and can help you understand the Airline Pilot career options that could be available in the industry once you graduate as a newly qualified pilot. Apply Now. This course is designed to help you achieve the necessary certificates and ratings to become an Airline Pilot for a commercial airline. We have eye-tracking software, and systems that will allow us to see what the cadet is looking at, data from all approaches and departures.

Your privacyYour right to privacy is important to us. © 2020 L3Harris Commercial Aviation, a division of L3Harris Technologies, Learn to fly in the United Kingdom or Portugal, Learn to fly in other approved training locations, Complete our careers quiz to find the best path for you, Your right to privacy is important to us. Please click here for more information. L3Harris Airline Academy. To see our full range of FAA training courses, including the Professional Pilot Program and Airline Pilot Track courses, click the link below. Our EASA fleet spans the United Kingdom, Portugal and New Zealand and comprises over 80 aircraft as well as computer and tablet-based training devices, fixed-base and flight simulators. Choosing our Integrated ATPL route means our airline placement team will work to place you as a Co-Pilot with an airline once you have successfully completed your training. Airline Pilot Training Funding & Finance Options. Click below to discover how you could become a pilot in the rest of the world. We use cookies to provide you with a better experience. When you train with L3Harris Airline Academy you’re not only learning to fly, we’re training you to become a commercial pilot. It is time to start your airline pilot journey. Another funding initiative that we are trying to work on is with the regionals. CAT: With the increasing demand for new pilots from the airlines, some flight schools have reported that they are having difficulty in retaining their Certified Flight Instructors. At L3Harris Airline Academy we can make your dream a reality. Thank you for your interest in one of our career programs. Modular ATPL courses on the other hand offer greater flexibility and cadets have the three years to complete training once they have passed their theoretical knowledge exams. We accept applicants with little or no flying experience to join our pilot training programs at our Florida Airline Academy and it takes approximately 15 months for our cadets to obtain their pilot license in the U.S.A, subject to scheduling. Entry requirements to become a pilot in the U.K. & Europe, HOW TO BECOME A PILOT IN THE U.K. AND EUROPE. Our ATPL theory training will take place either at our Coventry or Crawley flight school. Altenatively, you can start your application process by completing the shortened form below. The facilities offer several classrooms, flight briefing rooms, and on-site cadet accommodation.

Most of our British and European cadets choose to undertake our flagship Integrated ATPL pilot training programme. For smaller flight schools, it is going to be a struggle.

Please visit to read our Privacy Policy and learn more about how we collect and use information about you so that you can make an informed choice about using our website. In the US, we do a very good job on the government side, so we can use Title 4 funding. CAT: What can be done at the ab initio flight school level to instill better situational awareness in the cockpit right from the start? Are you witnessing this trend? Cadets will be taught by industry-leading instructors and have access to state-of-the-art facilities such as Flight Simulators and flight training devices.

Please visit.

Unsure what to search for? If the applicant's transcript is printed in any language other than English, please submit a copy of the original document as well as a translated copy., We have a dedicated pilot placement team to find your first role as a First Officer with a global airline, We provide support and advice with interview preparations and CV writing, We have brand new state-of-the-art training facilities, Cadets have access to over 100 single-engine and multi-engine aircraft with latest avionics technology which you will find on flight decks of commercial jets, Cadets are trained by Flight Instructors and Theoretical Knowledge Instructors – many of whom are ex airline captains - with thousands of hours combined experience, Over 25 years’ experience training pilots for some of the world’s best known airlines including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Qatar, TAP and Ryanair. L3Harris Flight Academy is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) meaning eligible students can utilize Federal Financial Aid. Please visit to read our Privacy Policy and learn more about how we collect and use information about you so that you can make an informed choice about using our website. Find out more. Last year, 95% of our graduates were placed with an airline - thanks to our world class Flight Instructors and our relationship with global airlines in the U.K. and Europe. CAT: L3Harris has a large order for Piper training aircraft now under delivery, but some smaller flight schools are having problems obtaining new training aircraft due to their increasing cost and limited production and availability. Looking for a flight school in the United States? For many of our programs the minimum educational requirements would be for the applicant to hold a minimum of 5 GCSEs (or high school equivalents) at grade C or above, including maths, science and English language. Your right to privacy is important to us. From Integrated and Modular ATPL pilot training, to combining pilot training with a university degree we have a training programme to suit you. Single and multi-engine training aircraft. We are not able to recommend specific subjects to study at A-Level, however, we would encourage future cadets to choose subjects they enjoy to ensure they meet the minimum entry requirements or above. Successful graduation from our Integrated ATPL route will provide you with ATPL Theoretical Knowledge training, Commercial Pilots License with Instrument Rating (CPL/IR/MEP), Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) completion certificate and Upset Prevention & Recovery Training. By checking this box you confirm that you have read and agree to our Privacy Policy and consent to being contacted by L3Harris Commercial Aviation and receiving future marketing via email. All Rights Reserved Halldale Group.

Our goal is to have an all-glass fleet at the end of this contract. Has this situation been improved, and what initiatives as an industry, by flight schools in particular, have been or need to be taken to help alleviate this situation?

At our flight academies, cadet pilots can complete a variety of modular and integrated aviation courses. Learning to become a pilot is no small investment, however the cost of our pilot courses are reflected in the quality of our training as well as the opportunities available to progress in their career soon after they obtain their qualification. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. We have the facilities and training expertise at our Florida Airline Academy to prepare our cadets for an exciting and rewarding career as a Commercial Airline Pilot. You are not guaranteed a job if you are offered a place at our Airline Academy.

Once your pilot course is successfully complete we can help you find a Co-Pilot airline role - 95% of our 2019 EASA graduates are now flying for airlines such as British Airways, easyJet and Ryanair. Over 96% of our graduates, who go on to become L3Harris Flight Instructors are placed at an Airline, after completing their 1500 hours.

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